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When will be released infinite Disney for Apple TV in the United Kingdom?

Infinite Disney will be available in the United Kingdom before Christmas? Thank you

Why does my HD iTunes movie purchases on Apple TV stream?

I just bought an Apple TV. I downloaded a few applications and they all work very well, like Hulu, Netflix and Yahoo; they spread instantly. But for some reason any HD movies, I bought it on iTunes take forever to stream. The iTunes Extras play insta

Photo slideshow while offline

Hello I put is a slideshow of family photos to be displayed on a large TV Samsung after a funeral, in a room with no wifi. Photo viewer on device construction is terrible, I'm looking for alternatives, which is buying an Apple TV. What I want to know

Copy music to computer, Apple TV

How to transfer music from my computer to my AppleTv?

is the 3rd generation apple TV speaker bluetooth support

I was wondering if apple tv 3rd generation supports bluetooth speakers?

Browse the app store from computer?

It is possible to browse the app store for iPhone/iPad/Mac from a computer, is this possible to do with the app store for Apple TV 4? Like this page (Swedish)

Start-up of the menu for my 4th gen Apple TV came in Chinese, and I can't figure out how to save and restart the whole upward in English (so I can read it).  Anyone know how to restart the whole upward in English?

Start of the menu for my fourth generation Apple TV came in Chinese, I can't read. Can someone tell me how to save the boot menu and start again in English?

Unable to connect to wifi with new Apple TV 4th generation

I tried to connect to the wi - fi using the new connect with a device and it doesn't seem to work. Rpet could not turn on Apple TV, try again later. Then I try to configure it manually, I have put my password and says no network connection, your wire

My Siri Apple does not work in Argentina, the button has the value no Siri

MY brother bought my Apple TV for me 4th generation in Spain, I've used the previous model f Apple TV. While I lpadded he upwards the Siri sign n siri out men not. why it's like that.

How can I connect to my apple tv to my iPhone so I can use iPhone as a personal hotspot?

I want to use my iPhone to connect with apple tv hotspot

Remote Siri fast scrolling?

Does anyone know if there is a way to perform a quick scroll through huge lists of pieces of music or picture with the remote siri libraries? With the remote old all you had to do was hold the or to the top button down until you have reached your des

How to rent movies in SD on the new Apple TV

On the 4th gen Apple TV movie rentals seems to offer only HD. How to rent movies in?

New Apple TV remote does not respond

Brand new Apple TV (64 GB), everything is connected correctly, the initial Setup is displayed to select the language, but the remote is completely inadmissible. No activity of touchpad, no button, click answer. If I hold the top two buttons (menu, ic

tiny serial numbers

I love my Apple products I think that designers who decide about the location, the font, color and size of serial numbers on the various points should be shot. I just got my new black Apple TV. The serial number is so small that they are almost non-e

Using Apple TV on MacBook, iPhone or iPad?

How can get Apple TV to show on my other Apple devices? How can I see/control the Apple TV on my MacBook Pro (retina), 2 (retina) mini iPad or iPhone 6? I have Instead of watching on my TV, I would like to watch it from my laptop or iPad sometimes, b

My new Apple TV 4 is extremely slow compared to my old Apple TV 3. Same router but worse performance. Can anyone help. Thank you.

My new Apple TV 4 is extremely slow compared to my old Apple TV 3. Same router but worse performance. Can anyone help. Thank you.

How can I get the songs on my wish list?  There is no indication as to how to buy on the wish list page.

How can I get the songs on my wish list?  There is no indication as to how to buy on the wish list page.  I searched for over an hour for the method to buy songs from the wish list.  Very frustrated!

Why siri cannot find my films in my library?

I try to use Siri to play a movie from my iTunes library, but cannot find the film of Siri.  For the love of God, why is this not possible?

What is the difference between the music folder and folder machine Apple TV (3rd generation).

My question is my lack of knowledge on the different options of music to Apple TV. I see two folders, 'Music' and 'Computer', which seems both have my music library. The playlists are different and incomplete in the Music"" folder. The "Computer" fol
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