search engine for a single click is blocked on "search for firefox search engine ' all the time, whenever I changed it and it will not remain as google, it will return

search engine for a single click is blocked on "search for firefox search engine ' all the time, whenever I changed it and it will not remain as google, it will return I want it to be as if it were before, google as my main search engine now its stil

Cannot find Border property

Hello, I do a FF with DOMi theme and there is a border that I can't get rid where find whence it. It is the very thin line between the actual Web page and the navigation bar in FireFox. As you can see in the screenshot below, the border all the way d

Find URI/URLS in bookmarks

Given a random URL/URI as is there a way to determine if this URL/URI is already in the bookmarks with Firefox?

How can I get rid of Noscript it won't let me send me articles from the Star Tribune

I used to be able to send me articles from the Star Tribune, and all of a sudden, it marks the "Trib" as unreliable. I want to want to be able to access the items in the "Trib"

Since the new update of Firefox, Yahoo toolbar does not work and I have no bookmarks... Help

I tried to download the yahoo toolbar, but got a message saying that it is corrupt. current toolbar does simply not work.


Try to connect to and its subsequent subdomains using Firefox 50.0.2(x86) returns an error that I'm unable to find a cure for.

Dashlane pop up on startup

When I open Firefox, a tab will appear that asks me to install dashlane... What is a promotion through Mozilla? Or do I have a virus? I noticed that Dashlane was in my toolbar, so I withdrew my modules, and I scanned my computer to see is there somet

my search bar disappeared

There is no next to the address bar search box. I don't know where to look for it or how to restore

Firefox crashes whenever I select in the drop-down (mouse on board and wireless, both).

SOMETIMES if a drop-down list has only a few elements, it does not crash. But inevitably the next drop-down list (for example, the months of the year) was enough to cause the hang up. This has been true through several updates of Firefox. Hope the fo

Ad Blocker does work more no malware on system

I tried anti-ad and ultimate adblocker, or stop the pop ups or ads more. Someone at - it ideas how I can fix the problems please, Forum and support pages here do not seem to have anything to offer and neither do Firefox, they seem to want to return t

Cannot load web Member page

After the updated 50.0.2 I can't access my page of Member on , loading the ancestry normally web page, but when I connect and press ENTER, I get the message that the requested URL is not found, please make sure of course that you have en

Change my homepage at Firefox startup

After the last update whenever I restart Firefox my homepage changed to "homepage of Mozilla. I then go through the process of change it back which works perfectly when Firefox works but when I close Firefox, and then re - open the home page has been

in the mediaDevices.getUserMedia to never leave, how do I reverse this order?

Hey im kind again for the mediaDevices API, the Mozilla Fierfox browser and in trials, I pressed on never let on the popup for permission to use my camara/audio devices, how do I reverse this choice?

authentication window appear does not correctly

Authentication popup window does not display the buttons to send or cancel submission of credentials. Keyboard still works, but the pop-up window is the frame is smaller than the content of the window.

How can I tell Firefox to "pin" a tile for the site displayed on the new tab page?

I can remove the "little used" sites the new tab Page, but can't run Firefox to add or "pin" a tile for a site that is frequently used on the Page tab. How can I tell Firefox that a site should be "pinned" on the page tab?

Why a tab and a new window opens when you click a link

When you click on a link in a new window AND new tab open. They stack above the other on the desktop slow down the computer. We run OS X EL CAPITAN.

Cannot use yahoomail in firefox, but can in chrome. clear cache etc, javascript must be enabled, United Nations-and-re-installed firefox... still the same

The yahoo mail page appears as normal, but the buttons on top are missing and I can't open an email even if recent emails are there right in front of me. Have tried everything I can but its still the same. Works fine on Chrome so Im using it, but I l

How can I disable plugins really?

How can I disable plugins really? I have all the updated plugins to 'never activate. After Firefox restarts, I observe the following: 1) plugin - container.exe still works 2) plugin - container.exe uses CPU resources and absurd RAM 3) killing plugin

Delete cookies for a site

I delete cookies for a particular site, "Sportsbet", by selecting each item in the drop-down list (see attachment), close the page witnesses and then go the site and the connection, and then close the site and return to the page of cookies, and the s

CSS rules for FireFox via Stylish themes?

Hello, I am wanting to create a FireFox theme via elegant. It has been over two years since I've done this and have almost forgotten all the rules / tags / names of the uses of FireFox in CSS for Stylish. How can I check the FireFox UI elements eleme
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