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Edge animate free license Question

Animate edge is free for some time - it's big new - but I have a question.What will happen after put an end to this free offer, I can reinstall Edge if for example a fall my Windows 7?

Edge animate works is not in iOS6

Can anyone help?I have an iPad App that has loads of files generated Edge that worked perfectly in previous versions of iOS, but with iOS weekend 6 spend no animation now work and I get blank pages. Has anyone else had the same problem, found out wha

Edition for iBooks error

After I publish my Edge file on iBooks, when I go to insert into iBook I get this error:The HTML Dashcode "critter.wdgt" file has not been added. The file does not have a main HTML file.I'm not sure it is a Board problem or a problem of iBooks.  The

How can I include "Edge Web fonts" in Edge animate?

How can I include "Fonts Web Edge" (no Google Web Fonts) in Edge animate?

AdobeEdge period test?

HelloWhat I did, when the trial period on Adobe Edge is must expire?

Import text designed from InDesign Adobe Edge animate

It is doable, but extremely laborious to make advanced text of large chunks of text editing, to animate dashboard. I can do it in InDesign, but I did find a way to export edge unless I have to export it as a .png - but the quality is a lot less if I

Edge of Adobe embed video for ipad

HelloI have a problem similar to this one:http://forums.Adobe.com/thread/951962I'm a video file (mp4) playing on an animation made with edge.The video begins at a position of the trigger.It works fine on my browser on my computer.but the video does n

Assigns different actions to the created child symbols

I got to look at the post here http://forums.adobe.com/message/4642746#4642746 guide how to assign different actions to different instances of a symbol. I'm having a bad undertsanding how to implement it using bindSymbolAction().I tried using bindEle

The order/agreement be attributed during the animation

I mean, that is, if an object is in the rear when I mouse over it, it's the front, and then when I mouse out it goes back to the rear? I'm trying to do something like this http://codecanyon.net/item/dynamic-accordion-banner-rotator/full_screen_previe

How to use a variable?

HelloI would like to use variables for sym.getComposition () .getStage () .getSymbol ("Rec") so that I can type in Rec.isPlaying (); instead of copy and paste long code 100 times. I put my variables on the stage with a compositionReady event so that

How do I scroll to the bottom for an anchor?

Hi guys,.I worked on this since yesterday...Here' is the deal: I'm trying to animate an interactive organigram with edge.The goal is that users will click the buttons that will give them access to a new button.When then clique, I want the page to aut

Drag the multiples in a Droppable div

I have implemented a drag and drop system onboard, which works fine, using JQuery UI I have a droppable div and will have approximately 9 draggables.  What I try to do, is get the div droppable watching what's moved inside, and respond on this basis.

Square (keeping the proportions)

Hello. Sorry to post again, but since I have not found answer on the forum now only reading...I wonder if there is a way to make a place to respond directly from edge.The design of the page is a big box on the right (1/3 of the page), are inside the

New forum, new issues - changes in syntax?

Hoy!have you changed the rules regarding "/" sign in a string?Strangely, it works in pr7:specifically the line 6.1 var newIndex = 2;2 sym.getComposition () .getStage () .setParameter ("index", newIndex);3 sym.getSymbol("question_0").play (0);4 / / qu

Where can I download it?

I can't find where to download Edge animate.It isn't in my free account cloud or My App Manager.Here's what I see in my cloud:

Animate edge and Dreamweaver cs6

Although the Adobe Dreamweaver videos show a way to import Edge files in Dreamweaver cs6 media insert features, I just bought my CS6 doesn't have this option.  Y at - it a plug-in / extension I can add?

Navigate to a point in a new URL

Hi, I have two edge html files. An edge html file has a button that sends you to the other edge html page when you click it.  Is it possible to add a trigger to the trigger below so that it sends you to the new edge html page but at a specific point

Lag / smooth problems with edge 7

Hey,.It's me again, then, I have a great difficulty, any delay or smooth.5 m, it was fine, and when I opened my edge work 5, there is no lag / smooth all bad.But now, on the edge of 7, it's just terrible, this is my project, if you could find what th

Edge cancels the background of the page HTML - is this a bug?

HelloIn the most recent preview, I'm running on a fairly serious problem.  I created a very simple example to show what is happening (see below).  In fact, when I insert the edge animation in my html page, that he cancels the background color I assig

How do I Center the page designed on the edge

Hi, can someone please tell me if there is a way to make a page created on the edge to Center vertically on the browsers? It seems by default at the top left.Thank you
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