My iCloud has been hacked... locks... ransom sought to unlock the PIN

I was watching a great show on my iPad when it went all of a sudden in the mode lock with the message: *** Lost IPad Your device is locked.  To unlock email ********* *** My iPhone also presented the same message at the same time. But a few seconds l

Activare cont icloud

Buna ziua, am cumparat a iPhone 4 second hand so bare pot activa iCloud account, este repeatedly = numarul conturi maxim a fost ATINS =. This pot face in acest caz? Multumesc

My iCloud is very slow (4 KB/s). For a month

I was very disappointed and I'll stop cloud and Apple device My icloud with 1 TB does not work for 2 months, have my mail and sync working at 4 KB/s

I forgot to turn off to find my Mac

I erased my HDD on a 15 "Macbook Pro retina to sell to Gazelle. I forgot that I had to stop to find my Mac. I have sign in iCloud online & remove the device from the list of my devices. The unit starts at this point until the configuration screen. Is

Sharing family. Why can't someone be more a family member?

Sharing family. Why can't someone be more a family member? i.e. My daughter in my family and, as part of its family of partners.

iCloud Mail fails to buy more space on El Cap

It is impossible to enter the password in the field provided.

Sharing notes iCloud, do not sync on devices of my wife

My wife and I have an iPhone, iPad and Mac.  My account main iCloud is JeffCloud@iCloud and I use it as my account real iCloud on my 3 devices and Notes turned on. His main iCloud is [email protected] and it's what it uses as its real iCloud accou

Do I need an external hard drive if I use iCloud?

Do I need an external hard drive if I use iCloud?  I had used a Western Digital My Book Essential Edition, 500 GB, for the past 7 years.  It kept blinking and blinks so I unplugged probably too old. Now, I'm wondering if I should get another external

Why am I being asked to update my apple ID password?

So lets get started... On my iPhone 6 and 2 Air iPad I have experienced this problem and happens when I turn the two devices off during the night and the following morning. I get two guests when I go into the menu settings (1). Audit of the Apple - I

Can I add photos to my iPhone disabled on my Mac using iCloud?

My iPhone has been disabled, and I want to add pictures to this topic on my Mac before I have to reset it. I just added my apple ID on my Mac, and it said that I didn't save anything. Is it too late to save the pictures in my photo library iCloud?

How can I move notes from one folder to another?

I thought that some of my notes were missing, but it seems that some are stored in icloud and the other in different files associated with my personal email address.  How can I make sure that they are all on the icloud (in case I lose my phone, when

iCloud never be online on my computer

I have a MacBook Air.  Whenever I turn it on, it tells me that I have to login to iCloud.  So, I login to iCloud with my apple ID, and I leave it connected.  The next time I turn on my computer, I have to do the same.  My ID apple remains ever connec

When iCloud calendars and Contacts synchronize with desktop 2016?

When iCloud calendars and Contacts synchronize with desktop 2016?

Password for an Outlook of business account (which I stored in the keychain) problems...

A few months ago (when I got Microsoft Office 2011 yet, but have since upgraded to the 2015 version), I used a family member company e-mail address and password in my own Outlook 2011 so that I could see the community "Bulletin Board" that they use t

iCloud library greater than the Mac library

I have in my original photo library with all photos Mac and the size is about 108 GB. After activating iCloud photo library, I see that the same library iCloud is about 202 GB! In my Mac, I have the ability to download all the photos in original qual

Influx of spam in iCloud email

Hello I suddenly started getting about 20 emails to spam a day in my iCloud email.  I got it for years and never a problem. Anyone else going through this?  Any way to help him stop?


How to remove many (thousands) of e-mails from my ipad in a single operation?  I tried to CHANGE - ALL TRASH - TRASH ALL.  They disappeared and returned a few minutes later. I guess they go back on the Cloud. My wifi ipad is an AIR 2 and updates are

Photo - download stream originals on my Mac no download

I want to download original photos on my Mac, but in iCloud Photos (v1.2) option, it downloads my entire library that goes beyond terabytes to iCloud. How can I download only and without download?

I just upgraded to 50 GB of storage iCloud, but it is still not showing. How long should I wait?

I just upgraded to 50 GB of storage iCloud, but it is still not showing. How long should I wait?

stolen imak 5 k delivery how to follow

I recently bought an Imac 4.0 k processor 5 map update grafix everything to the maximum. My delivery was stolen. The Imac series is stored in the profile of my support.  but not my Icloud account because I never received. the police seem not really c