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Vista Home Premium key

I have a Dell XPS 420 that I use from time to time. A few months ago, I started and received a message that the KEY was outdated (sold out) and I would like to know how to get a new one. I have a reinstallation disk that came with the computer when I

Play a CD on my laptop

I have Windows 8.1 on my laptop.  When I insert a music CD, I get a message that says "there is a disc with a format not supported in (d :)) drive".  How can I get the CD to play?  I'm a little "tech challenged" so I don't know it's a simple solution

Free Zemana key for use with Windows 10

Is antilogger key free software available for use with Windows 10?  If there is, everyone uses it?  If there is more than one, what works best?

Latitude E6430 - Dell control | Power Manager installs in Win7Pr6 arch - 25025 err

Hello I recently bought a Dell Latiture E6430 refurbiished, who came with win7 pro x 64. As I don't have full trust in the seller, I decided to reinstall the OS from Dell (win7 pro x 64-glb Polish) DVD. Of course the drivers detected for my tag are i

reinstalled Windows XP Pro on the new HARD disk, not invited to key code

My Dimension 9200 needed a new HARD drive. Ordered from Dell, installed HD then re-installed Windows XP Pro sp2. I forgot to unplug the media reader, so I had to reinstall it again to get HARD drive letter assignment as C. Added drivers in good condi

Backup restore Windows 7 not genuine...?

Machine XPS the HD went bad.  We did an image via the MS tools under windows 7.  Because the hot spare. We installed the new HD, made the restoration of the image. When you try to download updates from Microsoft Security Essentials, we found that Win

Restore the automatic connection Original of FX170 (username "user") or automatic logon

Hello My FX170 with WEP7 when powered on origin would automatically connect on the Member 'user '.  When I used the profile of tcadmin to make a few changes, the machine starts the Welcome screen with icons of members instead of just auto login for m

Had to reinstall issue of windows disk recovery and software

Hi guys I hope I posted in the right forum A couple of days, I got a virus in police nasyt variant and so I had to reinstall windows from scratch Regretably my recovery disks that I made did not work properly so I had to pay a lot of money for window

Product key OEM Windows Vista Business on Precision 490

Just bought a Dell Precision 490. It comes with 32-bit Windows 7 HP... The product key for Windows 7 is on the case. With this key, there is a Microsoft Windows Vista Business OEM key. My first question is how do I know if it is a key of 32 or 64-bit

repair a Windows 7 oem, with win 7 retail disk

Hi all our dell workstation has a loop when starts up after a power failure: raid 1 with intel it'ok, Member of disc 2 are green, post OK, windows starts with the logo, but after a few seconds, the blue screen and reboot ever, claim compensation... n

New office w / Windows 8 - where is Windows Live Writer?

Just installed my new desktop PC Inspiron s 660 and like what's new in Windows 8 - with the exception of Windows Live Writer to lose. Went out on MS site for download. Installation program tells me that I have a newer version on my PC. An audit under

32 bit xp or is it windows xp 64 bit

I try to determine what windows xp bit version I am with 32 or 64. I have windows xp professional of the media roll up 2 but has updated to service pack 3. I think I saw an update with a fix 64-bit but I can't find that now... How could I know what I

Dell Studio 540 Windows 7 X 64 install

G ' Day,. I recently bought a Dell Studio 540 second hand, in private.  I am trying to install Windows 7 64 bit, for which I have a license, but have lost the installation media.  There was no media installation with the Dell printer.  I downloaded a

Windows Mobility Center icons have disappeared.

I got my laptop on Christmas day, the Dell Inspiron 15R IS, and to activate the Bluetooth and other options I could press a button with gear wheels above the keyboard that shows the windows Mobility Center. This allowed me to activate and deactivate

XPS cannot switch to standby or Hibernate mode

Hello I saw a similar post here, but I couldn't solve the problem... My Dell Studio XPS 13 has a strange problem: When I close the screen (it closes down), the computer is not enter standby or hibernation mode, and rather that the screen turns black.

Install Windows 7 on a Vostro 3360 (wireless)

Hello! You just bought Vostro 3360. It came with Ubuntu 11 on board. When I used it all first, everything worked fine - in Ubuntu, I use WiFi connected to my home router. I decided to put Windows 7. So I installed and went to Dell to get drivers. So

Inspiron 1720 Windows vista install stuck on the end of the installation...

Hi Pros, I install Vista costs coz hard drive stop working now when I try to install stuck on the end of the installation... After a few hours of this, it is only fair that I smile at the idea of nothing.any of screen. I try to install any other good

Norton problem

I get two opinions and need help. They are as follows:   (1) - "ccApp.exe - Unable to locate component" this application has failed to start because ALT71. DLL was not found. Reinstalling the application may fix this problem. »   (2) - Symantec user


Hello everyone   I have a question for graywares. I have the following or in my computer. detection name: generic grayer Name C:\Windows\system32\rpcnet.dll incident   Cannot clean or quarantine the infected file.   Help someone dose have some inform

Unknown PUP - Please help...

For awhile now, my antivirus program (the salary monthly version of AVG) has been telling me that I have 2 'not - A - Virus.Downloader.Win32.DigStream' on my computer. One is in the program under 'C:\Program Files\DIGStream\digstream.exe' files and t
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