Some how my email was requested to be removed and the link to verify that I DON'T want be removed takes me to some site randomly, please help.

Some how my email was requested to be removed and the link to verify that I DON'T want be removed takes me to some site randomly, please help.

Can a family sharing in the iCloud backup (only apple ID which is at the head of the family action plan)?

Can a family sharing in the iCloud backup (only apple ID which is at the head of the family action plan)?

My iPhone is locked after restoration icloud and didn't use icloud

Hello So I bought a new iphone 6 s 64 gb a few weeks ago, I used it for 3 days and then I put it back in the box because I wanted to give it as a gift and today I connected it to iTunes I have restored and updated to the new ios and after that, I had

OMG: Deleting photos in iCloud library does not work, all my deleted photos were stored by Apple!

Today, I used the iCloud for Windows App (PC) to use the new feature of upload/download to iCloud photo library. I activated the automatic download feature, and I'm still shocked! All my deleted photos (even older then 30 days) are still there. All t

iCloud on my iOS device

This problem applies to both my iPad (2) and iPhone 5 s.  I now get the following notice: approval requirement sent - "to continue using iCloud on iPhone/iPad, do agree with one of your other devices using iCloud or enter your iCloud Security Code. 

Music library of loading iCloud

Everytime I open iTunes on my Mac, I get a message in the middle of the screen that says "loading iCloud music library." The wheel keeps spinning, but it never loads and I can not access my music. Everything suggests corrections would be appreciated.

After the installation of Windows 10 on my PC I can not access my Outlook calendars or iCloud. What should I do to access?

I went to iCloud and attempted to install to my PC iCloud. When given the choice of repair or remove iCloud for my PC, I didn't know which one to choose. If I choose to delete, all of my items to iCloud disappears from my PC?

Recover photos from iCloud

Somewhat silly is to ask because I restored my iPad mini 2. As I didn't know that all my photos that are currently on my iPad will remove. But I do not understand even after restoring my iPad to my previous backup, I had still three photos on my phot

Backup.app is still supported?

I'm still under Backup.app to things like personal data backup. It's software very old, dating back to 2008, last updated in 2010, I think. It is version 3.2 provided originally with the iCloud predecessor, MobileMe. It seems to still work very well,

Bought more storage, but it has not appeared

I just bought more storage (50 GB) on iCloud, but he has not appeared on my iCloud account, so I can't back up my phone... What can I do?

Keychain passwords appearing is not on the new iPad

I have a new iPad.  I have a keychain but my passwords are not appearing in the Safari settings. I disabled the keychain and configure again. Passwords appear on my iPhone.

Cannot configure two-factor authentication

"Two-factor authentication is not available for your Apple ID at this time." I tried to put in place my authentication to two factors for awhile now (8 months) and I can not even get it to the installation program. The above error message keeps poppi

ICloud storage details are currently unavailable. Try again later.

Hi people, I tried to upgrade my plan of storage iCloud for a week now and continue to spread the message. I tried to sign on iCloud and re-booting the phone - but the problem continues - in fact I can't disconnect from iCloud. When I try to disconne

iCloud receives email sent from gmail or Virgin (today led by google I think)

I have an an email account with ntlworld.com (part of Virgin Media). Years, I had all the emails to this address sent to my address .me. Yesterday, he stopped. One or two messages have come through with a delay of about 24 hours. I also have an accou

How to restore deleted iCloud photo album?

I added all my pictures from my camera to a shared album iCloud and deleted from my camera.I did a second album shared on iCloud and added all my photos of the shared album 1 It looked like all photos from that shared 1 were there there so I deleted

Öffnen der Kontakte in iCloud

ES kommt die message: Die Ordnergruppe kann nicht open werden. Der Informationsspeicher steht zurzeit nicht available. All are sich nur ein zeitliches problem von apple oder harmoniert dear Apple nicht mit windows 1 ^ 0?

Suddenly cannot send emails in mail as no outgoing server acknowledged happened all of a sudden for no apparent reason

My outgoing mail stopped working suddenly have no server in outgoing mail and know what to do. My incoming mail using hotmail account a little confusing because everything was related to my iCloud / .me account looked in preferences of mail and there

You are prompted to enter ID transfer applications that are not me

I just transferred my apps backed up via my old iphone to my new iphone iCloud.  I entered my Apple ID and password and then was asked if I wanted to transfer some of my 'other applications' ID's of people I don't know.  My account has been hacked?

Folders in iCloud photos

Currently I have a flat display of photos on a shared album. I now want to games of group photos or create subfolders as a file system. Each record or group would have a title containing pictures that are part of a group of photos. A bit like a file

Synchronize photos from iPhone

Is it possible to set up my iPhone to transfer all my photos and videos on my pc windows automatically when I connect to my wifi? I have a 10-6 s with ios 9.1 windows pc.
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