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my test app instantly close on the device

Hi all I have the following problem: I created a dummy-app (just a blank page with a Sprite on her listen to a key event) - and it does not work when I play it on computer office-air-debug-player. However, when I deploy the application on my device (

Cannot import qnx.*?

Hey, guys, I tried to look through the forums and I can't find out how to fix this problem: I tried to do an import of each of the classes of qnx.*, and he can't find them.  Flash Builder 4.5 said only: "import cannot be found." What I am doing wrong

Can I pass a second var to the listener function.

new to actionscript and it can not find on google... I don't know it exists, but I have worked around him twice and really want to do it now and do not know how. When you add an event listener mybutton.addEventListener(MouseEvent.Mouse_UP, myListener

stage.nativeWindow.close () out or quit an application programmatically

can't seem to get the following: stage.nativeWindow.close (); work within a class.  I know that I should refer to the parent or root stage somehow... do not know how.

Error: Authentication failed because of an invalid password.

Hi everyone, I wonder if you could help me? I was debugging my application in the Simulator. It wasn't working properly, but all of a sudden I started getting this error. ("Error: invalid password authentication failed. ') I have not changed the sett

Published app does not appear on the App World

Hi, I have 3 books of stories published last week, but has not been shown to App World on my Playbook in its category.

White screen when using components of qnx?

Hello, I'm new to blackberry... When I use qnx components in the application... only title of HOUSE shows up... nothing is displayed to... But if I use a flash button and if I use QNX components in the event listener to this button then these compone


Hi people - I build an app that is essentially a 'puzzle' - IE where you have the parts you need to get into the other rooms.  This means that individual parts must be able to be moved and rotation. Question: is it possible for a program to listen fo

Closing launch app

Hey man once again, so I could install and run my application on my playbook, but he just at the start it closes very quickly. I think it has to do with the

instead of QNXStageWebView

Is there any component to display html content in playbook instead of QNXStageWebView?... QNXStageWebView is not a good thing because the other display objects always come below it. I think that there is no solution for... but this will severely affe

BitmapData byte]

How to convert a byte [] to BitmapData?

Why not be able to display boxes of the IP and the password in the configuration of run/debug in Flash builder

I'm trying to get the HelloWorld application to work, but I can't find the IP address and the option of setting the password for the simulator of tablet in the run/debug configuration. It should be in run/debug configurations, but it's not. I already


Are there aspects that I should take when binding data to a project?  I have first considered a database of basic XML but was interested in using BlaseDS framework.  Its all about the processing time! Thank you

Problems with timer

repTimer = new timer (650, pattern.length); repTimer.start ();repTimer.addEventListener (TimerEvent.TIMER, chooseColor); To my knowledge, the above code should run chooseColor all ms 650 as many times as the items in the configuration table. private

SDK - get rid of the 0.9.1?

Hello So I was using SDK 0.9.1 but now I'm finished I even though I have better it over ports to 0.9.3. So, I deleted the 0.9.1 my computer and removed from my library path. When I return the path of the library after deletion, 0.9.1 is added in the

Need help in creating screen

Hello I create a screen and having some problem. Please help me to remove these. 1 How can I set the background color of the screen app? now my screen is transparent and I can see the default image on the shelf behind my labels and buttons. 2 How to

No effect using backgroundColor

Hello I tried using samples of their dev guides, but I don't see any effect of the use of the backgroundColor option in this code: [SWF (height = "600" width = "1024", frameRate = "30", backgroundColor = "#BBBBBB")] In my case, the color is always wh

How to remove the bar Ttile of Flex Mobile Application?

Hi all While think it won't with the ActionScript application, trying to go with Flex application (which has a little better for me), I have a question - is there a NORMAL way (not weird) to hide the title bar on top? Any help is appreciated.

Behavior of virtual keyboard - Simulator version 0.9.1

I have problems with the virtual keyboard. Sometimes it grows my application upwards, sometimes it covers only half of my application, but I don't know what will be the actual behavior of the device. Can someone please clarify whether the keyboard wi

Dear members of jury of good reputation

I had a lot of trouble with my request for signature. I'm not all batch files or anything to run cmd, we get an error on java every time. I searched these panels and internet solutions, and nothing has worked. I am extremely frustrated with the comma
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