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Hi people! When I try to launch of BF3, I get this error on startup - d3dcompiler_43.dll missing, why?

The product name and number: HP Pavilion DV7-6151 OPERATING SYSTEM: Windows 7, 64-bit Error message: When I try to run Battlefield 3, I get this error d3dcompiler_43.dll is missing, someone knows what to do? I bought the laptop 4 days ago, and I got

Best game for pc graphics card

Hello Please, I want to know what is the best graphic card game for pc. Help plssss...

Switchable with my graphics problem even after update?

Hey guys I would appreciate if someone can help me. So I bought recently my laptop (Pavilion Dv6/LM720AV) and quickly discovered that any game I played it would always use the Intel HD 3000, rather than the ATI Radeon 6770 Mr. one of my friends sugge

The Pogo game scores

When you play the Pogo web site, I can't pull up the top of my stats or high scores for the game.  I get a bar message indicating that "Internet Explorer has modified this page to avoid cross-site scripting.  any ideas?

Runnning play has stopped

I have a HP G 60 - 230US notebook PC series.  Yesterday I started to play a game that I've had for some time, and just to stop and I went back to my game Manager page. He has never done this before. I ran a diagnosis, he said everything was fine, all

Is G62-b95EV a laptop to play?

I have a G62-b95EV and I am playing Call Of Duty but when I play the game, my player screen is sometimes a bit slow and sometimes faster than usual. If I want to ask if my cell phone is a 'game '.

How can I see the information on a dedicated video card?

Hey guys,. I have a laptop dv6tqe with a 1 GB GDDR5 Radeon HD 6770 M, which has a switchable graphics. the simplified ATI provided with the laptop Control Panel has all the 3D options for the process that I have chosen to activate the 'high performan

Why can't you guys help me!

Yes this problem of graphics, that you remember of the last problem. I bought a block of coolant to overheating and it fixed the problem. GRAPHICS! GRAPHICS! GRAPHICS! Help! I can't update the most recent. Why! WHY! OS: Windows XP Professional SP3 (M

I have a laptop a hp dv6700 with vista dvd player is missing how I get it back?

Hello this is my problem? I have a nice HP laptop dv6700 series, running Vista, on this computer, I have a DVD player with my media center and the reader. Now the drive is missing, and now I can't burn more DVD, or play one of them either can someone

HP Mediasmart DVD is reluctant to play BD

Hey there, I have a HP Pavilion dv7-4272us Entertainment Notebook PC and Mediasmart will not play a Blu - Ray disc, when it is inserted. MediaSmart will pop up, tell me that the disc is ready to play and invite me to press the button "play". After th

Connect my laptop to my tv

Hello world! I have a laptop HP G61-429WM and I was wondering what kind of cable I need to connect it to my TV? Any advice would be appreciated.

HP envy 17 3d will not play a dvd

I have a HP Envy 17 3D laptop and I played this movie specific about this before and it worked very well but now it won't play in Media Player using the and I am wonderign, if anyone knows of any solution.

F1 - F0 keys locked in operation.

Trying to play my games but the F keys are locked in operation. I need to disable this option. I can't hold the function button allows to use the F keys it disturb my game. Thanks for any help.

Lost the definition file of

When I go to uninstall anything Media Smart, I get the lost product definition file, and I can't uninstall anything.

TV Tuner not recocgnized after Win7 upgrade.

Just upgraded to Vista Ultimate 64 Win7 Ultimate 64, and now the TV Tuner shows BANGED in (called multimedia controller) Device Manager. Where can I find a driver for a hybrid integrated ATSC/NTSC/QAM TV Tuner that came with a HP_Pavilion_dv5t-1000 K

Failure of HP Mediasmart DVD

I placed a blu - ray disc in a Monday. I went to watch today and could not load so I tried to play regular DVD received the same message saying 'no disk in drive '. This happened with regular DVD and Blu - ray, any help would be great. Edit: spelling

Best laptop game out there?

Hi, is anyone aware of the best gaming laptop I can find right now? The price is not really a problem at this point, I just want to see what's out there. Thank you!

DV7-1448dx Entertainment Notebook PC without internet tv

I just bought this dv7-1448dx Entertainment Notebook PC a week ago. I have winVista 64-bit.  Updated all the drivers.  There's no TV tuner.  I am connected to wired broadband. I run the HP MediaSmart software, select Internet TV.  It is said. "Downlo
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