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Need help with orders to clear a N2024 stacked switch port configuration

The current config is: interface item in gi1/0/20 Speed 1000 Description "WifiLocation2". VLAN allowed switchport General add 154 switchport general allowed vlan add 153 tag switchport vlan allowed General remove 1 switchport access vlan 15 LLDP tran

Access to the start menu on a the CMC cli M8024

Is there a way to access the start menu on a well M8024 MCC console redirection? Bought a used switch and I'm unable to open a session and need to reset the password and settings. Otherwise any serial usb cable will work or is it a specific, I need t

[SOLVED] A cell

I just got 5 pc6248s and I want to build them in a pile. 1. switches are only used so don't I have factory reset them before you build them in a pile? 2. from what I read in the technical white paper from Dell, I have to turn on the switches in the o

PowerConnect 2848 - several VLANS on the 1 port does not

Hello everyone. I have a Dell PowerConnect 2848.  My router is a Netgear SRX5308. In the router, I've created several VLANs (VLAN ID 10 and 20) and would that pass to the ESXi server. If I connect the ESXi server directly to the router, everything wo

On Vlan in 6224

I have set up several VLan in powerconnect 6224 with different ip address. My problem is I can not ping each gateway using Hyperterminal or from the PC, connect to the Vlan. Another solution? example: Configure database of VLAN VLAN 100 address 192.1

Dead man switch

When you configure the firewall remotely that could potentially block myself, I found it useful to have a "dead man switch", which every minute resets or removes the firewall (turn off once I have completed rules).People of any ways recommended to do

Assign IP address to the Interface VLAN of Web Admin?

It is a simple question, I can't find can in the web config page to assign an IP to an interface vlan. Example: I create a vlan 40 and assign ip to it, I can accomplish this with the CLI with 'config; interface vlan 40; "192.168.40.


Having probs getting ACL on my DRAC goes.It is connected to the 1/g5. If no ACL, works fine (but not ACL).If I allow the ports 443 & 5900, can connect (using telnet) at 5900, but NOT of 443. Console (config) #access - list drac permit tcp any any eq

Change of address IP PowerConnect 5448

Ive got 2 x Dell PowerConnect 5448 and set an ip address on VLAN1 [I think!], so that I can access the web interface. Im trying to change this ip address, now but cant seem to do this through the web interface, Ive also tried to use CLI but cannot fi

no possible PXE boot via

Hello When I connect my computer Thinclient he cannot start by PXE. The customer does not receive the IP from the DHCP server settings. But: 1. when I connect the computer Thinclient to a consumer, pass a connect that consumer switch to my PowerConne

PowerConnect 5324 restart continuously.

5324 race Version SW Boot Version HW Version 00.00.02 Downloaded from PowerConnect_5324_boot - 10202.rfb from PowerConnect_5324 - 20040.ros also downloaded Connected to the web interface, I went to download files. Specified

10MB ethernet point to point, traffic problems

We have a 5324 on each end of this service from point to point ethernet 10MB. When we flood udp the link to a server on the end, all other ports of call, i.e. ping, snmp, e-mail and others.Therre any options to ensure that ALL traffic gets a piece of

Bootdhcprelay and VLAN 6224

Hi, I searched the forum and found a lot of help with this problem. I have 3 VLANS configured on my PowerConnect 6224 and a DHCP Server Windows Server 2000 with different subnet scopes, as far as I know that I need to put in place a bootdhcprelay ser

GVRP and piling on 3448P

Hello I'm about to deploy 8-9 powerconnect 3448P all switches access in rack 2 different communications. I will be half the number of switches in 2 batteries with each stack having 4 or 5 switches to the maximum. Also there is a possibility of future

Problem routing VLAN

Reference Dell 6024 The switch has several local networks VIRTUAL, including VLAN 1 and VLAN 50 In the past, we have not need route between all the VLANS, but now I want to access the VLAN 50 of VLAN 1

PowerConnect 2748 and aggregation of links 6224

I'm trying to set up a channel between these two switches.  I aggregate the ports on both devices and then assign them to a LAG.  as soon as I put them on the whole I have weird traffic between switches.  I can't ping some addresses on each respectiv

Ping PowerEdge 5324 problem

We buy a new switch Dell Powerconnect 5324 (24 ports) in order to expand our old Powerconnect 2508 (8 ports) for gigabit connectivity. If we connect the new switch, we have the following behaviors: a very small number of machines can not ping IP one

Discrepancy between the members of the battery

I have two PC 6448 switches, I would like to buy stackable modules and create mismatches like this:CH1: ports 1/g1, g1/2CH2: ports 1/g2, g2/2and so on... Is this possible? I asked the local dell support and they said that they are not some about that

Need help - linking VLANs

Hi, I am using a PC5324.   I'm trying to connect 2 or more VLANs using a port of the 'common '. Example: I created VLAN 1 on g1 - g5, VLAN 2 g6 - g10, VLAN-3 the g11 - g16 How to: (1) port g17 such that it can receive of VLAN-2 & VLAN-3 data such as

802.3ad on switches

We have bought just 6224 2 switches but neglected to buy the parts stacking. Can I do 802.3ad (aggregation of links) through the switches without stacking connectors? (Plug 1 cable into each switch and have a trunk between the two) And if it does not
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