BBM BBM no connection error

Please help with kindness. For 2 days now have not been able to open a session open BBM on my phone. It gives error opening BBM later to restore and the connection has failed. In addition, can't access the app world. Help please. Am using Q5

BBM suggestion: ability to change group names, not only description

If possible, please let me know. It would also be nice to migrate or restore a group from a State of 'new '. I recently had to create a group to correct several members not being not able to see the messages of others. It has fixed the problem, but n

BBM bbm surveys disappears

I have improved my bbm and after that reboot the device bbm no longer appears, I don't know what the problem might be that anyone can help please!

BBM is safe bbm. ?

Hello.. BBM is sure to send photos. ?IM using bbm on my samsung Galaxy phone... I'm living out of my house... me and my wife used to send our personal photos with this... is - it safe. ?Please clear me my doubts...Thank you..

BBM BBM groups - problem with lists and complete / incomplete

Was wondering if anyone else has this problem with BBM group lists.The two OS running on a Z10 (MTS) and (Rogers)BBM version BES Create a new group and add a list to the group. Add a number of items and wh

BBM is what music bbm?

I was surfing on the internet and I found an application called bbm music. I downloaded it but its not working. He keeps on display error r504. Besides its appworld not inCan someone tell me what is bbm music? And why I am getting error r504?

BBM can someone assume your PIN?

Hello. I got a BBM Invitation via a PIN message (I say this because its PIN code was displayed in the body of the invitation). He entered my PIN by mistake - a spelling error - as he has been meaning to invite someone else, he said. Is this possible?

BBM BBM has video call not showing...?

When I call my brother, it has an android phone, so my phone only displays voice call button. I have a BlackBerry Z10, so I can't video conference with him. Please someone can help out me.

Polls BBM Bbm contacts display empty image

I am facing a problem in my bbm for a week, I do not see some of my contacts display picture... I tried to remove the app and uninstall... It worked for a few hours I started facing the same problem... I tried to reinstall app several times but it do

Versions of BBM BBM

My "BOLD", 9900 a bbm app world shows installed v6 I v8, I can't upgrade, so it is impossible to restore contacts... Help, please

BBM my camera was stolen and I want to backup my list BBM contact please

I am Mohammed Al Anazi from Saudi Arabia and I Aprociate your help on my bbm phone who stole before 3 days, I lost my phone and bbm contacts list and I need my list to get back again to my new phone I buy new, I have account with protection blackberr

BBM bbm chat history

I use bbm and my samsung galaxy s3 what I want to know is. 1. Why does bbm not show everything from the history of my cats for example, if a cat has been startedon 12 January 2014, the first messages I may 15, 2013.  This is annoyng Yes 2. where the

BBM how to get the old device PIN

Hi, I just get new android devices, but when I connect my PIN Changed to BBM for Android with the same BBID, and it hurts, all media to retrieve my PIN?

BBM how to remove inactive members on BBM group

Hi all I am admin and creator of a group. recently, I realized that on the list of the members of my group, there was an inactive member, I want to delete this but has always failed... I can't even see this inactive member. Does anyone of you faced t

BBM cannot configure BBM for 9900

When I hit the bbm, it says he "cannot configure bbm" (not enough wireless coverage or your connection to the wireless network is turned off)... so I can't click anything on the screen... Please help on what to do because almost 3 days that I can not

BBM for the bold 9900 blackberry Messenger

I completely deleted my bbm in my camera and then when I go to the world of blackberry to install it, after a while completing the 7 MB download it says "installed", but I'm not in the menu of my camera, even in the blackberry set up which will be I

Suggestion of BBM

The next update, when I send a BC if I could simply select a specific group (contacts, friends or colleague) I hope you add this feature as soon as possibleThank you

Polls BBM Bbm music

I have bbm for iphone and I was wondering why there were no software update again to show the people who im listen to? The only option with music is to show what my friends are listening to. I really enjoyed this feature and want to know if this is g

BBM never received Toy Story sticker pack after purchase.

On 22 May (the date was announced the sticker pack from Toy Story):(1) BBM my Z10 shop offered 2 packs of identical Toy Story stickers.(2) I bought them (my card has been correctly loaded), but I never got the sticker pack.(3) the green button '$ 1.9

BBM Bbm surveys on the iPhone display of the image is not displayed

Help! I'm the only one having problems, no one can see my display picture, I deleted the application about 10 times and it still does not work help please!
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