Changing an another GPU in firefox

How to change an another GPU in firefox Yes active Description Intel(r) HD Graphics Family Active no Description NVIDIA GeForce GT 750 M

When I click on a Web page (especially near the text), the cursor blinks on the Web page where I clicked! Is this normal with Firefox v50.0.2?

When I click anywhere near the text in a webpage the cursor flashes here where I clicked. Is this normal with Firefox v50.0.2 or something wrong with my pc?

Each Web site returns "your connection is not safe."

I am on a mac under OS 10.10.3 and just installed Firefox 47.0.1. However, I am unable to connect to any Web site, but receive "Your connection is not secure. The owner of has misconfigured their Web site. To protect your data against

How to get rid of the toolbar of firefox which has: disable, Cookies, CSS, forms, Images, etc.?

I installed, but don't know how to uninstall it. It is said: Disable Cookies, CSS, forms, Images, information, miscellaneous, contour, resize, tools, view Source, and then there is a green check mark, a red X and another red x (it's under the toolbar

Firefox does not load CSS on most Web sites (YouTube, Mozilla Support, etc.).

Hello I have problems loading most of the websites on Firefox. The browser is completely updated and I am running Windows 7. What happened out of the blue a few months ago and I finally had to uninstall and switch to Chrome that charge nothing, but I

Is errors with Ubuntu 14.04 libavcodec after upgrading to Firefox 50.0, there any solution for this without downgrading to an older version?

Streaming audio of various websites stops working after the upgrade (on computers). A site says: libavcodec can be vulnerable and is not supported and must be updated to play the video. Podbea

Why firefox keep my loading home page

Whenever I have sign on my laptop and go to my homepage (, Firefox leaves a message showing, he stopped this page automatically load. How to stop it and leave my home page load up?

Firefox cannot connect to synchronize... just turns and says "working" in a red bar

try to synchronize the new laptop. email and password are correct. latest version of Firefox installed. Operating system is Windows 7 Professional. Connection doesn't seem to work on any of my PC.

Using Firefox on Windows 10 with Google as my home page.

Using Firefox on Windows 10 with Google as my home page. Since works with Windows 10 bezel image and question box, but there do not show. Is it because of Google, Firefox, Windows 10 or a joint problem? Have looked for a solution and tried many sugge

authentication required when opening

authentication required when opening

Reader view stopped working - 50.0.2

The show player icon appears, but displays only a blank page. Started with the recent update. Any suggestions? thnx,

Would be nice to the tabs of the BURDEN of the last time, not only to show them. Just a suggestion.

After using the Chrome in the past, I found useful to have the tabs for the last time in charge, not only displayed. In Firefox, tabs are displayed only, and there is no option for have loaded them automatically. This isn't a question (unless there's

I've just updated to the latest version of Firefox (50.0.2) and I now get 2 entries in the list of the Task Manager process - is it ok?

I am using MS Vista Home Premium Version 6.0.6002 Build 6002 SP2 on a fairly old Toshiba Satellite L350

Is there an anti-ad hidden in Firefox?

I have ABP installed as an extension. I'm trying to use: vcp - To open properly, it takes adblockers to be turned off. My ABP is disabled on this site, but I'd also disappear completely before and VCP would not go again. However, I can view

This folder is Firefox download updates from?

Firefox has just downloaded the latest update on my PC and I would like to know what folder it was downloaded so that I can copy the file to a USB flash drive. I would like to make the copy/transfer can I install/run on my laptop rather than having t

Windows XP, when the use of twitter can not play more error clips vid 'her browser doesn't support video playback', but if I take the Utube link can play w/browser

Most imbended videos in Twitter doe not play, if I pop the link out and find on youtube, he plays very well. All in the same browser of Firefox on my old Win. XP machine. Seems to be worse, suspect it has something to do with HTML5 but don't know how

Can I install Firefox on an external hard drive?

To save space on my C drive, I would like to install it on an external hard drive. So I downloaded the installer, but it automatically installs on my drive C. is there a solution to this? Danielle

Firefox crashes while the navigation have updated the extensions and modules

during the last two weeks my end 2012 Macbook Pro (13-inch) retina crashed three times during the navigation of Web sites in Firefox. I can turn the computer in Mode without failure and then trash firefox and reinstall using the Safari browser. Given

How can I install Skype with Firefox instead of explore

When I tried to download Skype, it failed and said I had to go to Internet Explorer/Internet Options and check "TLS options are enabled. I couldn't figure out how to do this.

reopen tabs

Hello Before I updated to the latest version of FireFox, tabs that I left open reappear when I run FireFox again, but for some reason when I reopen FireFox it this time 1 single tab showing the FireFox start page shows. I can look through the history
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