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G1 and G2 of spectrum spectrum: the support of HP 1800-970-0394 - without charge-free | Call for technical support | HP printer technical support |

We have 2 spectrum. Both generated bluescreens throughout the day. everything is updated. BIOS, drivers, we have used install original HP on the ssd - 30 times of the new cd installations, company W10, company LTSB W10, CD-ROM software HP, NOTHING. T

HP 15 t-ae000 CTO: poor performance of Hp 15 t-ae000 CTO (No Touch)

My problem is that when I start to play a game and I spend 30 minutes with 60 fps, the game suddenly falls up to 15 images/s quickly and then he stay another 10 seconds it and then up to 60 frames per second. This with most of the games. I have a fri

OMEN of HP 17-w033nv: How can I use the ALT on the right for the games?

Hello, I would like to know if there is a way to map the right alt key to a video game. I play the League of Legends among other games which, as a left-handed player - forces me to use my right hand on the keyboard. This is why I need to use the righ

Omen of HP 15: Sudden computer slow down

HelloI have a laptop 15 Omen and here are my specsIntel Core i7-4710HQ CPU @ 2.50 GHz16 GB of Ramoperating system 64-bit, x 64 based processorNIVIDIA Geforce 860 4 gigWindows 10I was able to run all my games without fault, battlefront, civ 5, ck2, to

HP omen 17-w043dx: harbinger of Hp

I just want to know if I can install RAM 2x16gb equal to 32 GB of ram on my hp 17-w043dx omen and it goes to work properly. And. What happens if my Board said running 2133 mhz and the new ram memory running at 3000 mhz. My hp said just expandable to

OMEN 17-w004tx: Omen 17

Hello I'm trying to find the costumes, a 17-w004tx OMEN Notebook Docking station and none of the docking stations, I can find among the accessories in the HP store specifically say that they should be this laptop. Can you please help. See you soon

Omen: Netflix App will not work

When I open the Netflix app does it appear an error message "a new version of the netflix app is available and necessary to continue." I checked the app store for updates, uninstalled and reinstalled the software and I still can't get it to work.

HP Omen: Hinge Omen HP problem

Hello!I had my HP omen for killing a year now and take advantage of my experience with this portable slick: However, it seems that the left hinge is very loose and the touchscreen jumped out of its original position! Where can I get fixed and how muc

Omen 15-5000na: boot loop Hp omen after updating Windows 10

When I turn on the pc it turns on to the Hp loading screen which is normal for about 5-10 seconds and then quickly restarts and does the same thing over and over again! Please help me

Clear task view

Hi, I noticed a problem with my laptop 15 inch HP omen, which appeared as white on the screen so I looked and it seems a normal thing a few times, but my display problem is irritating, because it is difficult to focus on something when the room is da

Omen: cannot recognize under device

I am writing here because the support neither Android nor Windows 10 has been able to solve the problem so far, although I do not think it is a hardware problem. Basically, my LG Android wifr both my Samsung S4 are not recognized on one of the 4 USB

OMEN of HP: HP OMEN does not illuminate

As the title know, my laptop OMEN not illuminate. The power adapter is pluged, the charge light is on, but when I press the power button, nothing happens!

K5C63PA #ABG: HP OMEN form loose -.

Hello As the line object suggests, I have a HP OMEN K5C63PA #ABG I received late November last year. I think it's maybe just out of warranty, but I could not send it back in for repairs so far that I was in the United Kingdom for the whole of Novembe

HP laptop OMEN 15 J9K19UA: HP Omen Fan questions

A week ago I got a Windows 10 update and a few utilities HP, so I've updated everything and now the fans Act really strange. They go to their maximum speed and then slow way and then go all the way back to the top again, this repeats several times as

Omen: Expiry warning

I bought a new HP omen about a month ago.  Soon as I started using it, a message began to burst upward (screenshot below), informing me that my warranty was due to expire on May 15, 2016.  I had been told at Best Buy that the notebook had a standard

model of omen

Hello I'm looking for top performers for HP laptop, and I've seen model Omen. I'm Italian, so I visited the store web site Italian HP and is available only on this model: http://store.hp.com/ItalyStore/Merch/Product.aspx?id=L2S17EA & opt = ABZ & salt

HP 15-5020ca omen: Omen HP 15-5020ca freezes from time to time

HelloI have a problem with the gel for laptop. It happens every 15-60 minutes and it hangs for 10-15 seconds. During this time the computer does not respond. After this, he worked as usual until it happens again. In the system event log, there are st

HP Omen: Questions of Touchpad HP Omen

Hello I just bought a new HP omen and it's a great laptop but I have problems with the touchpad. I have it configured as I want it in the Control Panel, but I still have questions, specifically around right click. The two questions I have are: Right-

Omen of HP: HP Omen control lighting does not

Today I started having a problem where when I try and change the color of my keyboard via the software HP Omen, it has no effect on the keyboard. Initially, my keyboard was glued to a magenta color, until I bios updated and turned my back to the Red

Laptop HP OMEN - 15-5010nr: Omen HP 15: backlit keyboard does not not after BIOS update

This morning my HP omen arrived by mail, fully functional with everything in tact. After I left my laptop to install the updates from HP Support Assistant (one of these being an update of the BIOS updates), I returned to find my computer restarted an
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