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Battery for blackBerry Smartphones is down

Dear team, We have critical users in our staff with BB PRIV and one of them had his private works very well until yesterday: the battery has declined and could not charge it even with the forthcoming charger device in the box... !! It turns on and th

Connections of blackBerry Smartphones

Does anyone know if a BbPriv purchased in the United Kingdom - and so basically the value for the European networks - work regularly to the United States? Thank you for helping me

Update blackBerry Smartphones Feb Priv

So February 8 I made an update of the system for Rogers on my previous and noticed immediately after restarting the phone linking no Bluetooth device. I have an Asus Zen watch which is literally useless now it connects not to the bluetooth in my Blue

BlackBerry Smartphones transfer Contacts from old Q10

Please help, I have nearly 1000 contacts in my Q10, but only a fraction have been downloaded on my new private via Content Transfer. These are apparently "local Contacts". How can I get all the contacts transfer or uploaded to Google Drive?

BlackBerry Smartphones ADB works with Blackberry PRIV?

Hello I am trying to download packages apk on my Blackberry PRIV using android ADB tool from a Windows 7 machine. I have installed the USB drivers (RIM-USBDrivers - on W7 and the developer mode on the phone. When I connect the phone, i

Messaging voicemail blackBerry Smartphones Priv put in place

Get the message that my cell phone number is not a valid number, trying to set up voice mail

BlackBerry Smartphones Notes App - sync w homail etc.?

Hello New user, has almost everything I need to work about! Great learning as its my first non pure BB for a * long time. Last thing that I was baffled so far is Notes - I can't seem to connect to my e-mail account (Hotmail). I downloaded the latest

BlackBerry smartphones delete email problem

Dear all, my boss know question email deleted on microsoft O365. When we deleted, email disappeared, but e-mail appear again in the Inbox. and we have deleted again dismiss course e-mail in the Inbox. why we deleted 2 times email email disappear real

BlackBerry Smartphones 4 G more than status for Priv on EE UK?

I recently acquired a BlackBerry Priv and jumped in an EA UK SIMcard in there. Everything seems fine now, but I don't seem to be able to tell when I'm in a 4 G Plus (2600 mHz Cat 6) coverage area Other manufacturers, such as Samsung Galaxy Note 4 han

Smartphones like blackBerry manually add an IMAP account

Como add manualmente una cuenta imap - Alguien sabe como add manualmente una cuenta IMAP in hub, no puedo hacerlo con el sistema automático del hub porque al ser una cuenta IMAP una empresa, da error, por ese reason I need hacer el paso has pasom onl

BlackBerry Smartphones Block name password?

Another question, I'll have. When I go to block all incoming calls, it asks for a password, but I have never set up a password. I read different things on the internet. Some people say to communicate with your carrier, others say contact Blackberry.

Holster for blackBerry Smartphones

If I put the hard shell of PRIV sliding on PRIV be always to enter inside the case?

Multiwindow blackBerry Smartphones

Hello I'm looking to upgrade my rating 3, but the only feature I can't go without is Multiwindow. For those who don't know, this is a feature supported by Samsung and rooted phones allowing 2 applications to execute simultaneously on the screen. I us

BlackBerry Smartphones cannot add a photo to my own account in the Android contact manager

Hello I use the Priv and created an Android account. Now I would like to add an image to my own account, but I get an error only when I edit my own profile with Contact Manager. In English as: "Please install a photo app, to complete this operation".

Hub of Smartphones BlackBerry blackBerry (BlackBerry Priv)

The ability to organize accounts in the hub of BlackBerry (BlackBerry Priv) does not. Thank you.

Card SD of blackBerry Smartphones

Why not build in the file manager for a SD card.  Those game store requires either a lot more permissions that I want to give or do not work well.  Never had this problem with BB10.  If all goes well included in the next update.

BlackBerry Smartphones Priv - access to the memory card for media photos

I worked on how to record photos (attachments email; when the Save button is facing the edge, it was a bit a helping hand), and I save on the memory card.  But where did they end by?  How to access photos on memory card? Thanks to some research by ke
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