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Dell, sending systems locked without a key

Is it standard practice for Dell will send a completely locked server without key. How am I supposed to check that they have finished my other parts that I asked? Shouldn't a key to be part of the order, or at least have the unlocked delivered server

Use to download files from the repository on a T110 II

Hello I'm new on the Dell Poweredge server from HP Proliant, I see that I have something that are similar. I downloaded and installed the Dell Repository Manager. Created the repository folder and filled with the files I need for my PE T110 II. But I

R720 cpu compatibility list

Hello where can I find the latest cpu compatibility list, I have not found this doc that is not dell page a248.e.Akamai.NET/.../Dell-PowerEdge-R720-r720xd-technical-guide.PDF

System HWC2005 cable to edge or breaking of interconnection

Hi all! I had a PowerEge R520 server in my organization. After I installed a new CPU, RAM & heat sink, as soon as I connected to electricity, on the front panel, I saw LCD message."HWC2005: System failure of interconnection or cable on board." Check

IDRAC reset

Hello I have a Dell 620 server, where the iDrac won't connect, I get the login page and add the credentials, but he just never answers. In any case I know I can reset the iDrac in small 'i' on the front panel button, but I need to know the consequenc

PowerEdge T100 CPU PE update

Hello I have a PowerEdge T100 with a Xeon E3110 (Socket LGA775, 3 GHz, 1333 MHz FSB). It has a TDP of 65W. I want to upgrade to a Xeon X 3370 with a TDP of 95W. According to this link the Xeon 3000 sequence must be compatible with the T100 (

How to add my 'fired' drive back to RAID1, PERC H710P and erase or foreign configurations...

Hello I just got a PowerEdge T620. The OS is in RAID1 (two 256 GB SSD), controlled by a H710P PERC controller. When the computer was OFF, I took one of the discs, to see what it was the brand. (I bought the computer from a dealer and I wanted to just

PERC H710 downloads?

Page drivers and downloads for my T320 doesn't seem to understand anything for the Perc H710 RAID controller I.  I searched Dell support site and did not find a relevant page. Where can I find updated firmware to date and any other software that I mi

RAID - vs-StableBit DrivePool

System: PowerEdge T320, 8 Hot Swappable 3.5 "bays OS: Windows Server 2012 Essentials RAID Controller: Controller Perc 710 I need to have several physical disks appear in the operating system like big disk to hold 4 + TB of data backup. I'm using RAID

Secure Hard Drive wipe for Poweredge 2950

Hello, I recently got a hold of a Dell Poweredge 2950 but until I can do something with it. I need to clear safe hard drives with killdisk (or something similar that will provide newspapers) and I have problems with what I believe, it is the raid con

PERC 710 add physical disks for RAID 5 virtual disk and keep data

I think to set up a physical disk 4 RAID 5 array on my new PowerEdge T320.  That should give me enough space to last long.  I have two empty slots of HD.  If I need more space, later, I'll be able to add one or two additional physical disks without l

PERC 6 / i with broken array

I have a perc 6 / i, which had a Player 6 raid 5 array that has been extended to 7 discs. Another application restarted the system, and it hung to the raid BIOS (could not enter in the config, would stop after printing FW version). After trying all c

Resize the C partition in RAID 1 array.

I have a new Dell Poweredge T320 with 710 RAID controller.The computer running Windows Home Server 2012 Essentials. It has two 500 GB HDDs in a RAID1 configuration.  80 GB is allocated for drive C (OS) and the rest to D, a data reader. I want to resi

PE R900 disk configuration

Received a gift of Dell Power Edge R900. Naturally, it came not with hard drives, so we bought a few Dell 300 GB hard drives SAS 6 GB/s RPM10k. After putting all these in I started on DVD and tried to install Server R2 2012, but of course, he did not

Reference Dell perc h800

Hello everyone we recently bought dell precision t7600 and perc h800 map for control of Keystone md 1200 powe... Win server 2008 r2 is installed but no driver work for dell perc h800 tried so site Web of frim dell drivers but still no hope... am wond

RAID 1 storage maximum reaching SAS 6 IR

Hello support team, I work with a Dell PE T310 and uses a Windows 7 OS. The controller card is an iR SAS 6, RAID 1 configuration and reach maximum capacity.  I want to add more storage without losing any data. The configs of the BIOS of the controlle

Divide a virtual disk in two virtual disks PERC H710

Hello guys,. -We have a server PowerEdge R720 with a PERC H710 Mini storage controller which has 8 drives 1 TB each of them. -We have created a virtual disc, which includes 8 physical disks configured in Raid 5. -We have installed Windows 2008 Server

Problem with old PE 1750

Also has anyone seen a situation where a PowerEdge 1750 refuses to accept a full 8 GB of RAM? I have a system that's been completely upgraded BIOS A12 level (later), and everything else works correctly. He started 2 GB (4 512 k sticks) and I swapped

Problems with support virtual drac5

Hello, I am trying to install Debian Wheezy 7.1 on my Poweredge 1950 III server. I managed to ride (only once), "netinst" 200 MB + .iso image and the installation via my Drac5 [fw v1.60]. However, after a long time of partitioning and so now he has n

Reconfigure RAID (Online Capacity Expansion) does not work for non Dell drives in the bios and is not available in OMSA for VMWare

VMWare users have found a solution for the following? Readers of PERC H700 and H800 (firmware current 12.10.4 - 0001 A10, r610 servers) allow the user (in the bios during startup) to create new virtual disks using non Dell drives, but you cannot expa
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