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background color (redirect) on monitor

I just received my new Dell Inspiron with Windows 8.1 and Lenovo 27 "monitor Tower, yesterday and have a problem that I can't solve.  No matter what I am on the page, the screen is divided in the exact middle, vertically, in white on the light gray a

(Redirected) Guarantee of order Alienware hard R4

Hello. I bought my R4 alienware in 09/10/2012 and now I have problem with errors in what we call sector of hard disk and said it should be replaced immediately. I was wondering if I still have the warranty on the hard drive or it is expired with guar

Cannot access the BIOS menu

Good if some time ago that I bought the Dell XPS 8500 and since I never was able to access the menu of the bios, but it never bothered me until now so, if anyone knows what that is wrong or needs more information let me know please because I think it

This computer has an add-in graphics card and the monitor cable is plugged into the integrated video connector.

I tried to connect a new TV to my 8700 with HDMI and I get this message: This computer has an add-in graphics card and the monitor cable is plugged into the integrated video connector. 1. power off the computer2. plug the cable from the monitor into

Would I be able to use ATX power supplies in your xps desktop 8700?

I think with the purchase of a computer XPS 8700 to make some reasonable amount of computation heavy work, so I was hoping to spend whatever food is integrated. Specifically, I would be able to install an ATX power supply? Here's an example of someth

The power supply for Dell Precision Workstation upgrade

Recently, I posted a question regarding the upgrade of that food to a XPS 8700 and it seems that I can use ATX power supplies and replace as necessary to these computers. But now I am also thinking of dell precision workstations, because I want to ha

(Redirected) S2415H Dell 24 monitor

I just got this new 24 Dell monitor S2415H.  It worked fine for 2 days and now it keeps going its own in power saving mode. Now, it also says that it cannot read the HDMI connection, but he did it yesterday.  If someone has had this problem and do yo

On XPS 8700 newbie question

I have an 8700 XPS on the way, and before he gets here I did a lot of reading.  While I did not opt for the SSD drive, it appears that on the card mother, there's a slot mSATA.   To this, I was going to buy a 256 GB drive to stick there and run Windo

Dimension 3000 starts then dies

Hi, I have a Dell Dimension 3000 that starts and runs for about three seconds, then dies.  At this point, you will need to cut the power, plug before you will get no response from the PC. I swapped the power supply and disconnected all drives, networ

I'm going to buy a DELL precision T5810, but I need 2 HD

Hello I got a Dell precision WST T5810 with 1 TB HD and the RAID controller card and now want to add a 2nd HD 1 Tb. anyone know the dell reference number for the extra HD?

Cannot find and original Windows install disks

I have an old Inspiron 530 of s that has Windows XP on it, and it came with Windows Vista discs as well, but I can't find them. I looked on the Dell site and have not found a place to order or download those, is it possible to do? If not, is there a

Cannot find battery replaced hard drive

Stupidly removed and replaced then even stack. Now Intel matrix Manager does ' t find the hard drive. Have tried to change the boot sequence, boot with Dell Windows DVD, nothing works. Keeps looping back to Intel Matrix message and give options to us

(Redirected) Start Aurora R4 problem

So some time ago my computer could not initialize and beeps 5 times, I called support and basically told to get a new motherboard, my warranty has expired the previous month literally. So, want to fix as soon as possible got a new and had installed.

Dell/Logitech Keyboard KM714 work with XPS 27 AiO?

My new XPS27 all-in-one was excellent, once a few kinks have been developed.  It comes with a combination of keyboard and mouse Logitech - model KM714 from Dell brand.  There are multimedia keys accessed via the Fn key; things like play, pause, volum

XPS 400 supports Windows 8 install?

Hello I have a Dell XPS 400 with a Pentium D 820 Dual Core 2.8 GHz. bought this in 2006 and upgraded to 2 GB of RAM. Is this configuration supports the installation of Windows 8? All the important issues?

How to choose the right Dell equipment

If this is in the wrong forum, I apologize. I didn't know where to post this.   I'm trying to determine what conputer would best serve my family but when the "generation" computer's "help me choose" function was not helpful to say the least.   I'm le

Inspiron 530 & Zalman 9500?

Does anyone know if the Zalman CNPS9500 92 MM Fan Heatsink LGA775 fits my Inspiron 530 Q6600? Thank you.

Which cable Firwire

I have an Inspiron 530 with a Firewire port that is mounted on the front. I want to connect a JVC digital camcorder, but I'm not sure if I need a 4-4 pins or cable 4-6. Any help greatly appreciated

XPS 410 (Dimension 9200) hard drive upgrade. What is the limit?

Currently, I have 3 hard drives in my XPS410: year 80 to run programs and the Windows host and two 500 GB (configured as RAID1 for mirroring) for documents, music, etc. I make an edition of AVCHD movies and would like to add additional hard disks to

Very noisy fan on the back...

Most recently, it happened. I backed up my computer in my apartment at College. I recently installed a GeForce4 TI 4200 to replace my GeForce2 MX (I don't know if this is related to the problem, it is more likely is not, but it seemed to have started
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