Why can't I just enter password storage iCloud

Why can't I enter password to buy more storage iCloud with iMac?

I changed my apple id email and forgot to sign out of my mac pro book. Unable to access admin on mac now. Help

I changed my apple id email and forgot to sign out of my macbook pro. Can not access my admin on macbook pro now. Help

Apple has cut my iCloud service, Mail has stopped and it is not restoration

Chase refused my iCloud payment after we moved, because I didn't know that I had to change my address on iCloud system preferences. Mail stopped last night (14 hours) and when I got up this morning I've corrected payment information. I expect that Ma

book air Mac do not update files in icloud

I have several devices (phone, iPad, Mac Book Air and iMac) icloud storage-related and have excess capacity in the cloud. My Mac Book air, in the finder, shows a clock partly shaded next to iCloud and some files show a cloud dotted next to the file n

How can I restore my new iPad mini from iCloud backup if they are not compatible with iOS9?

My Mini iPad had an internal problem, so I got a new one on the Apple store. The problem is I'm trying to save my other from iCloud, and I get a message saying my back ups that are not compatible with iOS9? What should I do? I don't want to set it up

Moving pictures of Android to iCloud

Hi all I'm in trouble! I'm eager to spend the Ms. of an android phone to an iPhone. She already has an iCloud account because it has an iPad. She has no computer/laptop. Move contacts and stuff to the iphone is of course quite simple by implementing

You can merge 2 apple id accounts?

I have 2 accounts Apple ID. a 1 is undergoing a spam, created a long time ago. And 2 a new under a professional e-mail account. I have 200 GB of storage iCloud, which has been accidentally used for 1 account instead of thr 2nd account. Can I transfer

Synchronization of Contacts from Mac to iPhone via Cloud - does not

I have a MacBook Pro and iPhone 4 s. and I both upward to sync contacts via iCloud. However, I have added new contacts to my MacBook and I can find them on my iCloud - but they aren't syncing my iPhone 4S - what did I miss do? Thank you

iPhone Contacts stopped sync Contacts to iCloud.  Have never had this problem before. Thoughts on possible solutions.

During the last two weeks, all changes (including new Contacts or changes/revisions to previous Contacts) have stopped syncing to my contacts in iCloud.  I got my iPhone 5s almost two years and have never had this problem before.  I look forward to t

How can I view my photos on the site of iCloud

When I connect to the Web page of iCloud on one computer other than mine, I expected to see all the photos from my iPhone. All I see is a little 2 years ago. And I don't know how they got there. Does anyone know how it works?

How can I change my Apple ID.  This is my old email and I want to use my new e-mail

I have a new email and may not know how to change my id in i-cloud?  I can change my password, but to move to my new email to my id

Why the backup doesn´t Icloud Whatsapp appear in Icloud my player?

I ve got an iphone 6 (IOS 8.3) and backep upward from my conversations of Whatsapp to Icloud. But it doens´t appear in my Icloud drive. He says that my drive is empty. Thanks for any idea!

Icloud pictures not download

Hi all I was hoping that someone could help me. I called Apple, went to the genius bar, support but nothing helped. I have a library of ~ 10,000 photos, I recently bought 200 GB of storage to download my photos. When using the photos and I start to d

Can I change my e-mail address of iCloud

My current e-mail address for iCloud is an old gmail address. Can I change this option to use my current journal of Apple at the address?

Families sharing-apps/photos

I just put new iPhone 5 s my son for family sharing.  I want to him to have access to the music, apps and images.  So far, there is no evidence for him.  We have different iCloud accounts that I don't want him to have access to everything I do but so

How to use iCloud for PC without an iOS device?

I received an invitation to join a place to share photos of iCloud.  I'm not an Apple user, do not have an iOS device (or plan in the near future). I've created an Apple ID iCloud and have iCloud account.  I downloaded and installed iCloud for Window

Email sent from Ziggo to icloud email addresses do not arrive

From Saturday 12:00 THIS my ziggo email that I updated my icloud email addresses to forward doesn't to icloud. Any other mail sent directly from my ziggo addresses also won't happen. All mail to other areas (so don't not me.com/icloud.com) of ziggo h

How many documents can contain 50 GB of storage iCloud?

I think to upgrade my storage iCloud to plan.99 $50 GB and I was wondering how many documents (Pages, Numbers, Keynote, Word, Exel, Powerpoint) that will contain.  I tried Bing and Google to get the answer, but so far they have been no help.  I would

How can I connect my 2 separate iCloud accounts into one

I did an iTunes account and when the cloud was invented I didn't know I had to use so I made a t of me.com account also. I want to combine and then delete one

Can I share a link on iCloud drive for any kind of document?

Can I share a link on iCloud drive for any kind of document?
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