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ISE more licenses and APEX on version 1.2?

Hello A customer has ISE1.2 and the license will be expired next week. They are not ready to upgrade v1.2 to the v2.1 before the expiry of the licence. The question is, can the newest and APEX license applied to ISE v1.2?

Tickets comments ISE with a receipt printer

Hello Anyone know if it is possible to use a receipt printer with reviews tickets via the portal of sponsor. I know you can use a normal printer, but the question is whether you can change the format or html string to adjust it to your printer. Throu

ACS 5.3 compatibility with functional level

Hello everyone, I have a question about the compatibility of the ACS. I saw that ACS 5.3 is not compatible with 2012 AD, but is compatible with 2012 AD directory configured at the functional level in 2008? Has anyone tried it? Authentication is ok? T

ISE GANYMEDE authentication - connect before you decide if you should have access

I'm away Cisco ACS to ISE Cisco version 2.1 to control GANYMEDE of my network devices.  I opened a proof with TAC but the answer, I seem to fly intuitive and hope for verification of this is now the way that Cisco or I just need to set up my policy d

HTTPS ASA AAA authentication rules prompt

I'm trying to configure a simple rule of AAA in my lab to allow access to the internet web server via authentication GANYMEDE + (see attached configuration). This Setup seems to work fine when the authentication prompt is displayed using http, while

Change the URL redirection in Cisco ISE 2.1.0 comments Portal CWA

Hello I've set up a guest Portal CWA with WLC 5508 and ISE 2.1.0. I did all the rules both Authenticatin and authorization, and I also see customers hit the rules of law. The rule of being redirects the client to a captive portal in ISE lik

Renewal certificate HTTPS in Cisco ISE

Hello A few months ago a renewed our certificate for eap. Now, I must renew the HTTPS certificate. ISE said that there will be a 'significant' downtime, the renewal of the certificate. What exactly is this judgment? Cannot authenticatie users through

PAP authentication protocol

Dear, When I ssh rocking the authentication protocol and authentication details in the snapshot attached, I see as a PAP_ASCII protocol that was used. I know that the PAP's clear password authentication protocol, so how do I justify to anyone connect

ISE Portal Builder Firefox Plugin is not available

Hello I followed the information explained the link on how to use the generator of ISE Portal below. In this case, I'm under ISE 2.0 on VM However, when I get to the stage where I need to download the file at ISE, I can't find any browser plugin to u

Firepower of NAC Services capabilities?

We seek to implement the Services of firepower on our current of the SAA.  Power of fire services has the capabilities of network access control?  Specifically, we want to block or at least inform our resources of any machine arrived at the area whic

ISE 1.2 - user accounts are disabled every day

Hello Experts, I have 1.2 EHT, because since 3 days EHT disables the accounts of internal users automatically.  Although I turn them on manually at the time of the morning, but the next day again that accounts are disabled automatically. Few of the u

Cisco ISE & 250 series Cisco switches

I would just ask SG250 Cisco are supported in the title of the ISE of Cisco? Concerning


Hi all I'm trying to configure RBAC in ISE that it gets external AD Group. However when I create the local group to the ISE and select 'type = external', I do not see the ad groups in the list, but I already add ad groups to ISE. any suggestion would

Cisco GANYMEDE 3.1 Setup first on ACS

Seek to use Secure ACS in the AAA for our first Cisco 3.1 control. Someone at - it instructions or whitepapers for reference?

ISE 1.4 and access for guests with distinct SMS providers

Could someone please help with the installation of the guest access. I am trying to perform an establishing a unique SSID prompted with two central WISN and a pair of ISE 1.4 to manage a building containing different companies.  Installation work goo

Condition of authorization ISE

Hello I have a requirement to configure ISE so that it makes a distinction between switches in a switch stack. Anyone know if there is an expression that I could use in a condition of authorization that allows to get the following: If a device using

Problem on Cisco VSMS Gateway

Hello I implement VSMS and already added to VSOM. Every time I change the VSMS via VSOM setting or via the Management Console, the bridge of VSMS always disappear and need to re - put the IP of the gateway. The VSMS and VSOM are not co-located. How t

VSM construction walls

Hi all Doing a version for a client which is co-located in a box of the UCS. The server will have a total of 20 TB for the media server to use. Asked me to split this tb 20 in smaller 2 TB virtual hard drives to add to the ESX Server. Is it interesti

Video Surveillance IP - DHCP

I have a video Surveillance Operations Manager 7.0 and a video Surveillance Media Server 7.0. IP cameras are cameras IP 2830. IAM new solutions IPVS. IAM planning to set the server DHCP as Core Switch.Do I must add all other parameters in DHCP POOL o

VSOM and VSMS living in a server

We have two servers of CPS-MSP-2RU-K9 with VSOM + VSMS in both servers. It's (VSOM + VSMS) into Server-1 and new (VSOM + VSMS) Server-2. Can I have for VSMS and also for VSOM redundancy by this method? VSOM in a Server-1 can a control on VSMS in Serv
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