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Dell Tablet 7840 issue

first of all, I bought this tablet January in 2015. I found this unit turns off by itself at 22% battery while it helps (about a month) and now it shuts down to 37% and more. in order to turn on, I need to plug.  If not, there is no way to run. In ad

Reference Dell place 8 7840 switch question

first of all, I bought this tablet January in 2015. I found this unit turns off by itself at 22% battery while it helps (about a month) and now it shuts down to 37% and more. in order to turn on, I need to plug.  If not, there is no way to run. In ad

Need assistance to disable Intel Link Power Management

Hi all I have a Dell place 7130v - 8G of RAM 11Pro / Intel Core i5-4300Y with Windows 10. When I got the system in 2014 I lived the constant freezing with the disc synchronizing 100% on every 10 seconds, 60 seconds, then finally was interrupting, and

Dell Latitude 10 compressed... memory card

Is the format SDHC and SDXC SD cards that are compatible with the 10 Latitude Tablet? I understand that I can expand the memory up to 64 G.  I will not have the map of greater ability to do? Thank you.

Help needed to unlock the phone

Hello I recently bought a Dell coming Pro in the States and he brought back to Mexico City, the problem is that the phone is locked to AT & T, I want to know if I can get the unlock through Dell customer service code or if I have to settle this with

Dell Latitude wireless connectivity problem

I can't connect to the network wireless headquarters, initially, she tries to authenticate, but after a while cannot connect this network error. We use the security type WPA2-Enterprise and method of wireless for the type of AES encryption security.

Dell Streak 7 is glued on the dell screen flashing

I read through all the messages in this forum.  I tried to load the DS7 all night, tried the hard reset after that, but can never get the pop up screen that offers to erase data.  Next to the SD card reset button only turn off the camera most of the

Latitude 10 on screen keyboard

Anyone know how to reduce the size of the keyboard on the Dell Latitude 10 tablet screen? It takes literally half the screen! See you soon,. Grant

Latitude 10 Log-on the keyboard?

Hello I was hoping to confirm a behavior on my new Latitude 10. After boots on my tablet, it is the default with the Seattle Space needle and the clock at the bottom page left as planned.  When I finger STROKE from the bottom to the top, I get the lo

Latitude 10 ST2: Wifi / boot SD issues

Hi all I just got a Latitude 10 ST2, which came with Windows 8 Pro installed. I'm having a few problems this long search has always been able to resolve. First of all, I can't connect to our wireless business. The search led me to Microsoft KB2749073

Size of the SD card and lattitude 10

I have a new Dell Lattitude 10 Tablet and I have a stupid to ask question. Is there a limit to the size of the SD card, that you can use in the SD card slot? Thank you for the responses, Doc

Without contact/Silent 10 Latitude BIOS settings?

Hello again! In the past, we used the Toolbox of Configuration for the Dell (CCTK) Client to configure the settings of the BIOS for laptops in our environment.  However, the Latitude 10 doesn't seem to work with the CCTK.  Anyone found a solution for

Workload indicators 10 XPS

Hello Where I put my XPS 10 get a light illuminate top right of the device as expected. I have the keyboard/dock unit and the led immediately to the right of the power of socket never lights (as it is stated that it should be in the manual. I experim

Canadian XPS10 - has LTE?

If you have purchased a XPS10 in CANADA, can you please confirm that it comes with LTE standard?  The Dell sales office assures me that LTE is standard on all models of XPS10, but the site suggests this is an OPTION only available in the United State

XPS 10 screen Glitch

The screen on my new XPS 10 keeps glitching out, it behaves as if my finger is to hit the screen in the upper left corner on several occasions. The display shows even the bubble indicator as if I were really not touch. It becomes very annoying when t

XPS10. close App

Just got a XPS10 and noticed a strange behavior. After failing to close the applications by sliding to the bottom of the screen, I tried in another direction. Looks like the movement works in all directions except the one 'normal' landscape. What is

Meeting place for Dell Pro; Update failed, recover it without success

Hello, my 'new' coming Pro arrived yesterday and I just started to test. He had a very old firmware, not mango even, so I started updated by zune. After the third update (for the WiFi issues, I think it was the "last" wp7 update) I get an error... so

Dell Streak 7 lock screen!

Hello Got a new Dell streak 7 and love it. Played with the locking options, you can choose a model, PIN or normal password. SO I enter (set) my normal password (a number of Word) then two then I lock the screen. When you try to put my password, I hav


It is lock to o2... and now I'm here in the philippines... someone knows how to unlock? Thank you

the Dell Streak of UNLOCK will work in India (a foreign carrier)?

I want to order a Dell Streak (new cherry red 16GB unlocked with Android 2.2 for $399 from through a friend in the United States for my use in India.  I got a mixed reaction i
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