Apple Music

How can I listen to my music without joining Apple music?

Why must I pay to join Apple music just to listen to music, I already paid?

Comparison between Apple Music and Spotify

Just added music Apple try to compare with Spotify, now can not see how to play the local radio station or the Station of the BBC, certainly not as simple as Spotify, could someone please?

Error message - "You must be connected to the Internet to play songs from music to Apple."

I'm running OS X version 10.9.5 with iTunes version When I try to listen to songs from Apple's music in my iTunes Music tab, I get this error message: "the [song name] song cannot be read because you are not connected to the internet. You

Fraud audit Apple id?

Hello Although I am quite sure of the answer, I would like some reassurance. I just got an email that due to fraudulent activity, my appleID will be closed if I don't check it by a link. Not to mention that I do not fraud, the thing that is suspect i

Why does ' t my credit works for a purchase?  He has done many times before...

Why my credit card does not work for a purchase more. I've used it before and when I try to make a purchase, it tells me that the transaction did not go thru? I tried several times.

Put my music on my iPhone since my Mac Book Pro?

How can I upgrade my subscription my music from my Mac Book Pro to my iPhone?

How to coordinate the my music on my book of mac pro with my iPhone?

I subscribe to Apple music on my OS X, but cannot get it on my iPhone. What should I do?

How can I listen to music Apple via my web browser?

I have a trial subscription to Apple music and want to listen to on my web browser on my Windows PC, but I don't see a way to access my account.  When I load iTunes, I see my music there with all my playlists even though I generally don't use iTunes.

8 gb iPod touch problem music Apple

so I have a mac book and an iPhone and I have both with the new apple music how can I get the music into my old iPod touch I use it for the gym and would really enjoy that instead of carrying around my phone.

Is it possible to add a person to my family membership of music Apple without sharing the payment method?

Is it possible to add a person to my family membership of music Apple without sharing the payment method?

A new album, I played twice and now is out of Apple's music.  Why would that happen?

A new album, I played twice and it's now out Apple music after only a week.  Why?

Music app gets stuck on the Apple music on my new iPhone 6 s more

I bought a new iPhone 6 sec over the last 2 days and I use music but last night, the music is stuck.

How to recover music uploaded previously to the library when apple music free trial subscription ends?

End of my free trial, but I can't find songs that I downloaded during this time... I have "show music apple" checked, then the music disappear unless I sign up again? Sentence seems right, this should be the case, but thought I'd see if anyone has fo

How do music apple on our third generation apple tv

We just bought a third generation Apple tv but it is the application of music to apple on this topic.  How we get that.

Multi-disc Album track order

Hi all I searched for my question but it's impossible to find anything about this either so forgive me if I am redundant. When I add a multi-disc album to my music in iTunes on my desktop, it adds it as disk 1, disk 2, etc. and played in that order.

Search for music on the Apple music does not work

I've been using Apple music for some time now, I have my library iCloud on but everytime I search for new music on Apple music nothing comes. The window of iTunes will just empty. This problem occurs only on my mac. How can I go about fixing this?

Received a gift song, when I try to buy nothing happens

Received a gift song, when I try to buy nothing happens

How to remove music from the iPhone but not the iTunes library

How do I remove songs from my phone, without remove them permanently from my iTunes library?

Last purchased songs is no longer in the area bought to download again, I have to rebuy the songs

I just disabled my wifi and went to play songs in my iTunes music application (iPad 1, iOS 7), all the music was gone. I have re-download most of my songs, latest downloads (from this year). But the last downloaded songs are reported missing and said

How to cancel the composition of Apple's music for which I do not use and therefore do not want to pay for?

How to cancel the composition of Apple's music for which I don't use, so don't want to pay for? Thank you!
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