Option 'do not load the tabs until you have chosen' missing

I already have browser.sessionstore.restore_on_demand true (and browser.sessionstore.restore *) and game options 'show my windows since the last time' in general. When I reopen the firefox than only the active tab is reloaded, the others are there wi

Web sites show some English words as gibberish (apostrophes and random letters)

On some websites, some of the English words are transformed into gibberish. Apostrophes and random letters. It is not all websites and it's not all English words. It started when I moved to the Japan. My other laptop using Firefox and never had this

How to run both versions at the same time on a Mac?

I have a setup of highly personalized FF v42 I'm happy but my Firefox version is seriously outdated and it's time to upgrade. I suspect that a lot of things will no longer work on the latest version (especially some of my old addons). To facilitate t

Upgrade Windows XP to Windows 7 Pro. Can I record and migrate my settings and my default browser from Firefox on Windows 7?

I'm planning to upgrade Windows XP to Windows 7 Pro. Is it possible to migrate my info/settings to the new operating system, when I download Firefox and make it my default browser?

the Save button opens a file instead of save the download

When I want to upload a file I navigate to the folder where I want the file to be saved and click 'Save', it opens the folder at the top of the list, instead of simply to save the file. I do not have the folder selected, and if I did, I should have a

Firefox very slow while Chrome is fast

Hi all Spin LMDE 2, totally updated and using Firefox 50.0.2 Firefox is really very slow for some time now - it is so slow to start, slow to scroll a page even with one tab open and takes a minute to type a full word. I tried to start Firefox in safe

I received an email that was supposedly Firefox asking me to change connection; I did the spam!

Am I paranoid? Anyone who has received something like that? I have no tie or pass on to someone else, just in case it's a ripoff... I do not look at details, because I just pay $89.00 to fix a virus was supposed to be micro-soft. » There was a big "F

Have windows XP. Impossible to play videos. I have updated the latest flashware but still unable to play videos - example CNN and FOX news videos

Get the message "Flash Plug-ins will not load. I've updated again Flash Player & Firefox Operating system Windows XP - never had a problem until 3 weeks ago. Can not even play videos from CNN or FOX How can I fix the problem

I am trying to log on to a new computer and cannot. I can't receive the verificaion

I need to connect a new pc to synchronize. Mozilla wants to send me an email to the email address, I no longer have access to. I also need to update my email address to a course. What can I do?

How long does Mozilla keep my deleted messages on its servers?

How long does Mozilla keep my deleted messages on its servers?

access to CIBC Wood Gundy, but page comes blank

have uninstalled and installed firefox on my windows 10 PC 50.0.2 - Cibc says their system accepts firefox 50.0.2 - I can access CIBC on my phone and the laptop without problem

When I click on firefox Web page size of postage stamp and does not load. How can I fix?

I was not able to use firefox to get online, because when I click on it the page is only the size of a large postage stamp and disappears when I try to click on it to make it bigger. What can I do about it?

When Firefox will support Norton Identity Safe once again, really

Same issue as everyone else for the past two years. With each release, we beg to have the Identity Safe working again. We get no answer in response. Firefox is up to 50 version and still does not support Identity Safe as before. If you can not handle

Firefox don't forget my cookies

I use Windows 10 with specific 50.0.2 and 2 Firefox cookie settings he forgets when I restart the PC, does anyone know how or why? He remembers when the software is closed, but not on a restart.

Now I have Yahoo as my search engine when I want only Google, but the "Search" tab in preferences shows Google, even load Yahoo

When I open Firefox, Yahoo charges as my search engine, when I want to Google. It shows that Google is my search engine in Firefox preferences, under the tab "Search", but still Yahoo takes over as my engine of research envisaged, what is not! I have

problem with fix each site loading on olmost

some pages do not appear, some do, but on a level sup of the page which makes then not load page is random on most of the Web pages I prefer to visit on the microsoft site that there is a udatate for this problem, but only for 10 windows, I use windo

How I can pin a link URL from the taskbar?

I can make a link to a Web site on my desktop, but I can't PIN to the taskbar. Why? Also, when I click on the link, it will open in the next tab in the Firefox window. Is it possible to always open in a specific window?

How to stop the diversion of search engine

Right to the point: how to prevent sites like yahoo to misappropriation of your research? Now, before the flames begin to-I checked several sites and non of show them how to STOP yahoo (and others) of hijacking, only how to FIX. It is easy fixing. Th

Cannot change the language of the user interface with "general.useragent.locale" as auto update 18 Nov

I tried In the address bar, type about: config and press ENTER. In the search box, type intl.locale.matchOS. If intl.locale.matchOS preference is set to true, do
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