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PowerEdge T110II

I bought the week a Poweredge T110II server last for a new office.  It was delivered Friday and I had set aside today to connect.  However, I plugged it in, turned on and I'm getting a Media test failure, check cable and no available current boot dev

R710 upgrade memory

We have the upgrade memory of the r710, what configuration of the slot machine is the best? 4x16gb kingstonn ktd-pe313lv / 16 gb A1 - A2, B1 - B2? This mode, the server tell who 'ECC mode.

Upgrade PowerEdge T320 wired hot-swappable drives

Hello I'm new to this forum and have sought on this matter but cannot find anything. I hope this isn't a duplicate. Well, I just bought a PowerEdge T320 with wired readers and I was wondering if it is possible to update hot later? Whether it is suffi

Problems updating Firmware 7 IDRAC

Hi, I had problems with my controller IDRAC PowerEdge T320. It seems to be a known issue, introduced with Firmware version 1.50.50, which is delivered with my machine. Basically, the device signals that all user sessions are used. (RAC0218). I am run

authentication Active Directory iDrac 6 - test ok but the connection failed

Hi all I try to activate the AD authentication on my iDrac6 (v1.97). When I run the test after you have configured it, everything is ok. But when I try to log in with the ad on iDrac user I've always had a "connection error. Failure of the credential

Replacement of a controller SAS 6/iR with an H700 on a R310

I have a PowerEdge R310 with a SAS 6/iR controller. I want to have a H700 controller on the server. Dell sent me a card H700 with what I suppose is the cache of 512 MB NVRAM memory attached. But they also sent me a battery. The longer wire looks like

New drive sees only not in disk management

I have a PowerEdge 2900 with PERC6 / i controller. It originally had four drives of 500 GB in RAID 5 MFT, shared between the system and your data.  A year ago, I added a 500 GB drive and the extended partition of data. Now, the data partition becomes


Hello (or rather the night). I have a dell poweredge R310 (with PERC H700) server and 3 hard drives. The first two are the storage on SATA drive with a capacity of 3 TB (each 6 to total) this operation of RAID 1. The third is a 64 GB SSD for boot int

Cannot find PERC 5 / i firmware for PE2950

I need to update PERC 5 / i firmware on a 2950, but when I go to the website and access the 2950 s, updates of firrmware SAS RAID only I see are for PERC 5/E, PERC 6 / i, or PERC 6/IR.  I see a Win2008 driver for 5 / I, but I am runn

Poweredge 1950 drive replacement

Hi all I have a an old PowerEdge 1950. There a PERC5I controller and SAS 36 3 discs. One of the disks is blinking yellow and must be replaced. It is an old server that I adopted from the previous admin. It has installed Redhat Linux. With this contro

Additional disk system

Hello I just installed Windows on my Dell Poweredge R310 2008 using a hard drive only that I configured through management of the RAID. Now after installing, I want to add another physical hard drive to serve additional drive on my windows OS to serv

H200 at Perc 6i

Called support requested if I could migrate a raid 1 on a h200 drives to a Perc 6i, they didn't. Wondering if anyone has tried this? Reference on Google for the h200 h700 but not my scenario. Thank you

Passage from 1 disc to disc 4 raid 5 T - 300 SBS 2008

You need to change 1 disk RAID to 4-drive raid 5 without the backup and restore. What process and procedure would you use? Background, I did volunteer help an organization to reconfigure their SBS 2008 Server. Last year they received a T - 300 Dell r

Message from R900 LCD LOC-MVS04

Hi wonder if anyone can help with a problem that we have on a Dell R900. First the server crashed and when we inspected it that the LCD is amber saying there is a problem of memory. We open the server and "reinstalled" meory, re booted the server mod

2950 3TO with H310

Hello, I am looking to use 3 TB drives in a raid 5 in my 2950. A H310 will accomplish this or should I go up to the 700?  Any other card recommendations are welcome as well. Thank you.

Hyper-V Server R2 of 2012 on Dell R510 - how to check RAID health?

Hello, guys! I have Poweredge R510 with Hyper-V Server R2 2012 as host operating system. I suspect the material problems and I need to check the consistency of the disc. What software can I use with Hyper-V Server? You will need to check the RAID hea

For Dell Power Edge R420 RAID management software

We have server Dell Power Edge R420 (RAID enabled). We 4x300GB SAS hard drives on the server, but it has no application to manage the RAID for Windows Server R2 2012 So failure how could we not what HARD drive crashes.

"lack of Member" PERC server Dell Poweredge 2500 3/di start table

Help!  Beginner in need of wisdom.  Knew lot of two drives (one in each table) until you restart.  Notice the message in the BIOs and changed the discs indicated without DISCONNECTION.  We rebuild with problem but that of the table of the BONE (0) wi

H310 and r720

I have a r720 with h310 controller.  I have a MX3P7 of cable attached to the motherboard and backplane.  I tried several disks (DELL) and none of them do not appear in the BIOS of the controller.  The server sees the card, but the controller does not

T310 S300 to H700i upgrade

My question is, has anyone here done this?  If so, how do you to do? I intend to improve a T310 of S300 SAS with a 4 a H700i RAID-5 disk.  The reason for the upgrade is because there is simply too much problems with restoring, expanding and working w
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