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I see WPF c# Binding in the developer's guide, but the examples use only WindowsForms. What using XAML/WPF applications SPROUT. Thank you

Printers HP OfficeJet Pro 7740: cover printer for HP OfficeJet Pro printer 7740

I intend to buy a HP Office Pro 7740 pinter. I searched for a cover of the printer. The HP Web site lists the maximum dimensions as 23 "wide X 28.06" X 15.10 depth"high."  But also list size 23 "wide X 18,38" depth X 15,10 ". What size would I go? Lo

Games chart

Hello A few days ago, I bought a new computer hp laptop 15 ay503tx. I had installed all the drivers and everything is perfect, but when I tried to play games on battery games are shifts and work perfectly as a weak graphics card. but when I plugin ga

HP 15 ay503tx: Support HP 1800-970-0394 - Toll - Free | Call for technical support | HP printer technical support |

Hello A few days ago, I bought a new computer hp laptop 15 ay503tx. I had installed all the drivers and everything is perfect, but when I tried to play games on battery games are shifts and work perfectly as a weak graphics card. but when I plugin ga

HP 1800-970-0394-Toll-Free support | Call for technical support |

I want to buy a new printer for my office.  I am looking for a wireless network and scan option available in it. pls suggest.

LaserJet M452dw: Laserjet M452dw paper tray will not close

Removed the tray paper to add paper and now the tray was arrested along with about 3 inches to go and will not close.  I also noticed that the drop-down menu that is located above the status bar was low so I pushed him to the top in place, but the dr

OfficeJet 4650: New HP Officejet 4650 cannot be detected in the wireless

Have tried to install this printer with the 8.1 Windows wireless configuration wizard and Windows 10, and none of them can detect this printer on the same network. Manually enter that IP address of the wizard is not working too. I also changed the pr


Hello I was wondering if there is a way that I can choose how far from going home with the fax activity log. I printed an activity log this morning but it goes up to 11/08/2016. I need to go a little further back. Is it possible to choose how far bac

Color laserjet 2550Ln: printer making dull sounds & missing print

As printer goes through in preparation for printing cartridges, it makes a noise deaf (or deaf). This translates into at least 1 color being absent from the print - usually black. I tried to change the black toner cartridge, but this makes no differe

HP OfficeJet Pro 6960: my hp Officejet Pro 6960 uses a black cartridge for 30 pages. Is this normal?

I do not receive the error messages, find just using the very expensive printer

Office Jet Pro 7740: Officejet Pro 7740 - Macos sierra - drivers will not install.

Will not install drivers that I am done from the HP website. First, sierra complains that the installation application is damaged and must be moved to the trash. If I ignore cela and run it, then when I get to the step button "click install" type AND

Office Jet 4650 omits the upper part of the document

Print, scan, copy or Ted fail the top 1 "of the source document.  The low 1 "production is empty.  How to solve?

HP LaserJet P2015dn: Cannot install my HP LaserJet P2015dn

Hello, I couldn't install my printer on Windows 64-bit 10. My printer appears as a "unwnown" device and the device manager says that "a request for the USB device descriptor has failed." My printer is connected to the PC via the USB port. I tried to

HP OfficeJet 4650: Not complete photo printing

I downloaded the maps & images in Word.  Resized - well within the borders.  Checked "print preview" - perfect.  Print.  All the text is perfect: photos, same size as in "Print preview", but cut (not full photo as shown in "Print preview").  The same

OfficeJet 7300: delivering during the installation of software of the printer/scanner for officejet 7300

After you download and run the printer/scanner installation software, I get the following error that I can't solve. Note that the USB hardware is enabled in the BIOS and drivers are up to date. I tried all USB ports and they work all with different c

HP Envy 5540: Firmware that limit the 3 cartons of parts

Hello I been using the printer for 2 months and have not had a problem until now. Recently, I bought a rebuilt for her H62XL black ink cartridge and the printer does not accept it because apparently only original cartridges can be used with the print

Colorlaserjet 2605dn: killed 2605dn printer firmware update

After what appeared to be the latest firmware 2605dn successfully installed, printer seems dead.  I get no lights (pwr) and no display on the LCD screen after power on.  I do not hear the usual audible indication that the printer starts up but no vis

Lc100w not connect to the app.

Help! I have a Lc100w action camera and may not be connected to my iPhone. I start the wifi in the camera, then connect to it with my iPhone and it says connected but it shows this is not connect at the top of my screen. When I open the application a

Cannot update firmware Officejet 6500 has more

I just receivevd my new Officejet 6500 a Plus (e710n-z).  The status page shows a f/w Rev. CIP1FN1110AR.  I did a search for updates on the printer itself and he says it's not.  I went to the 6500 a Plus page Web on HP.com and find f/w CIP1FN1126AR (
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