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original zire and palm 4.1.4 - can do this work with vista?

I have an original Zire which still works fine.  I have had this on several computers, but all the XP or older OS.  Just got a new computer with VISTA.  I never imagined that the PALM software is not compatible, but I tried the disc and the web, but

What is the name of the site that sells the 3rd party applications?

Need to buy applications of medical terminology... Thank you very much.

o/s french

have m515 with o/s in french and I would like to convert in English. is this possible?

Someone knows how to take a normal jpg picture and resize to fill entirely the PRE/wallpaper...

I have a beautiful hi-res jpg photo of my children, I would like to make the wallpaper on my pre, unfortunately he fills all the screen. Does anyone know what size/screen resolution must be converted in order to complete fill the bottom of pre...

VersaMail - try to remove a message causes Palm TX restart. -Now it is continuously cycling through reboot

I often get emails causing the Palm TX at any attempt to remove, restart.  Yesterday, I downloaded the new version of Palm Desktop, and later, when I tried to delete a message in Versamail, it either in a continuous reboot loop.  He is now sitting on

Palm Treo Pro and Verizon/Alltel

Looks like at this point, I'll have to upgrade to the Palm Treo Pro, because I just called Alltel and they have most any Treo 755 p owners - the Palm Treo Pro has the same schedule as the Palm Treo 755 p? In addition, what is to love in your opinion

By Ultrasoft checkbook

Well, I have this will give a try because I am perplexed... I downloaded this software (by Ultrasoft checkbook) to my M515 and when I try to install, it insists on installation on the SD card, not the device. I can't change the destinations on the de

Installed IE 8 on my vista laptop at home and now my Palm desktop computer will not open.

The office that came with my palm Centro has worked well for a year. I installed IE8, now when I try to open the Palm desktop, that it does not open. I can hotsync via the USB port. Windwoes said there is a problem and it cannot open, but will want t

Fusion of the 2 users in 1 user on Treo

A few times I've had Palm support help me and they had me start a new user name. Unfortunately my entered personal things in the wrong user... is possible to merge all this information on my MacPro or my Treo 700 p? Or is it a hopeless cause? Thank y

PALM TREO OS V.3.5.2H5.0

I have an old PALM TREO that I really love with OS V.3.5.2H5.0 and it still works fine. Is it possible to update a more recent operating system? Thanks in advance!

Help; Palm Centro not speak or make calls

Hello My wife had a palm Centro for 5 months and this morning it stopped to answer calls or make calls.  To make a call it sport the number but there is no sound and when someone calls him the phone sounds, but when you answer that you can't hear any

Z22 Hot Sync

Bought used Z22. When I try to hot sync, it doesn't recognize me but continues to recognize the original owner. There is no data from the previous owner and I am trying to sync my data. What I am doing wrong?

5-way navigation key

I'm trying to reconfigure my 5 - way button on the palm pro... recently the button started acting funny.   I press place... He's going left I have low SPE... it goes right I press right... it breaks down I press left... it goes up!   We know how to r

This error message will let me install a 3rd party app. need a guru. Help me ob1.

I get this error whenever I try to run the Setup program on a particular application. could not load the dll library c:\documents and owner documents\palm os desktop\userdata.dll.  the specified module could not be found. I did a chat with a palm rep

delete t3 games

Downloaded a game that was not supported by the t3.  How can I remove it on my handheld?  Thank you

I had a big mistake, my Palm tungsten E2 counldn can't start! pls help me!

It there! I had a big mistake when I installed PIM update for my tungsten E2, although it supports only for tungsten E. After installing the PIM update. It took reboot. I rebooted and it does not start. It displays the palm logo after 5 seconds and t

Tungsten only synchronize with Outlook 2003 after receiving the new laptop

My laptop previous dead so my IT dept moved my data to a new laptop.  Our programs and data are stored on separate drives.  Palm software & data is stored on the drive program, so I lost everything related to my Palm.  I reinstalled Hotsync Manager f

Treo Pro 850 - please SILENCE of the keyboard

I just bought this phone and I love it, but it doesn't have a way to silence the keyboard without turning off the sounds to alerts, etc.  I thought it was something I did incorrectly, but I took two Sprint shops and technicians said that it is a defe

My Treo 650 flies will sync with my new Palm Centro?

Hello I just bought a new Centro... I want to sync it with my old files created on my Palm software using my Treo 650. Can I hook up my new Centro, call it the same as my Treo 650 and synchronize and have all my data fill the right files on my Centro
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