Queue problem: upgrade with DP_APPEND or get with DB_CONSUME

Hello I coded just a few small C programs that use queues of Berkeley DB. Well, it works, but only if I do not use DB_APPEND, or DB_CONSUME. If I use these 2 keywords (flags), I get an error "Invalid Argument". Why? I noticed that when I go to the qu

Settings for BI Publisher convert servlet

Hello does anyone know the parameters, Apex passes to thte BI Publisher convert servlet?I want to call the servlet directly via UTL_HTP, but I need to know what parameters to pass. looking forward to your answers. Greetings, DickDral

With the PL/SQL Web application development?

I create the following function without any problems.When I run, it displays error. How to use or test the function? I'm unable to get information on delivery or the use of the procedure? Where can I start for development based on the Web? CREATE OR

Report interactive and customizable

I am very new to the Apex and I have a question I don't know if its stupid... If I want to create a report with all the functionality of interactive report (menu... etc), but at the same time, the query is too heavy and it must be set up, how to get

Query to get the number of records

Hi all I would get the number of records in all tables in a schema. I don't want to run select count (*) of < table name >, because there are nearly 400 paintings. So I need a generic quqeyr that will give the recordcount for all tables. Experts good

Fill in the data in the text field

Hi allHere, I'm a bit confused. In my page, I have three text boxes, they are - P10_YEAR, P10_MONTH, P10_TOTAL. I use LOV for year and month field. LOV is as for the year 2000, 2000, 2001; for the month of June 2001; June, July. ; July and so on. Mon

issue list for Wizard progress

Hi all I use the wizard progress list as my list template. How can I use this template and also use the link feature? I noticed that if I use this model, the entries in the list do not have the feature of link to go to their corresponding pages. Than

Problem simple "selection with submit list.

Im trying to make a list of column selection based on a SQL LOV query in one of my forms. Now, I tried making it a normal life select list without the option to send and when I enter all required data and press the button create a new entry is create

two houses of oracle 8 and 10

HelloI have a windows Server 2003 server Oracle 10 g and Oracle 8.1.7. When we start listener 10g, it deos won't start listener for 8.1.7 database. 8.1.7 start listener I should go to 8.1.7 Oracle_HOME/bin.Is there a way to solve this problem in orde

case of subquery in part then

Hello I want to write a case statement that returns multiple values. Currently, I use this, but it does not work SELECTION * PROJECT WHEREPROJECT IN(CASEWHEN the CONDITION < 7 THEN conditionWHEN THE CONDITION = 7 THEN (SELECT PROJECT PROJECT WHERE PR

Recipe book

Where can I get cookbook v2 for RAC installation in IBM 5.3 Appreciate your quick response

Size archived logs

Hello1. how to set the size of the logs archived in 10 g R2?2. how to set the size of the logs archived in 8.1.7? Thank you.

How to get the create view sql statement

I have a technical problem There is a view in the database, for example "topstudentsview" and sql statement is ' select * student where scores > 90; My question is how to get the sql statement of the view. I want to get the sql statement in the topst

Problem installing CRS - permission of OCR/VOTE

I try to install the CRS in HP - UX 11.11 in ServiceGaurd cluster environment. I have a SLVM VG, which is to have 2 vl, a LV for OCR and LV another vote. #ls - itTotal 094276 crw-rw-rw-1 root sys 64 0 x 010000 22 August at 17:43 group4775 brw - r - 1

How to extend the ralations duplicate?

Hi allI tableA (code, street_name, street_number, att1, att2) and theres duplicate code, street_name and street_numbers.I have found using code duplication:Select code from tableA where code in (select code from tableA group by code having count (*)

Difference between EXPSTEALCNT and EXPBLKRELCN?

Some experts explain the difference between EXPSTEALCNT and EXPBLKRELCN? How the increment will happen to EXPSTEALCNT? According to Oracle Doc. Below the oracle statements seems very confused to me. EXPSTEALCNT-> NUMBER of number of attempts to steal

Newbie sorry data-load question and datafile / viral measure

Hi guys Sorry disturbing you - but I did a lot of reading and am still confused. I was asked to create a new tablespace: create tablespace xyz datafile 'oradata/corpdata/xyz.dbf' size 2048M extent management local size unique 1023M; alter tablespace

Report - search and search in the result of the color.

Hello I have a report (not an interactive report).On top, there is an element: P5_Category and a button to send. My Source of report is: Select * from DETAIL_TABLE where CATEGORY = *: P5_Cateogry *. Now, if users enter 'SYSTEM' in: P5_Category,. The

Routing of URL of application APEX using the HTTP Server

Hello I want to route two URLS for two different applications in one single APEX. for example to | to |

How to get to the APEX of the variables within the pl/sql function compiled.

HelloMy initial problem is to create the pl/sql code returning the names of columns for my custom calendar report.There are 7 columns for each day of the week and I want to make on two rows - all first day of the week, as the word 'Monday' and below
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