new oddities to 50.0.2

Not a question, just a fact found. This week, FF, updated to 50.0.2. There is definitely something wrong with this version, can't put my finger on what it is... but here is an event for example. I belong to a group of investigation called ipsos. I go

After the last update of Firefox, browser will not restore previous session after accident/quit. It restores the old pages, not newer. And no ' oops! embarrassing page.

Has taken my MacBook Pro to repair and they have updated my software, including apparently Firefox. I have FireFox 50.0.2 Mac OS x 10.9.5. Now I no longer get the "Oops!" It's embarrassing"page after a crash or a restart, and when I click on 'restore

Some sites appear in the wrong language.

I have English / AMERICAN selected under language however options often display a website in Hebrew. I did not choose Hebrew as a second choice. Actually, I didn't choose any language as a second choice. I live in Israel. Why this is happening and wh

Adobe Flash blocks constantly

My adobe flash crashes constantly on all sites where necessary. I tried everything in the article on accidents, but it does not help.

How to remove "OTHER BOOKMARKS"

We need someone from the team of Firefox programming to give up the option to delete "Other bookmarks" alias "Unsorted Bookmarks" of Kingdom Come, without any add-on. Have lived us with this perfectly useless file for months and now it turns into yea

Zoom is set to 100%, but it is actually blocked on 150%

My Firefox Zoom is set to 100%, but when Web sites displaying the real zoom seems to be 150%. It came during the test of a new site that was not displayed correctly. We tested with another browser and all Web sites display properly 100% (same compute

Firefox rejects google as a 'your connection is not safe?

Since upgrading to firefox 50.0.1, I can't do a search with Google (or any other engine) search. I get "your connection is not safe." Everything works with Chrome and Safari. I have a MACBook Pro OSX 10.12.1 with no antivirus. Firefox is configured t

Some of my bookmark favicons have disappeared and have been replaced by those that show a blank page. I have read many articles on the problem, but nothing has helped.

I read many articles about this problem and have found no solution yet. Some of my favicons, which was already good, have disappered. They have been replaced by images of 'white page' where the favocons should be on my favorite Firefox toolbar. Here

How Pierrot a bookmark

I'm trying was to add a new site to bookmark section so io can come back, but there is no info on how to add david spriggs


I just finished printing Firefox instructions on how to clear the cache. On the bottom of my page, I noticed that the date and time of the day does not appear on the lower right corner. Also the page numbers are not also appear.

Firefox asking me permission open browser to change my pc by allowing the app to make changes. Past the last 2 days.

The last 2 days, when I open my firefox browser a pop up appears asking permission to an application of firefox to make changes to my computer. I've never seen a fire Fox app front. Should say that until 2 weeks ago, firefox has been my default brows

Since the last update, when the research is done, returned (second page) is not formatted correctly, any ideas?

I use Yahoo as my search engine and win 10 IOS running. A silkscreen of generated header is attached.

Amazon "keep me signed in button" disappeared. It shows up in IE but not Firefox. How can I get it back?

I tried logging on Amazon, then I bring up the login screen. Does not display the button ' keep me signed. " But to do this in Internet Explorer. He uses to show in Firefox, but is no more. I prefer to use Firefox, but it's getting very annoying to c

F11 is grayed out. How can I restore funtion is?

Until recently I could invoke (or output) mode full screen with the F11 key. Now, the F11 and F12 (for Firebug) are grayed out on the view menu and no longer work. I have not installed the new modules recently, so I presume that the cause is a recent

I am running windows 10 64-bit with McAfee security suite. Try to install the latest version, but can't. Repeated error message said it crashed to install

The error message repeated according to a report to be sent when the installer closes. The installer is heel 5.0

Latest offline Permalink

Hello and thank you for helping me, I want Permanent Offline Download Link for 32-bit and 64-bit windows, mac and linux, at the point where I have to go to and find the language then download, I want to plac

Why mozilla firefox options synchronization replaces all the new password old password?

When I sign in account twitter, linkedin, facebook and yahoo all sites informs me that you used your old password? I have change my password all the old almost 5 months before and after 5 months I used Firefox sync my new bookmarks update option, new

Firefox does not allow me to connect. It reads 'work' and continues to loop even if left for several hours. How can I fix it?

Firefox has abandoned the synchronization for quite awhile and I finally had the time to try to re - sync all. When I did, I forgot my password and changed. Now, when I try to sign so that Firefox syncs, it reads "Work"... "and continues to do this e

What is the code to remove the following in the menu at 38 FF drop down bookmarks?

View Bookmarks Sidebar view all bookmarks Ctrl + Shift + B separator subscribe to this Page... Toolbar separator Unsorted Bookmarks bookmarks I would like to delete this until the drop-down list only shows my list of bookmarks. Thank you in advance a