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Hello This is my situation RAID5 ARRAY T420 PRECH710 Physical disk 0:1:0 away onlinePhysical disk 0:1:1 online spun predicted failurePhysical disk 0:1:2 off onlinePhysical disk 0:1: ready 4 spun RELIEF GLOBALPhysical disk 0:1:5 off online What should

Expanding RAID5 on PowerEdge R720

Hi all, I have a R720 Poweredge server configured with 2 virtual disks, one for the operating system (RAID 1) and one for the data (RAID5 with 3 drives 1 TB each). I plan on expansion of raid5 with another disc. The drive has been added and is curren

XenServer 6.2 installation on R720

I'm new to Dell HW and I was wondering if the Dell utility Partition is necessary? I ask because the XS 6.2 Administrator's guide States that if the Dell utility partition exists then the drive will be formatted using the formatting BACK instead of G

Grouping of cards NETWORK R710

Hello everyone, I have 4 x R710 server in the company, each has 4 x BCM5709C NIC that I want to do is find the best available solution to aggregate all the network adapters on each server. All servers are in the same network, connected to the same sw

PowerEdge 2950 Gen I refuse to power.

I have a PE 2950 who for some reason, stop randomly during the day. Since that day I could not start it. Plug on our server into multiple sockets throughout the House. The server shows signs of power on the motherboard and LCD, however, when the butt

R720xd Fans incredibly strong, running at full speed

My R720xd runs all fans of Board of Directors full speed continuous system. On switching on, fans at high speed for a second bump, then settle at reasonable speed and stay at reasonable speed during POST, up to the point where the iDRAC initializes,

Permanently degraded on SAS 6/IR RAID.

Hello How do you update a table of 'Gradients permanently' to 'Feeling better' or 'online' on a Poweredge R310 with a SAS6/IR controller?  Is - this automatic? Here's the context: I got a Poweredge 310 with SAS 6/IR disconnect this morning.  The syst

Installation of windows server 2008 R2 on Poweredge R320

Hello everyone We bought a new Poweredge R320 server in order to install 64-bit Windows Server R2. There are 2 drives inside and they are preconfgured as raid1. I changed the configuration of SATA in RAID mode and also initialized by PERC-H310 RAID1

Transfer of records of matrix Raid PE2650

Hello Sorry if it is a very basic question, I don't have much experience with RAID arrays. My venerable PE2650 died recently - when turned on it just sits there with whirling fans.  I have connected a monitor and a keyboard, but it is not getting as

Avoid loss of data and to increase the storage capacity on EP T310

Hi all I am looking to increase the storage capacity on a PE T310. When I look in disk management it says C: virtual SCSI disk to 232 GB and 11.9 Gb free. Physically, I see 4 HDD connected when I look in the box. Don't know if its reading HARD drive

Please help, how do I retrieve the installed drive?

We have PE 2950. This server has been used with a drive configuration, and works well. Because of the run application on this server was not yet using once, we changed the disk with new drive installed and configured with some raid configuration. But

Can rebuild a VD (RAID 5), I start the course?

A simple question: I am rebuilding a raid 5 on a PERC6/i. everything seems fine, my question is can I reboot and start the server without interrupting the reconstruction? I started the process of rebuilding by the card bios menu (so at startup) and I

PE 2950, PERC6, RAID 5 - How to rebuild drive

Hello everyone! I have a big problem with a PE 2950 with a perc6 / i ctrl and raid 5 system. disc number 5 amber flashing and the brand utility player as incorrect. I replaced the drive and now it blinks green... but... I can't rebuild the disk! How

PowerEdge R610 add hard drives to Hyper-V Server 2008 r2 PERC6i

I have: PowerEdge R610 PERC 6i 3 x 146 GB SAS RAID 5 OS: Hyper-v Server 2008 r2 I just added three more 146 GB SAS drives How to expand the RAID 5 from there? I was reading up on managing open but have not seen a clear passage until you get it the be

PERC4 Controller drive failure

I recently had a Power Edge 2800 have placed disks mirrored both fail on the PERC4 controller and I'm now in a real jam. In order to get the operating system updated mirror installed disks and readyu I had to erase the configuration that doesn't has

Add hot space to existing capacity

I have a PowerEdge 2900 with a PERC 6 / i RAID controller with three attached physical disks.  Currently have OpenManage 6.2.0 installed on Windows Server 2003 R2. Disk 0 and 1 are configured as a RAID 1 array with disk 2 as a backup.  I am thinking

WS 2003 hard not found - SATA

I had two or three PowerEdge 1950 servers, try to install Windows Server 2003 / 2008They came with no disk in it, and I have not any SAS, so I insreted SATA (tried with the two Seagate 1 TB, WD 500 GB only) on the slot nr1 But the OS cannot find all

DELL PowerEdge R710 and PERC H700 RAID driver for WIn 2008 Std

Hi all I have a DELL PowerEdge R710 with a controller RAID PERC H700. I try to install Windows 2008 Std 64 bit, but I can't find the driver. Even for the site web at Can someone help me. THX in advance

Windows 7 x 64 driver for Dell PERC 320/DC

Dear Dell, I'm migration of Windows XP 32 bit to Windows 7 64 bit and I'm looking for drivers for my Dell PERC 320/DC (RAID SCSI PCI - X controller). There is no compatible driver on this site, I've tried them all, even the driver XP 64-bit. Because

How to add records PE2850

I have a PE2850 with 2 disk Raid 1 on Windows 2003 (68GB) I need to add 3 (156GB) drive in Raid 5 for a second disc of Windows What should I do?
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