How to make Firefox such as Google Chrome address bar?

Hello I don't want the Firefox address bar to be filled with Web sites, which most is old and I no longer go to this topic. The way that Chrome is that it has a Web site on top and underneath it searches Google keywords. Example:

How to recover from an update of firefox, allowing Firefox no longer starts?

Firefox was trying to do an automatic update (version and crashed. After that when I try to start firefox it closes after less than a second.

Failure of automatic updated Version

I get the following: "The update could not be installed. Please make sure that there are no other copies of Firefox running on your computer and restart Firefox to try again. I don't have only one copy of Firefox (Version 50) installed on my laptop.

Always pop-up - blocker does not block s pop up this show up in new tab or that I was.

I am running the latest firefox. Add it on the of I'm running are the plu adblocker and adguard and ran the announcement of block I'm under advast and until this problem has started I was running it on my firefox as well too. I already ran Microsoft

50 Firefox on Win7 refuses to open local files AND links to email Eudora

Hello, when I click on a link from any email and also when I double click on any file html on my desktop or anywhere else in my computer, absolutely nothing happens. It started when I upgraded to ff50. There was a similar question here: https://suppo

I want to make the history drop-down list smaller or narrower

The history list has grown grew so great that it occupies more than half of my screen. How can make the list view more narrow and smaller. Ten points should not have to take half a 19 inch screen.

Why do I get a vunerability with Firefox tips

After I do a scan of vulnerability of Kaspersky I get advice from following detail: c:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox exe. I Update to the latest version 50.0.1 and vulnerability always appears. Is this dangerous? I ignored? How to fix?

Cannot download from Firefox

Whenever I try to download something - it does not matter where - in the download area buttons do not work. They appear simply as two lines. May not know what is causing it and it just started. Oh, and I just noticed this happens in any sort of dialo

Incompatibility of script or java code possible Firefox 50

Hi all. The site does not work with Firefox 50. The web page loads but the map does not load and Get directions and find places buttons do not work. I am running Windows XP SP3 and is not platform-specific as Opera

How to contact the developer of the addon to report a bug

The recent update to the Print Edit addon now requires the user to save the document edited before printing. When I select 'Print' in the taskbar addon, a 'downloads' window is displayed. What's new: previously, a pop-up appears asking if I wanted to

How do I change bookmarks file name so that I can find later

Normally a rt click brings up a screen with "Rename". Used to work but not anymore. How to fix?

How can I disable the accents of the character in Firefox, using the Sierra

IM using the Sierra and ongoing problems with Firefox on my Mac about the accents of character. I checked this problem on other browsers and Word, Notes etc. and this problem does not arise. When I try to type vowels of different words are omitted or

I can't save downloads or files directly to my office.

I was always able to save downloads directly on my desk. I have reset Firefox yesterday and now I don't have this option. When I click on 'Browse' to select a download location, I choose 'office' and instead of simply save stuff on there, it creates

Half a second activity in Firefox 50 after that opening a new window/tab that could be due to malicious software?

Hello world After you open a new window or tab, Firefox 50 engages often in half a second to load the empty page before it allows me to enter an address. Could this be the suspicious activity of malware? To show you, I recorded a video of him: https:

How to go back - just tried 50.0.1 and now can not access net

Running win 10 - just upgraded - restarted Firefox, and it worked. Turned off my computer - turned turn it back on and the browser says "Unable to connect.". Connection seems to be fine - I can use internet on another computer

Is it possible to open an Ubuntu of HTML application? (firefox)

Hi all I'm looking for 'open an app of Ubuntu (installed in the system) to an HTML file', and I got a solution ' to ubuntu ' (see: I tried and his good work in the browsers Chrome and Chrome, but not working not

Last updated broken ctrl + f5 refresh of the cache javascript?

I'm a developer working with Javascript. Firefox updated the 28 or 29 of this week (I've also updated to 50.0.2 after I found this problem, but the problem persists). Since this update is no longer refreshes the cache of javascript when I press ctrl

On the comments of RT RSS section

I use the RSS of RT application on my Firefox toolbar. Yesterday, I noticed that he was missing the comment section and I can't find a way to recover. Is this a general problem or local?

check the last site via ajax call vrsion

Hello. I want to check what the latest stable version of Firefox available for download, how do I do?

I can't log out of gmail in firefox

This problem is new to my use of firefox I have used for many years. I've never had this problem before. I have the version 50.0.1 of firefox. Normally, when I disconnect from firefox I click my account picture which can be seen in the screenshot tha
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