New to UDF

I'm about to write my first UDF. I have a form (form, flash format) which will have many areas in which users can type in a digital input (posted as float). The blur on each field, I want to call my UDF that will do a very basic validation/formatting

Web service in Coldfusion 8

I installed coldfusion 8 on jrun and have a MacBook Pro (running in the jvm 1.5.0_07). I get a strange error when you try to call the web service. coldfusion.jsp.CompilationFailedException: errors reported by Java compiler: / Applications/JRun4/serve

event.keyCode works does not in Firefox

When I use this validation. Works fine in IE. Does not not in firefox.Gives an error "undefined event".How to solve this problem in firefox? < input type = "text" name = "var_no" onKeyPress = "check (this); "> function check (obj) {}If (event.keyCode

Recursive use of CFTREEITEM in the CFC

I've implemented a recursive function within a CFC to show a menu structure. For the test I used cfoutput - and it worked fine. Now I am using CFTREE and still get an error message saying: "the (CFTREEITEM) tag must be nested within a cftree tag. The

PerlRegEx in FC-RegEx

Hello How can I make this RegEx workin in the CF:$test = join "", /(\w*und\w*)/g;) " BRCharlie

Our client think cold fusion has no future

Hello. I thought that this forum was more appropriate to try to get an official response to our request. This makes the effects if we even get off the starting blocks and we will continue with getting started. Recently we have heard more about how Ad

Return XML CFC

I'm trying to return a string xmlObject through a Web service or xml. When I empty the back I get the following code (in the code)& lt; thankyoucards & gt; & lt; presentation & gt; & lt; user name & gt; returnVariable & lt; / user name & gt;. & lt; O

regular expression - get the numbers from a string

Hello world I'm trying to use regular expressions to get all the numbers in a string. The only problem is that the chain can vary. For example: It's my rope 3 and 8 I want 2 get out of those 7 numbersRandom text 9 with 5 for everyone weekend 8 How ca

Life cycle of Java CFX tags Life cycle of Java CFX tags A new instance of the Java CFX object is created for each call of Java CFX tag. This means that it is safe to store instance data by re

How to display only those items that are in the date

Hello I have a new database and events for a nursery for children site I am building. I have no problem out of the news that I thought... but I'm having a problem with the events. I want to display only events that are dated. If the events that took

loop over a list with &amp; quot; Insert &amp; quot; in the cfquery tag valid?

looping over a list with 'insert' in the cfquery tag valid? Hethrows any errors and inserted into the table without anyproblems, but just wonder if it is possible to use since when I triedSelect article twice in a cfquery, it executes only the first.

No database selected

I am trying to install a mysql5 database. I downloaded the connector and configure it as the technote says. The verified data source. I run a query that creates a database which is very good, so my datasource is working. After that I tried to create

No top-level page were found.

I have a fresh install of Coldfusion MX7 on a Fedora Core 4 machine. But I have problems because whenever I try to open a *.cfm file coldfusion returns an error that says: "No top level Page was found" even though the path to the file is correct. Any

Correct sort numbers stored as text

I have a few numbers of documents stored as text values that I want to sort in the correct order. However, what I get is 1-101, 1 - 10A, 1-11, 1-14, 1-17, 1 - 17A .i, 1-19, 1-2, 1-21, 1-30, 1.35, 1.47, 1-4-A, 1-5, 1-7, 1 - A, 1 B, 1 - C. This is the

Using CFHTTP to retrieve a Web site requiring browsers supporting JavaScript

How do you use CFHTTP to retrieve content from another site when that site is created to make sure that a userAgent has activate JavaScript? I use the userAgent attribute and I tried several different values for it, but each attempt returns only a "S

cfdocument .swf error driver

With the help of CF7.x I'm generating PDFs of the .cfm files successfully. Some of the .cfm files contain .swf. If this is the case, the following error occurs at the place where the .swf file should appear: No driver configured to"application/x-shoc

Can you have an IN instruction in a statement of QofQ

Hello I use a QofQ to filter some search results. One way I'm filtering these results is to a list, but when I try to use the statement IN I get this error: Error running query of queries.Exception of comparison: while executing 'IN '.Unhandled Excep

Get the name of the file after download - cffile

According to Livedocs when you use < cffile > the name of the downloaded file may be referenced. I put #cffile.serverFile # < cfoutput > < / cfoutput > on the results after the download page, but and get the error: 'serverfile is undefined in cffile.

Doesn't work with temporary tables

I try to make 'between' select server-side: < cfquery name = "issueList" datasource = "HOTLINE" >CREATE TABLE ##tmpIssues (ROWNUM INT IDENTITY (1, 1) INT ISSUE_ID);INSERT INTO ##tmpIssues (ISSUE_ID)SELECT dbo. QUESTIONS. ISSUE_IDFROM dbo. QUESTIONSWH

How to make double order by?

I'm starting out with cold fusion... If someone could help me... A table with two fields, city and country, I want to get an interview with two command: first ordered country and city. I can do in a single query? An example should be: COUNTRY CITYAme
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