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Can a. BQY open without connecting to the server

I want to be able to store the results of .bqy and open it in a browser with the plug-in installed. Is this possible?

Smart question

Hi all I am trying to connect to the data source for a model of SmartView. However, when I open SmartView model, and to connect to the data source, I can't update the model correctly due to the HsTbar error. When I open the template, a link to HsTbar

How to display the percentage on the bar chart.

Hello Can someone tell me please how to display percentages on a stacked bar chart. All the time, it shows actual values.For example... | | | | || |18% | | |3000 || | 70 % | | |2000.| |12% | | |1000 |-----------------------------------------------T1

The Oracle Forum - how do these changes work?

Hello I work in an environment where many things is made unavailable for me as the FAQs in this forum. This forum has changed tremendously and slowed down considerably. I'm unable to determine that it should aim at Oracle. Meanwhile, is anyone know w

No tables after tables DWH

HelloAfter configering the CAD there is no tables created.The content of the journal of generate_clt is as below. Schema is created in the following containers:obiawarehouse Success!> > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > >and the content of the createwt

Financial reports Hyperion performance '429' ActiveX error:

Hi all When I opened a Hyperion financial reporting, I get an error:Run-time error '429' ActiveX component can't create object, If someone having the same problem, please let me know, any help will be appreciated... Thank you

Sort of a store of data in ODI

OK - have a question; It can be ridiculously simple to do, but I got a "can't see the wood for the trees day." We have a table in SQL Server that contains the metadata for the planning, but generations of Parent-child dimensions are not in order (and

Planning of process flows

Hi out there,. I have a recent problem that should be solved in the coming days and I do not know how to manage it for the time beeing. I use OWB 10 g 2 and created with success of the process flow and the calendar. I have already combined the flow o

several "logical joins" between a fact table and a dimension table

It seems that cannot create multiple "logical joins" between a fact table and the table of a dimension in OBIEE with Administration Oracle BI tool. For example, whereas a business model with a dimension table TIMES and has made the table containing t

Where can I download Discoverer Desktop?

HelloI'm considering installing Discoverer Desktop on PC some of our power users. However, I could not find the download. Does anyone know where it is? I guess that it comes with a few other download - I don't know what to do or where. Any ideas wher

EN: Opening reports in PDF on a Web link URL

Hello I want to build a kind of homepage in html, where users can run financial reports. To do this, I integrated the URL link to the document as href = " / area of work/travel/get/reports/Controlling/development/

Export of discoverer crashes

By clicking file > export, clicking Next, and then click the Browse button to select a file location. When you click on the button browse discoverer/Java crashes and never displays the file dialog box. Discoverer only crashes when you click the Brows

Upgrade of database server of discoverer

Hi all My company is currently using Discoverer 10 g. EUL metadata or EUL tables sit on the same database and the instance as the data store on a 9i database. say 1 Instance But now, we must go the metadata of the discoverer of a new 10g database but

Percentage of the stacked bar graph display

Hello Can someone tell me please how to display percentages on a stacked bar chart. All the time, it shows actual values.For example... | | | | || |18% | | |3000 || | 70 % | | |2000.| |12% | | |1000 |-----------------------------------------------T1

Oracle reports XML-> model RTF in XML Publisher output

Hello Is it possible to run the output of a report from Oracle (formerly, made with the report writer) reports through the postprocessor output for get templated RTF PDF? The report is already out well-formed XML and I can use the Plugin of Word XML

Configuring Web Service access via a Proxy Server?

HelloI'm trying to configure the tool OdiInvokeWebservices to hit a WebService through a proxy server.I managed to test my OdiInvokeWebservices against a local WS (i.e. a direct connection), but I do not see how to configure ODI to go through a proxy

Passing parameters in building of visu/dimension

Hello I managed to load data by providing the names of Applilcation.Database directly in the script. Now, I want to try to load the data from the settings. For example MAXL > import from database ' $1 '.' $2 ' data of data_file ' / 2007-01 - 01_bop.t

Types of cube data

I'm in the middle of implementing a 10 g environment, using AWM, which I expected Import Express in olap data. I have a couple of cubes that have different types of boolean data, shortinteger, brief, and text. Now, I'm pretty cool creation AWM and cu

Connection error of windows services and planning EMP problem

Hi all I need help from you guys. I have some problems when installing Hyperion 9.3.1 on a sandbox.(what is a win2003 SP2) Publient1: I have installed applications such as mentioned in the Documentation of Hyperion. In windows servicesI can't be able

By using the Concat function - in Excel Source

HelloI use an Excel file in a table source and oracle as a target. In the Excel file, I need to concatenate two columns and map it to the column oracle target based on a condition. I used the concat function in editor Expression, but its throwing an
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