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5548 PC receive no no LACP PDUs

Hello I connected two PowerConnect 5548 via 10G interfaces and created a port channel. But one of the switches is not LACP PDU (it also does not receive LLDP PDU) and therefore the OFFSET has not been established. Creating a static OFFSET work. The t

How to access the management of VLANs with a different virtual LAN (Dell powerconnect 6224)

Hello DELL powerconnect 6224 reference. I want to access the management of a different VIRTUAL LAN VLAN. The management of VLANS is 100 of VLAN. not the routing My computer is vlan 60 ( and I want to connect via ssh or http (192.168.100

PowerConnect 7048 Port Mirroring

Hello everyone, I'm trying to mirror two ports on my 7048 Powerconnect switch. One of them is a Trunk Port, and the other is just a port not marked. I don't see any incoming traffic on port of destination. Is it possible a bug in the Web management i


Hello I want to use VRRP between 2 M8024-K I use this: SWITCH1 interface vlan 25 IP interface vlan 25 VRRP 25 VRRP 25 mode VRRP 25 ip interface of runway 25 VRRP Vl25 VRRP timers advertising 180 25 VRRP 25 a

PowerConnect 6224 VLAN down?

I just created a new 51 VLAN on my core 6224 switch. I have assigned an IP address, configured routing, he attributed to multiple trunks, and I attributed to a port of access to him as well. VLAN 8, I'll set up, have had no problems with others. Here

Best practices of priority network traffic at the switch

What is usually the best way to prioritize the specific traffic a VLAN specific? I work with the differentiated Services to match the traffic of a VLAN specific and assign a queue of 6 switch to give traffic a higher priority than normal traffic. But

Help with M6348 connecting to a Cisco network

Hello Can someone help me with best practices by putting R710 via a M6348 stacked with a cisco network. Our configuration is the following M1000e 2 x 1 GB pass-through fabric a 2 x M6348 wired in a pile in the B fabric 6 x popular R710 with four NIC

6224 do not work with vmware 5.1 battery

I have 2 switches 6224 with battery and config its ok. Dell #show switch Code of Plugged-in Switch preconfigured relief managementSW status model ID ID of the model State Version--- ---------- --------- ------------- ------------- ------------- -----

LACP group does not work with stacked 2 DELL PC 6248 and ESXi 2 5.5

I would like to use LACP/LAG in vSphere 5.5. So I created a new vDS and a group LAG. 2 NICs per host should be used for this. We use 2 hosts, so the total 4 ports are involved. Basically, you can refer to a diagram at vmwares KB article 2051826 (http

Get some VLAN voice to work on 5548P

Hello I was wondering if there is a way to accomplish the following. I want the passage to the tag the traffic on its own based on the YES Table and pass it up to the Sonicwall (DHCP server/router) without going through the phone itself do the markin

OpenManage Network Manager 5.3 does not display the data traffic Analyzer

Hi I have OMNM installed on a virtual machine and a PC Dell-6248 okay discovered and that responded to the questionnaire. However the flow of traffic or Traffic Analyzer features do not work. I recorded the switch (click right switch\Traffic Analyzer

Console port (serial) on Powerconnect 6248 switch

Hi all I have two powerconnect 6248 s. The first I've had for several months. The second, I just ordered recently. I can't go to the console in to the second switch. I use the same settings (minicom) and cable that I use regularly to connect to the f

List of SNMP OID of the PowerConnect switches

Hello I was wondering if anyone could can give advice on this survey, like all my research and investigations have not until this product no result. I conclude on a significant deployment for a customer who has a mixture of 80xx PowerConnect 62xx, 55

How to change the clock on the Dell 62xx series?

Hello I can't change the time in my 6224 switch! How do you set up? Thanks in advance! greeting

Need help with set up on PC6624 InterVLAN routing

Hello I stack 5-switch 5548 Dell PC / 1 PC 6624 switch for layer 3 routing. I connected battery to PC6624 with 10 GB fiber cable. I created several VLANs on the layer 2 stack. Now how to set up communication Inter VLAN switch PC 6624? Concerning Mari

Update the firmware on battery PC7024

I'm about to run an update of the firmware on a stack of 2 switches PowerConnect 7024. These switches are for our iSCSI SAN, so ideally I'd reboot 1 at a time. Is this supported? (Terrible name!) option of 'reset' is ALL, 1, 2. Being the entire stack

Remove a switch in the stack and put on another battery, it will work

Hello!I have two different batteries, in two different place Location01STack01-> with dial-up dell PC8164-01 and 02-PC8164 Location02STack02-> with dell switched PC8164-03 and 04-PC8164 On all switches, I use the same ports for stacking Now, assume t

Transit VLAN on the PowerConnect 6224

I need help to sort out a problem with routing on a 6224 we have configured to act as a vlan transit for one of our branches.  The general idea is 8.143 is the vlan of transit, of 8.144 is our PC LAN 8.145 will be our VOIP lan. We have installed this

3424 on LAN configuration

Hi, I want to configure the 3424 via a connection to the local network using the Ethernet serial converter. Does anyone have any experience or recommendations to the use of such a facility? I guess I have to install some kind of drivers COM port on m

best practices vLan

Hello Thiscould be a very simple matter; I just need to be sure that what I do isfix to avoid the negative consequences. All theI need to do is add a vLan that is separated of vLan by default, users onthe new VLAN cannot access vLan by default but ca
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