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IdentityMap limits

I am trying to do a performance test. I have 3 servers running with 16 GB of memory (toplink 10.1.3) applications. A large database and a slew of zombie for loadtesting computers. I'm trying to figure out how to make our request to go faster. I used

AIP-50014: General Error: java.lang.NullPointerException

Hello When I tried to send the XML custom through the AS2 protocol. I configured similar to the custom in the B2B user guide document tutorial. I get the following error. null Payload binding ID Info Oracle.Tip.adapter.B2B.msgproc.Request:outgoingReq

How to use API Javascript OracleMaps go to a different host than MapViewer

Hello I have successfully configured the Mapviewer 10131 QuickStart and am able to see the example page showMap.html perfectly. I would like to run this sample on a different server where Mapviewer is installed. Let say mapviewer is installed on jstr

Is there an equivalent of the file properties for BPEL?

Hi people,I'm new to BPEL (Oracle SOA Suite). I wrote a BPEL process and it has some elements of data that continue to change.1. a DB connection, which at present is oriented with the DEV instance.2. an admin e-mail account that points to my personal

WebLogic 10.3 - version conflict Ant - help with filtering

I'm trying to deploy Hudson on WebLogic 10.3 I got an error saying Hudson needs Ant 1.7 and WebLogic loaded Ant 1.6.5 so I put prefer-web-inf-classes to true in weblogic.xml After that, I got another error: java.lang.LinkageError: class org, xml, sax

BPMN 1.1

Just learn to grips with BPA, and I find it very useful. One thing that is worrisome is that BPMN notation seems only to conform to the v1.0. It's particularly frustrating as BPMN v1.1 introduced significant changes around throws and caught them even

[OSB] Specification of date and hour format custom in the generator of MFL/Format

It is possible to specify a date and time format customized by MFL (e.g. use of the Format, or directly from the MFL XML document generator). I work with a file format that contains dates of the form:Bq yyyymmmdd HHMM .that is a chain of fourteen cha

Formatting string to date in BPEL

Y at - it a way to format a string to date in BPEL value. I would date a string and I need to push this date value in Oracle data to a field that is of data type Date. I don't see no function in BPEL, which is allowing me to do. For example my entry

Default URGENT: Differnent for LOV based on user login id

Hello I have and portal oracle form that uses LOV to display data. This is a drop-down list box that retrieves data from a SQL query. This form has assume first_name column. The default value for this column should which the connected user. If I logi

domain.log rotation HOWTO

Hello Can you get it someone please let me know on how to rotate the domain.log files in $ORACLE_HOME/bpel/areas / {domain} / logs directory. Thank youAmby.

Connection with Mainframe SOA

Hi all I have a Couple of legacy applications on IBM Mainframe... who need to integrate other applications based on the solaris platform .NET/J2EE... SOA plays an important role to do this, so is possible to forward messages to the central computer t

What happens to lock expired element partitioned cache?

With a partitioned cache, what happens if an object with a lock on it expires? In other words, if I put it in with expiration, there's something blocking and it expires while the lock is present, what happens?

undesirable caching

Someone will yell at me, the answer is in the manual from somewhere, but I have not found. I do a query and get a pair of objects: EntityManager em = this.emf.createEntityManager ();Query q = em.createQuery ("select s, BlackBox bb bb join bb.software

OK to install forms independent 10.2.1 on the same server as the database 10 g 2?

Is it OK to install forms independent 10.2.1 on the same server as the database 10 g 2? According to the install for forms requirements check, I have until my kernel parameters of my original config that follows that install the values required for t

Manipulation of several ID - several departments of the same company group

http://www.b2bgurus.com/2008/07/handling-multiple-group-ID-multiple.html In step 4, it is mentioned that we needed to create a single agreement. Can we establish an agreement for each department or creating an agreement for any Department automatical

Who oc4j_ra.xml to be changed

Hi allPlease can someone tell me which is the file oc4j_ra.xml that we need change in the case where we want to setup database connections? Is - that the deployment of applications or under connectors? Under the application deployment is one that nee

Microsoft and Oracle Internet directory to Active Directory

Hi all We have an in-house application that is running on the Oracle 10 g application server. We have a requirement where we want that the user windows authenticated and approved as the user connection for our application. (1) it is possible to map u

ADF and application Server 10 g SE1

Hello ADF dose is delivered with Oracle Application Server 10 g R2 stranded OneEdition? Or should I take a separate license to use the ADF? Thank you! Abdjallil.

Problems with a reference EJB class in a resources of 8.1 to 9.2 M adapter

Hello I have the following problem: I got an EAR we tell application.ear, the ear has an adapter of resources inside, adapter.rar, the adapter has some jar files within which are used by an EJB which is deployed on the same server, but the EJB is not

Adding/updating / deleting content

Someone at - it someone at - it portlet/code that can add/delete/update content in the repository that they are willing to share or know where I can buy it? We try to get out to let users in the console admin portal for ease of use...
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