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BlackBerry Smartphones have I need to push?

I think to buy a Blackberry Curve 3 G. I have a mobile subscription with 3 G internet (without support). I need to push to the facebook app, twitter app and email application? Because when I enter the Curve 3 G, I want to use these applications. Than

Smartphone blackBerry storm 2 notification icon problem

I have the Storm 2, and as always on the main screen during games, etc have new updates a small controller icon will pop up with however many games must be updated. I've updated my games and this notification is not passed from my screen. This is a s

BlackBerry Smartphones and the memory card applications

is there a way to downloap applications on the memory card and run those apps on the card?

BlackBerry Smartphones game wrong password

Last night, when I logined in my Warcraft account, it says wrong password. I tried several times, in vain. I don't know that I have never changed my password before. My mother always complains that I spend too much time on these online games. And onc

BlackBerry Smartphones can not display of MMS messages. Help!

I got my Blackberry Bold 9700 since January and have not had any problems of reception of MMS messages up to now.  All of a sudden, when someone sends me a MMS, I can't see it, it just says: not received and it never receives.  I have the MMS service

Zero to screen blackBerry Smartphones

Hi, I am a new Member and I hope someone can help me. I had my 1st (a storm2) BlackBerry in January and recently dropped a cup of tea top. Insurance couldn't fix it, so had a BlackBerry Curve 8250. It stopped working after 5 weeks, so insurance had a

US Cellular T-Mobile blackBerry smartphones

We have US Cellular for T-Mobile, I'm looking to go to a BB Bold 9700, can someone tell me, "BOLD" running OS 6?

BlackBerry Smartphones Blackberry Desktop Software deleted my Contacts

Hello.. It's my first post I just bought my Blackberry Tour (used) a few weeks ago and was not connected to my computer since I bought it, so I was a little surprised when I plugged it in today, set up updates of Blackberry Desktop Software and found

Not available in 8310 option for blackBerry Smartphones Smart dialing

I use 8310. In India I used it without hassle. Now, I went to the Qatar. I don't get any calls from the India. I tried to put the code of the default country in the following way. Set the default country code and area code

Sales of blackBerry Smartphones DOES NOT want email when plugged... at a loss

I hope it's just a setting that I know.  First of all, we are on BES 4 and have no problem within the company.  A user has Desktop Manager and he wants the installer so that his e-mail does NOT sync to the phone when it is plugged into the computer. 

BlackBerry Smartphones always says I have a new message when I'm not

Last month my blackberry constantly says I have an unread in my section of the e-mail message.  There is no unread messages here.  How do I get this to go, its driving me crazy! Thank you!

BlackBerry smartphones am I the only one?

Am I the only one who has no problem with my 9700? I got it for months. Make sure that I have back up. Get the latest updates (even when I'm on AT & T and they are not depasse.602.938), and make sure Desktop Manager is updated. And I've never had a p

Photos of the importation of blackBerry to Blackberry Smartphones

How to import photos from the media (?) card in my Blackberry? Media sync says "no available pictures. He found the videos though. I have the Blackberry Desktop Software v released on August 3, 2010 (package 42). Help!

Update blackBerry Smartphones Blackberry Storm 9530?

I discovered how to check up-to-date through updates wireless on my phone, but when I check to see if there is a sound telling me that there is not. I have the version... I thought it was supposed to be version 5 help please?

BlackBerry Smartphones Custom Dictionary, machine learning does not appear in the dictionary.

My phone automatically learned a lot of bad words, I typed in Miss.  On my old 8100 PEARL I just go into the custom dictionary and delete them.  On my 8200 they do not appear in the list at all. Show words that I entered manually, but I can't remove

Mgr of office blackBerry Smartphones do not recognize my Outlook

I have Outlook 2000 that I used with my 8830.  Now I have the tour with the new version 5.0 of Bishop Office and is not at all recognize my Outlook.   I am about to install Outlook 2007 but would like some advice from this forum first.  Is it possibl

Smartphones BlackBerry 8350i texting issue (telus) Please help!

I'm really tired of hearing about a fix in the works for the question to send SMS to the 8350i on the telus network.  I can not yet send a text or determine the sender of a text.  its been a couple of months with this another great phone, but I'm clo

BlackBerry Smartphones Wireless Sync problem

I have my system for wireless synchronization.  It iw works very well for e-mails, but do not up-to-date contact in my address folder.  Advice on how to remedy this situation?  Thank you.

BlackBerry Smartphones trying to find sent folder on BB "BOLD"

I had an incident recently when I thought that I had sent an email to my BB "BOLD", but the recipient said that they have not received it. After flirting with PocketMac (yuck!) it has a sync of sent messages with file browser sent mail feature. I gue

Alarm Audible's blackBerry Smartphones by appointment calendar for the curve

Is it possible to add an alarm to a reminder of the appointment to the calendar function. At present, it appears a Visual message, but no beep or ring or anything. I searched this forum and see many people ask, but not answers. Can we do? I have a Cu
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