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Network drivers to format floppy

I need drivers for the Broadcom BCM5716C NETXTREME II GigE NIC in diskette format. My OS is Windows 2008R2. Thank you.

PowerEdge R710 E2011 memory configuration error

I have a question that has me running around in circles. I'm the filling of a PE R710 server with 1 GB 1Rx8 PC3 - 10600E DIMMs, which works very well when the first two DIMM slots are filled for each channel. However, when I fill the third slot DIMM

PE R410 on LCD

Nothing comes back to Google or search forum - system starts fine but that seems constantly on the LCD screen? Worry not, forget or ignore? -Stuart

Questions of CMC M1000e redundancy since the upgrade of the Firmware 5.00

Hello We see a lot of the following alerts "Chassis management controller (CMC) redundancy is lost '. and 30 seconds later "The chassis management controller (CMC)" is redundant". on our fleet (47) of the chassis, since upgrading the firmware to 5.00

PowerEdge R815 optimal memory configuration

Hello world I am in courses run PowerEdge R815 with 128 GB of memory (16 GB 8Sticks) I tried all memory configurations I knew and he always gives me ' the memory configuration is not optimal, press F1 to continue "to reboot. I tried A1, B1 - A5, B5 C

iDRAC 6 Enterprise does not display storage

Hello We have a Dell PowerEdge R710 with iDRAC 6 Enterprise. When I open the iDRAC web interface, there is no information nor any status of the Perc H310 RAID controller. I do not see the physical disks, no virtual disk, I've looked everywhere and Mi

Adding additional disk space to Perc 6 / i server R710

I have currently 3 250 GB installation as a raid 5 (original configuration) disks on a server R710 with a Perc 6 / i controller.  I ordered 3 discs (same readers) that we are running out of disk space. There is a set up disk C: and D:.  Can someone p

A strange question - Poweredge T20 and Windows 7/8?

I am a user of Dell since the beginning with the stand alone units but have never had a server up to date unit. I bought the T20 on an experimental basis, and my first task is to install an operating system as the T20 does not come with a sold in Swe

Replacement of the HDD RAID5 2950

Hello We have a disk failure in a RAID 5 system in PowerEdge 2950 with card RAID Perc 6i. Drive HARD original is WD SATA 7200 rpm 1 TB. Given that Dell sells more the original model of HARD drive, the commercial attaché Dell sold a compatible HARD dr

MD 3600i storage

Requires a factory reset. How to do?

PE 2900 PERC 6 / i PD failed / Normal

Hi all. My client PE 2900 with a PERC 6 / i controller, shows a foreign configuration caused by a failed physical disk which is now reported as usual. It is a single drive non-certified Enterprise / RAID 0 and newspapers SA showed a failure for this

C1100 tray for hard drive compatibility

Wanted to get out of the discs from my current system C1100 and put in a R610 or R710. C1100 HDD trays come in and work with the R series servers? Thank you The Ninja of server

Help me to confirm THAT RAID 5 of my new server is configured correctly. PowerEdge T620, server 2012

I just received my new Dell T620 server today, I ordered it with (4) 2 hard drives in a RAID5 configuration to I also configured it with a 80 GB operating system partition when I bought it. He got today and I'm a little confused how his watch hard dr

3 physical disks in 1 TB in RAID 5 with only its 1 TB usable space incorrectly? Using a Dell PERC 6 / i controller.

We have a server Dell PowerEdge with a PERC 6 / i controller. There are three physical disks for 1 TB. I created a RAID 5 array, but it seems that there is only 1 TB of usable space after you initialize the virtual disk RAID 5. What is wrong? I Googl

H200A PERC. SAS and SATA. Simple 2 extra HARD drives raid. Possible?

Hello.   Research in the server rack dell R210 II.   Added records 2 x 300 GB SAS with a PERC H200A raid controller. The other two empty drive bays im looking to transfer courses two SATA 2.5 "HARD disk drives. Ive read you can mix SATA and SAS drive

Upgrade to Server 2008 R2 HDD to SSD with minimal downtime

Hello I would like to know the most effective way to migrate an installation of operating system Windows Server 2008 R2 to a RAID1 HDD RAID 1 SSD We are currently using Dell R710 servers and the operating system is installed on 2.5 "15 K SAS drives i

The RAID 1 in PowerEdge T320

Hi all I want to install Raid 1 on server T320, but I do not know how? I try a few steps before by ctrl + R and make VD, then add two (1 Tera each) HARD disks to the VD. After I install windows server 2012 and I see that one is difficult with a singl

PowerEdge 2650 - DRAC Firmware update fails cli

Hi can anyone help please... I come from a background of server HP Dell is alien to me. Try to change the IP address on a card DRAC, but can only the fw is obsolete. racadm setniccfg: Firmware: this command is not supported on this platform for this

VRTX & PowerEdge M520 storage does not

We try to deploy VMware ESXi on new shared infrastructure VRTX DELL platform and are facing problems with the configuration of the shared storage.  No matter what I try, I can't Server blades to recognize no shared storage. I went on every BIOS uniqu

PERC 4e/Di undetected, PE 2850

Hi all! I'm having a bit of headache with this one, so I hope someone here can help me out. Recently, I bought a PE 2850 (opportunity, opportunity), proceeds to the restart it, set the BIOS, a RAID 5 configuration with drives 4 x 146 GB installation