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How to upgrade to Firefox?

I look at there are 2 updates from my current version of Firefox, but I don't know how to do an update manually.

How to install the add-on video Download Helper on my Galaxy tab?

I click on the download link and get a message that is download the add-on and then... nothing. The add-on of icing that is supposed to appear in the toolbar isn't, and the download wizard does not appear on my list of modules.

Why do I see all of my passwords without the master-password with database synchronized with the PC who lit master-password?

I use Firefox with Firefox Sync on different PCs and master password is set early when I started to use Firefox. Today, I installed Firefox for Android, allowed in Firefox Sync, open the Connections tab, "Show password" button waiting for my master p

Bookmarks can be saved in a separate folder?

I would like to be able to hide my bookmarks so that they are at the start of Firefox

Download app options are grotesque

I just downloaded a docx file and when I try to open it I gives me the choice of two applications, the first is Google Maps, the second is BBC iPlayer! Given that I have Microsoft Word on my device why FF suggests these two?

I get a notice that Javascript is disabled despite being activated in all: config and toggle the Javascrpt

I get a notice complaining that Javascript is disabled although it is enabled in all: config and the Javascrpt activate/disable ad - the? (I'm using the latest version of Firefox for Android on my Tablet and Android 6.0.1 running.) It might have some

'Abandonment' of Firefox is no longer select erase.

I have the settings for delete (selected) data when I "Quit" Firefox. It worked fine, but suddenly stopped (a few updates ago). It really starts to annoy me. Any ideas on how to get this feature working again (I've already tried turning and turn it b

I need a video player Flash or HTML module, but none will install the component library plug-in Firefox software.

I'm looking for a video player module Flash or HTML5, so I can watch Youtube and other videos in Firefox 51.0 Beta. But all the Add on Flash or HTML5 players in the library of add-on Firefox will download but refuse to install because none are compat

The video player from youtube API sucks, is there a way to force firefox to my android to play youtube videos using its native player?

Currently, it is similar to youtube on my android Tablet videos: I noticed that when I look I look at a local mp4 video in my browser firefox on Android tablet, it has a completely diffe

Where a bookmark, I added in iOS located on my PC?

When I add a bookmark in the iOS, it is located in the root directory, same place as bookmarks in office is located. I want to know where the bookmark is located on my PC so I can drop in the right place. If I can't learn to find in the PC, I can't k

Despite the appropriate settings, the text size is too small...

Please note: I don't need to be told to: - go into settings and increase the size of text - use drive Mode Here is the standard answers given here Support for Mozilla, and they are not relevant in many cases. As have been pointed out by many other Fi

History of incomplete synchronization in the beta version of Firefox Android 50

When I look at my history in beta version of Firefox on my Samsung S5 I see that perhaps a few hours worth of history, but if look in the browser on my PC (Windows or Linux), I have a month value of history. That's what I want to see on my phone. I p

I can't have the function of sound when I want to listen iHeart radio online?

In the past when you access a radio station local on Firefox I would click the "listen" live and the sound would be activated. One day it didn't work anymore with Firefox although the audio works fine on Safari.

iPhone Firefox - javascript confirm dialogue always returns false on ok or cancel

Script simple test here to alert the return of ok/cancel, which is always false for me

Where the synchronization and privacy settings base?

Mozilla, isn't supposed to fight for privacy online users? Well, it's ironic that Firefox for iOS doesn't have even a basic parameters of privacy, as block cookies and disable javascript... And what is happening with sync, bookmarks seems to be read-

How to remove specific cookies rather than mass - delete all the?

Firefox for Mac OS and iOS Safari both allow the user to choose the cookies to delete and keep. I can't find how to do this in Firefox for iOS. I found 'Clear private data', but which removes all cookies, not just the ones I choose.

I can't synchronize my passwords in Firefox for iOS.

I was synchronizing data with my desktop for a while. Now that I have an iPad, it can be synchronized, Favorites, but not connections. I have the latest version (4.0). Is not supposed to do that?

FF doesn't let me enter new terms, URLs or search!

Using iOS on IPad AIr 2 9.1. No problem with the new Firefox installed. But after the construction of the history of visited Internet sites, FF accepts no new entries in the address/search field. It always automatically complete my entry with existin

How can I view the history

I would like to return to a page that I visited recently. Other browsers retain history. How Forefox for IOS it do?

I can browse a version of 'web' of the Web site instead of the mobile version?

Hello firefox,. I was wondering if it is possible to browse some how the web version of a Web site instead of the mobile version? I am playing games on - but it shows me the mobile version, and I prefer the web version. Thanks,
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