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Cisco 2960 and uplinks AIR-AP1041N

Guys, what I'm doing wrong here?  I need to enable trunking to pass on several VLANs to my AP, but when I put the 2960 as trunk mode I lose connectivity to the AP. All will help it useful! Course AP Interface congfigs: interface GigabitEthernet0.2102

'Domain' or 'nameserver' record after reloading config

Hello Anyone can please clarify. I have configured the domain/server details of names (1602i and 1042n) APs of a WLC (8500 series, through command not by the browser) and the APs take successfully the config. I checked this by telnet in the AP and ta

Statically the PSA value constantly fall on DHCP

Apologies if that was brought up earlier but I couldn't find anything about it. We currently lack three WLC with more than 1,000 PSA reached and be monitored etc. All access points are defined statically and however work very well, at random, but oft

Cisco first 2.1 / 2.2 support for Cisco ise 1.3?

Hi, I just tried to connect cisco IP 2.1 to cisco ISE 1.3, but fails.I read the Release Notes, only 1.2 ISE ist supported.But I was wondering that the ssl negotiation fails (I made a packet capture).So PI 2.1 has not tried to connect to the ise 1.3 v

Cisco authentication at the portal comments disabled ISE

Hey you... How to disabled authentication in portal invited to end users? Is it possible? We have customers who have the laptop with group policy, which allows to not show my feedback portal. TKS

Integration of CISCO ISE with another controller wireless lan of the seller

Hi all! I am currently working on an assignment and eager to integrate the identity service provider in the network. the only problem is that the deployed wireless network earlier of another provider I just need to know that either ISE has integratio

Requirement of CA for EAP - TLS

Hi all I know there is a requirement of Cisco for "User certificates" and "AAA certificates" used in EAP - TLS. Anyone know what are the requirements for the cetificates CA in EAP - TLS please? Thank you.

Flex sign in with a user ACL with APs switch locally

Hi allFlex connects allow a user ACL to download the session with local authentication, dial-up, Central? We use ISE for the central policy engine and have the DACL of a wiring installation but am about to embark on WLAN. The controller is a 5508 and

Clock synchronization on WLC ISE and AD

Hello I'm stuck in NTP, deployed WLC CWA using ISE which is integrated into AD. I tried to use AD as source NTP but no luck (universal fact that Cisco uses NTP while Microsoft uses SNTP). The question is, if the time is not synchronized between WLC,

Cisco and Apple TV wireless

Nice day We strive to set up Apple TV on our SSID 802.1 x.  So far, we have input of authentication so that loaded two certificates of our Cisco ACS.  I believe that this should not be done. Is there a way we can configure APPLE TV on our wireless ne

CWA page does not redirect

Hello I have a strange question. I configured a wlan with Mac filtering, who showed up at ISE. Followed this guide Now, when the user attempts to connect to the wlan, it gets stuck in a State DHCP_REQD.

Client debugging flood * apfMsConnTask_0:... Update statistics: value Non-zero

Hello We have two controllers 5508 with When we try to debug client this message flooding the console: Is there a way to stop it? Thank you. I * apfMsConnTask_2: 12:17:21.729 Aug 23: update the Stats: value Non-zero * apfMsConnTask_0: 12:1

4400 series WLC web server

Hi all Does anyone know what web server software do use? It's something like Apache or something else? Thank you Pawel

WLC 4400 not authetnicating between the COMMENTS and private networks

Hello I have a problem. I have a 4400 WLC and the meeting I m problem is that when an authetnicates of user to the private network, then tryies to autheticate the guest network, it just stays there, it does nothing. All around, if authenticate you wi

Cisco 1231 join 2504 wlc

All, Hy you have the following problem: Convert a Cisco 1231 with (used light update tool C1200 - rcvk9w8 - tar.124 - 21A .JA2 .tar). it worked, but now the AP issn can't join the wlc: AP with MAC 00:11:22:33.44:55 (AIR-AP1231G-E-K9) is unknown. * sp

WCS-MORE-UPG-100 license

Hi, I need to know in which Windows or Linux operating systems, I can install the WCS WCS-MORE-UPG-100 I need to know if I can use win2003 or 2 in 2008, do you know the details? I have this: AIR-MSE-B5-C3-W25 MSE MSE 3355 Bundle: 3355, CASE 3K, 25 WI

C4402 and ACS5.2 for EAP - TLS

Hello I'm putting in place ACS5.2 to authentic my portable computer clients with automatic certificates to an ad group. Cisco 4402 is successfully allowing them to network on WEP. Now, I need to use EAP - TLS and CERT to authentic. I'm fighting with

Light WGB

Hello. I was wondering if I can connect a WGB 1231 G to an access point light with WPA2?

Is the guest user encrypted traffic?

Hello The design is the solution typical Cisco Unified Wireless. In one such implementation is the traffic of the guest user that successfully authenticated via encrypted WEB-authentication? If so, what is the standard used, AES128 or TKIP? Thank you

anyone running on CentOS 5 6 WCS?

I ran into a problem trying to install and run the WCS on a new install of CentOS 5 (2.6.18 - After properly installing WCS by using the option "-DCHECK_OS = false ' I tried to start the service of WCS with the star
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