When is it safe to delete Contacts from "on my Mac"?

Earlier today, I discovered that I had a lot of contacts (more than 100) that have been "on my Mac", rather than in the cloud. I have no idea why these contacts have been added on my Mac, rather than directly to the cloud. I tried to add a new contac

Audit of the Apple popup ID after iOS Update 9

I upgraded my ios9 ipad2 this week. I now get a continuous pop-up message asking me to verify my iCloud Apple ID. Some time ago I changed my Apple ID for [email protected]. It's what I use to access the App Store and what appears in the settings as my Ap

use offline) on my Macbook Pro and I phone 5?

Apple music can be saved (offline) on both my Mac book & I phone?

My iCal doesn't sync properly.

When I add an event to a calendar iCloud for my MacBook, it is not displayed on my iPhone, iPad or iCloud webaccess. However, when I create an event on my iPhone, it is displayed correctly on my MacBook. When I delete this event on my MacBook, it wil

Call ID: how I have separated for GSM, but keep even purchases across devices?

I have several iPhone and iPad in my house for different members of the family Sometimes the messages sent to me make their way to other devices. I want to: States these devices to get my messages • Allow these devices to text with their own accounts

Why an address E-mail to iCloud are useless for Apple ID?

Why Apple will not allow an iCloud email address to use for the Apple ID?  My email address IS my e-mail iCloud!

Handful of change email @icloud?

I don't know how it happened, but my email handle "@icloud" is something that I did not choose. It's almost like East is randomly generated. Is it possible to change my iCloud email address or is it permanent once assigned to an account?

Impossible to enable synchronization of calendar iCloud

Earlier today, I got an error of this calendar for Mac could not synchronize (warning triangle icon). After doing some research, I tried the following: -Activate/deactivate account -Sign outgoing/incoming to iCloud After signing and I got stuck at th

Dodgy email or not?

I got an email from icloudapplecustomersupport.info asking me to verify my icloud account, or it could be interrupted. I am very suspicious because there a spelling error and the email address is not .info. com The branding is here on this site and b

Impossible to pass my iCloud storage

Hi, I want to improve my iCloud from 50 to 200 GB storage space. Once selected the 200 GB option, the window won't let me in my iTunes password under my Apple ID, dedicated space, be frozen (no way to type anything in)... Anyone with the same problem

How do you get the iCloud photo library?

I have lots of pictures and prefer open pictures for editing. I read that I can keep all my photos in the photo library from iCloud, but I have no idea how to find / buy. The apple Web site does not give this information for some reason any!

Cannot synchronize calendars with iCloud

I used to use iTunes to synchronize calendars. I get a new Mac and I now need to synchronize iCloud.  I don't want iCloud - but I put in place because I NEED to synchronize.  So now - Mac is complete, partial, iPad iPhone NOTHING.  Go crazy looking f

Familienfreigabe mit Zahlungsmitteln allowing

[Scroll down for English] Hallo, Unter Geschwistern möchte ich die Familienfreigabe einrichten like each. However möchte ich nicht, dass meine brothers and sisters über meine credit card shopping können. Ist possible, dass trotz Familienfreigabe jede

Storage full error

Hello everyone. I hope here, I could find help after the Ive looked everywhere for an answer, and I tried everything I could think of. My iCloud keeps sending me a message to buy more storage as my storage, however, is "complete" (see pictures) my st

error when you access preferences iCloud

My computer is notable for access to iCloud and does not accept my new password. How to make it work properly?

iCloud security issues reset E-Mail address wrong can change?

Can I somehow change the Security Question Reset E Mail?

Is it possible to use the software version of pages with the online version?

I know that google docs has a feature where all those who have access to a document can edit it at the same time and everyone can see the changes as they are made. To me, it looks like the iCloud.com pages is the same too. I was wondering if a user o

Confusion between Apple ID

I had an Apple ID for centuries.    A couple of years, I had to change to take the form of an e-mail address.   This is the ID I used to post this question.  And now I need an iCloud so ID.   Confusing and difficult, especially since I need to connec

Apple ID associated with too many credit cards

Apple ID associated with too many credit cards

How can I change my e-mail address for relief if it is no longer valid?

You need to change the relief on my icloud account email address as email is no longer available.  What should I do?
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