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Problems of Apple TV 2015 - work, Watched & Autoplay

Hello. Recently I bought the new Apple TV, and in the first 2 hours of use, I have seen a ton of bugs and bad implementations. 1. why videos AutoPlay? Who got this idea? So when I fall asleep my Apple TV through the season and the mark as watched scr

Supported on the Apple TV Bluetooth keyboards 4th gen?

When the 4th gen Apple TV will support Bluetooth keyboards?  I recommend that others out to buy the new Apple TV for now.

Network questions and caused by the Apple TV 4

My apologies for the long post... I bought a new Apple TV 4 this week an upgrade to ATV3. The main reason for this is to get proper access to my subscription of Apple's music on my living room AV setup - it would have been nice to get just a small up

How can I connect several Bluetooth headsets to my 4th gen ATV?

We want to watch a film woth our helmets of bluetooth audio surround, but she will only so that we can be connected simultaneously rather than two.  is there a way to get around this?

You can watch your Apple TV shows/movies on your Mac computer?

I just bought the Apple Tv and like it, but I was wondering if I can play the shows or movies that I watch on my mac pro book? Thank you Sheila

Game devices

I have Apple TV 4th Gen Going to get infinite Disney and Starter Skylander packs for gifts. I see that each one comes with its own controller. If play multiplayer with one of these, the Skylanders controller can be used as a second controller for Dis

Can I connect Apple TV to a stereo receiver Pioneer VSX D409?

I'm considering buying an Apple TV. I currently route all my TV sources (cable, DVD, etc.) thanks to a receiver digital stereo Pioneer - VSX D-409, then to my flat screen TV and a separate speaker system. Can I connect the Apple TV to this receiver?

Apple tv4 bluetooth speaker cut hdmi sound?

Hi all When I connect a bluetooth speaker for my 4 AppleTv, the sound is cut on the HDMI. Is there a way to awoid who? / Michael

Apple TV4 Bluetooth keyboards

I can't get my apple TV4 to recognize my bluetooth Apple keyboard. It's the battery three times. Do I need one of the newer models?

New AppleTV remote goes into Aux2 Marantz SR5008

all of a sudden, when I click on any button on my remote New AppleTV he changes the entrance to my Marantz SR5008 Aux2 receiver. It is basically useless now & I don't know even how to start fixing it.  Using my remote Harmony still works, but no Siri

Apple tv Gaming Controller

I use Apple TV 4th generation in Turkey. There is only one controller games available is Kontorland YEAR-200, which is a controller of the IFM. It works with all other apple products (IE. IPad, Iphone) without any problem. Apple TV 4th generation eve

Slide show slides and photos repetition time

I use my 4th gen Apple Tv to view photos in a slide show, preferably for more than 3 seconds, but other settings shows a few pictures, then falls to me on the slide show menu.  This happens repeatedly until I have reset the time to 3 seconds display.

What is the 4th gen Siri of AppleTV talk?

Does anyone know if Siri on the 4th gen AppleTV is expressed out loud? Currently I have on-screen displays of responses of Siri. If Siri can speak aloud, I couldn't see the setting for this.

Audio delay with the dolby surround

I use the new Apple TV, 64 GB version.  When the audio is set to Auto or Dolby Surround, there is a delay of about 3 seconds when starting any video streaming.  This occurs at startup or when coming out of the break.  This does not happen if I change

application remote control for atv4?

Cannot find any official comment other than 'it does not work on atv4. Someone at - he heard of the iOS updated remote app to work with atv4? Text input is so annoying that my atv2 is about to be resurrected.

HomeKit and Apple TV

«Make sure your Apple TV is on the same Wi - Fi network as your accessories HomeKit and about 25 feet from your Accessories Bluetooth HomeKit.» Two elements, 1.) can the apple tv report devices it can 'see '? If not, why? 2.) can ATV be connected? (3

Dolby Digital TV Apple 4th generation

I installed the new Apple TV with Dolby Digital connected with HDMI to a Sony STR-DH540. Some applications will play in SD like the Wall Street Journal. But when I do a Crackle movie there is no center channel. However; all speakers with Roku3 work w

How to repeat an album on 4G Apple TV?

I searched desperately to try to find how to repeat an album on my new Apple TV. On the phone, you can go to "now playing" and on the bottom, you can turn on or off the button repeat. But on the Apple TV, they are only seems to be the shuffle button.

Hi everyone, want to know the Digital AV Apple adapter. If he needs the Internet installation in your TV or your wifi?

use iPhone 6 last iso wants to connect with my smart tv to the AV adapter digital Apple. There are whole internet in your TV?

can I connect a 3rd generation bluetooth speaker ATV?

Can I connect a bluetooth to a 3rd generation speaker ATV
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