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Disney Infinity 3 UK?

Anyone know when Disney Infinity 3 will be published in the United Kingdom. I've been checking the website regularly especially since the US release but still no starter pack. Intended to buy this for my kids for Christmas and now starting to get a l

Apple TV 4 works only with colocation

27 "iMac, end of 2013.  iTunes is updated and therefore the iMac. Apple TV 4 with the software up to date. Colocation works with other devices, but not on the ATV.  I rebooted both the iMac and the ATV, I also reset the ATV.  I also made sure the ATV

How can I read reviews of applications on the App Store for Apple TV?

How can I read reviews of applications on the App Store for Apple TV? It is even possible to read or write reviews of applications on Apple TV?

Why 'Apple TV' is listed twice under 'speakers '?

For some reason, 'Apple TV' is listed twice under "Speakers" when I slide down (playing a video) to get to the Audio settings (see image). The first 'Apple TV' is selected by default, which sends audio to the TV via HDMI, which transmits to my bar of

Apple TV is 4th gen, faster, wired or wireless?

I have the new Apple TV 4th generation. I read that the wireless is faster than the wired way. Is this true? I have really no problem with slow speed as I have 72 Mbit/s BT 2 infinite.

"Siri, go sleep in 30 minutes"

There should be a timer so that you can define your Apple TV to turn off in a predetermined period, regardless of what's playing.

Apple TV 4 affected by electrical faults

Hello my new Apple TV 4 seems to have what I can only describe as electrical faults. During the broadcast of the video seems to come and go as if the aircraft had a power failure. This happens sporadically. Everyone knows this?

Overscan issue with 4 ATV

My plasma Panasonic tv (version 2010) was too turned on scan and it is not a switch to turn it off. I didn't have this problem with previous Apple TV (v2 and v3), but now with ATV4 all the edges of the screen are cropped. I thought the option to cali

Remote control is difficult to use

the remote for my Apple TV is almost impossible to use. Everyone has a problem?

the remote on my iPhone 6s app not working anymore

Hello I have a 3rd generation Apple TV without the remote that I bought a house sale at auction and it works fine for the last year or two. I just changed my broadband provider and since the installation of the new router I can't have the Apple TV RE

You can use your iphone 6 more to play games on apple tv 4

You can use your iphone 6 more to play games on apple tv 4

software update will not download

Why my software update to AppleTV will be rejected?

Metal morph

bought the new Apple TV today then in the Apple Store as my son and I were very impressed by the morph metal game! got back together it upward and have spent ages trying to find the game contained! This is what trade? where can I get? We are the * is

How to see the menu screen

my Apple TV is on I see the Apple TV screen on my tv I can t get the menu appears I have an old Apple tv

Old Apple TV allows only AirPlay for Audio...

I'm trying to gat an iPad mini retina on iOS 9 for content video AirPlay for the older generation, Apple TV. The iPad sees the Apple TV, but it has an icon of speaker beside him, not this pet video mirror icon AirPlay. Any suggestions? Thanks in adva

Search for Siri...

How do I search for my movies in my itunes library with siri? It does not work on my box of gen 4...

Unable to connect to the itunes account

I bought the new Apple TV last week and I did all the setup but there is a problem with the accounts, I could connect to icloud and I could sign in gamecenter but when I try to sign into the itunes account it says "cannot connect to itunes", I reboot

I tried to restart my apple tv and now my remote doesn't

I tried to restart my Apple TV using my Apple remote, but the Apple TV doesn't reset and now my remote will not work. Whenever I press a button on the remote control, the white light flashes several times and the cursor does not move. Is it possible

4th generation Apple tv remote keeps switching HDMI 2 if I have my surround sound Samsung anynet on which uses when the samsung TV is turned on. Currently I have away the skin until I found what I want to watch.

Current configuration is a Samsung TV with a Samsung blu - ray surround sound.  When both are on they use anynet to communicate. Now with the new apple TV 4, any click on the apple TV remote will send my TV HDMI 2 (where the entourage of blu - ray is

Problem activating PBS Kids video

I bought and set up a new 4th gen Apple TV today. I was able to successfully download and install the PBS Kids video app unfortunately when I try to active service within the app, nothing happens. I click the icon 'Activate your Apple TV' and nothing
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