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Invert the question of the photo tray

Hello. Unlike the others, my photo tray problem is that I can't get rid of the photo tray printing.  There is NO adjustment for the general paper source selection, only a selection of external print makes this possible. No matter what I said there, p

Mode demo OfficeJet 8500 A909g

After years of use my 8500 decided to abandon in-store demo mode on the screen (Thankfully it isn't printing demo stuff!). Do not know why. How to disable this option? Thank you. John

Offline HP Deskjet F4100 series!

I had this all-in-one printer HP Deskjet F4180, I used it twice to print or scan and everything seemed fine. But now when I turn it on and connect via USB it only shows me this message "HP Deskjet F4100 series disconnected!" I use Win7 (64 bit) and 1

(Network installation) When P3010n HP printer is turned on, open custom ERP system.

A new range of printers HP P3010 network is installed and works very well on all workstations and software with the exception of our ERP system, exact MAX. When the printer is on, everybody with the driver/software Print P3010 installed on their work

HP Officejet Pro K550 will not appear in Snow Leopard 10.6.3

When I try to print, I get an error message. I installed the new software of the printer from the Snow Leopard 10.6.3 install disc as the software on the HP site is only 10.6.2. Printer is ready but-mistake.  Printer was a network of airports on an o

C309g causes router prevent internet router

I bought a c309 and connected wireless to router Netgear N-300 (Comcast modem), I am able to print from my wireless laptop, but after a few minutes I find that none of the computers in the House can receive internet (even so strangely computer my son

With 7310 & 7410 duplex printing

I time the OfficeJet 7410 and 7310 and cannot get them to duplex correctly.  The 7410 will be only duplex in overthrowing (end more end) and the will of 7310 not duplex except in manual mode.  I use Vista Prem Home edition 32.  If there is a solution

HP deskjet D1660 and deskjet D2660

Hello all, I am planning to buy a new hp printer, my selection were hp deskjet D1660 and hp deskjet D2660 because of their price and their design and their ink is affordable, can someone tell me the difference of this two printer because the printer

The configuration of the new MacBook Pro and HP C4780 wireless connectivity helps

The MacBook Pro OS 10.6.3 so the CD that was included in the box of C4780 is should not be used.  I need to configure settings wireless in the printer.  Can I connect the printer via USB and it prints.  All the information that I have seen and read S

Bulletins snowmaking Leopoard, Photosmart 7450 and documents in duplex mode.

Hi allI have an iMac with Snow Leopard 10.6.2 and a Photosmart 7450 printer.I connected the printer Cable all'iMac and this fact was recognized immediately and the printer works perfectly. The only problem is that I cannot print in duplex mode, in fa

Unable to connect to L7580 on wireless network

Hello and thank you in advance for the help.  I'm on a Dell Precision 490 running XP Pro, version 2002, SP3 and recently connected to the network here at the office using a Netgear Wireless - N 300 PCI adapter.  I have Internet access so I know that

HPC8180 printer connects to the wireless network, after upgrade firmware to the router wireless

My HPC8180 has been wireless since I bought it some time ago.  I recently had to upgrade the firmware on my router wireless of Netcom NB9W and since then my HP will not solve for the wireless network. I run the wizzard of wireless network on the prin

Photosmart 2610xi not connect to Airport Express Terminal via USB

I recently bought a MacBook Pro and the Airport Express.  In the past my Photosmart 2610xi was connected to my Mac Mini with a connected Ethernet cable directly on my Linksys router.  I tried to connect my printer to the Airport express with a USB co

Snow Leopard and HP 7450

Hi all. My HP Photosmart 7450 worked well in all modes, until recently, when I upgraded to 10.6. Now, I can't print in the project, which is where I do most of my impression. I tried to uninstall the printer and reinstall but nothing has changed. Sug

Mac / Photosmart C6280 all-in-one / scanning problem

Help! I had to have my i drive hard mac replaced. I reinstalled my printer 5 times now and the scanner does not work. After the installation of the 2nd, he did scan... I then mucked with the photo and decided to rescan instead of the photo to accept

HP Photosmart C7180 all-in-one

I inherited my son C7180 printer.  He's been great to work until he asked me to change one of the colors.  (PS... never had a printer color before, and I'm older and not much less anything like that).  I did this and the printer accepted color.  I ch

Windows 7 and Officejet 7000

I just bought a new HP with Windows 7 computer.  Then bought a HP Officejet 7000 printer. As I work to load the printing software, I get the error messages "the system cannot be installed using run as ' and 'operating system is not supported operatin

Cannot use the installer for Officejet 6500 all-in-one because of the resolution of the screen

Hello I thought I could install my new Officejet 6500 as a printer network during the weekend, but apparently, HP had a different opinion... I use a netbook for my work as I travel a lot. Unfortunately, the screen resolution max available for these c

4 x 6 will not be printed

There is no option to print from the photo (4 X 6) tray in the selection of print options.   IMac OSX 10.6. I downloaded the software of HP and may have downloaded the wrong version of the OS System.   My PC has several printing options, and I can't

C309a continues to go off - and online over and over again

I have a new C309A configured to print wireless.  All installed correctly during the installation and all network tests are successful. It worked for a few days, but now I can't print because the printer seems to constantly switch in mode offline, th
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