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PowerConnect questions?

I have a network using 3 x 5324, 2 x 3348 and an 6024. The switches are interconnected, although the ethernet ports on the 6024. All the activity light Flash rapidly at the same time (in phase). Shouldn't the lights flash synchronized between them an

Configure L3 routing with different suppliers

Hello people, I am not used to work with layer 3 switches, so I need your help: I have two different sites. Each site has one switch L3 and networks like the example below: Switch A (power connect 6224):Network /24 Switch B (Cisco 3560)Ne

HDMI ports can be used outside of the stacking

I guess it's not, but good to ask... maybe he can do in a future firmware... On the 5548 is it possible to treat the hdmi ports in standard rather than use their stacking. For various disaster scenarios (including the paranoia of the experiment with

I need manage the bandwidth used, PowerConnect 6224 traffic collision and packet traffic.

I need manage the bandwidth used, PowerConnect 6224 traffic collision and packet traffic. I downloaded the MIB from the Dell support site and I saw thar there are about 105 MIB in the downloaded file. My question is: in what Mib, I can find the OID w

Any limitation of VLANS simultaneous running at 2848 & 3448?

Hello I'll put up a VLAN in 2848 & 3448 current.  I want to know has no limitation of config VLANS simultaneous and executed under PowerConnect 2848 & 3448? coz I know that some other band allow only 32 or 64 VLAN configuration and execution of all.

STP and PowerConnect 5548 battery

HELO, I have 2 switches in the stack with HDMI mode. I use these two switches in the access layer. To connect to the distribution layer, connect to a switch to a distribution layer and unit 2 to another different switch of the distribution layer. Con

LAG, VLANS and Trunking Force10

I'm with vSphere and I a vSwitch with several groups of ports configured, including 2 assigned to VLAN ID and a network of management with no Vlan ID.  This vSwitch will use physical NIC grouped to route this traffic to a physical Dell Force10 MXL sw

VLAN Tag vlan vs unidentified

I am running Dell Power Connect 5548 and 5524 in an arrangement of battery on 3 floors. I have a question on the Middle floor by which DHCP addresses are not to be issued to clients in vlan 90 See below GFLOOR interface gigabitethernet1/0/48channel-g

Router Port question

I have a switch 6224 that is not configured with any VLAN special or routing. It comes as a layer 2 switch.  I have a Sonicwall TZ210 my firewall router connected to my ISP.  I'm running into some issues related to too many switches connected togethe

benefits of the stackable switches on San

Hello I'm about to deploy an iscsi San (eql) network. I'm going for this design. I use two well PC5548 My question is what are the benefits of the stack of the two switches? If I just cross/split connect them should not be redundant?

62xx to 62xx via SFP + 10GBase-LR

Hello world a battery consists of two 6224P, I use two FC SFP + modules (couldn't dig up D/PN, wink will be soon attached) g23 mastery (but any other SFP +) via FC to third 6224P now I see that the link is there, at least both ends indicate link is t

With the help of SFP + 10GBase-SR on single mode

Hello, I have a two IDF connected with a 9/125 singlemode fiber backbone. I want to put a PowerConnect 5548 on each IDF and connect them. I have two SFP + 10GBase - SR Tranceivers. Can I use them on this single connection? Or I have to use SFP + 10GB

Error PowerConnect 3448.

Hello, I'm having problems with a Dell PowerConnect 3448.The switch was restarting, logging in I saw several posts that appeared as the type: ADDMCPORTSFATAL: SW2G_mcmac_add_port: TAPI error in mc add egress port, port e9 vidx 4098 status Operation f

Dell Powerconnect 5424 connectivity issues

Hi all I recently got a Powerconnect 5424 switch I would add to my current setup. My current setup is: Router (Linksys RV082) (has a few connected devices)-> concert switch 8 ports unmanaged netgeear (has other connected devices)-> switch 5 ports net

Changes to the PowerConnect switch model?

The site lists currently is no longer the series 5500, 6200, 7000 or 8100 PowerConnect switches in the Affairs of small/medium section of networking. Looking for a watch 5548 no product. Everything that is listed is the 2800, 3500 and Force10 product

6024 and 3348 and 5324

Can the 6024 5324 or the 3348 be stacked if yes how?

How people limits access to config management console to the power connect 2848

Hello Is it possible to limit people to access management console config.  Currently just find using the user name and password.   I want to check and advance features such as limit what port or an IP address for access. Thanks in advance!

PowerConnect 5448 several VLANS between upstream and downstream server firewall

I am struggling with what I thought, would be a simple task: route several subnets, each on one VLAN different, a firewall to a server.  In fact, I can't even pass the VLAN by default one still looking correct in the address tables and STP. Port 1 =

Fall of more than 10 G or 1-way

Hello We use 6224 Dell powerconnect switch, sends data to its port 10 G destined for the port of 1 G (link static mac) of all about flow of 700-800 Mbps but we drops packets continuously on two ports (learned to know by snmp switch params), and the p

6224 multicast flooding help

I'm a noob on the hardware side and would appreciate some guidance from someone with more knowledge than myself on the intricacies of multicast routing. This should be a simple setup, and it works for our needs, but I want to prevent the multicast pa