Sort (or reorganize) print presets

I have about 15 Presets of Print, named after job. The problem is that InDesign lists in the order that they were created (random), instead of in alphabetical order. Is it possible to rearrange the presets so that the presets to work go hand in hand?

Tri color swatch Panel

Is it possible to sort the entries in the swatch Panel so that they are in alphabetical order? It sounds like an obvious thing to do and something that I would have thought that InDesign would have done himself. Barry

download on a server does not... idlk is not deleted?

Hi allHere I am facing a strange problem.I opened a doc1.indd, work document on this subject. Save and close, then I transfer her to a remote server location...The indesign crashes. (Except .net, I have is, while st

High quality display - appears corrupted

HelloI have a problem with the display of high-quality files placed TIF (InDesign CS3 5.0.4). When seen at high magnification of that image is replaced by a black solid with diagonal lines of black and white in the upper part.I read in the archives o

And here's one for Joel:

What is the subtleties on the Burmese?

Problems with textwrap in CS4

I'm having a hard time for the skin to work how, I want only it in CS4 (running the version of Windows). I have several images I want to wrap text around, and in CS3, I have always used the feature "wrap around form the object", which would leave a n

Dictionary: what is the difference between a .clam and a .udc file?

I'm trying to understand how the dictionary works in CS4. Here's what helps InDesign part (p167):If you want to use a previous version of InDesign or InCopy language dictionaries, use your system Find command to locate files (.udc) user dictionary an

Look at a 'page by page' over the computer brochures

Excuse my lack of experience, but I'm a student intern working on a brochure in InDesign CS4. I used the basic model of our company for the brochure, which criminalizes the document on 2 pages, 11 "x 17" landscape. First page of the brochure on the r

InDesign CS3 freezes at startup on "SING Gaiji"

HelloI can't find and an easy solution for this. I use InDesign without problem on my user account. I created another user for someone else and InDesign freezes at startup on the "SING Gaiji initializing' something or other.I go back to my profile an

Discover the height and width of the selected content... ?

Hello world. !I'm a new baby to the indesign script. In fact I link an Eps image to the picture I want the height and the width of the image in eps, angle and also need to coordinates X and Y...someone help me... ?Thanks in advance.-yajiv

Flow/text formatting problem

I have a document with text flowing on multiple columns and pages. Sometimes when I change the format of a subtitle or something similar, the text disappears from there on. I turned off the constraint on the baseline grid and sometimes it works and o

JS CS3 import external data in the dialog box.

I would like to create a drop-down list in a dialog box that is populated by txt or XML files. Is this possible?First a xml or txt file would be created that lists all current products that we do. He would sit on a server.The InDesign script reads th

Convert blurry photos CS3 Pagemaker 7.0

I'm trying to convert all my pagemaker, InDesign CS3 documents.  However, a good majority of my photos are blurry.  How can I convert documents without taking all my photos (there are hundreds of photos per document).  Thank you!

After the creation of these character styles, apply clear replacements...

Hello worldAfter you import the Word document into InDesign CS3 in some paragraphs, there are some substitutions of style. InDesign formatting styles are not correctly designed with paragraphs. Even if that word styles are mapped with InDesign styles

Ligatures do work?

Please help a model to solve a problem with ligatures. In InDesign CS4 all letter combination as fi; FL are yellow. This means that my ligatures are disabled? Enable this option in style. ????

Change the number of reference

I work with notes in my document and would like to do by exposing the number of the footnote references (as opposed to in the text).  "At present, they are formatted to be" # note ", but I want # to be superscript.  I can't find the option in the opt

PDF in white so I think I've tried everything!

HelloI searched this topic for the last hour, but nothing I found has worked, so I turn to you guys in the hope that you can help!I'm new to InDesign, and I configured my document, just a booklet 1-pages until now. It is the master page and the only

"Select the same...". "Just like in Illustrator in Indesign?

Hello all- I was wondering if anyone knows if there are any Indesign plug-ins or scripts that work similar to the illustrators ' Select same...» "feature to find objects, type & features the same color value as what youhave already selected. I work i

How ImageStream display in a pictureWidget?

Hello.. I have an image in the memorystream. I want to display the image in a photo widget. PLS, someone show me how to do this... Thank youNiasse

Panelist and panels

Hello I want to have a palette with 5 panels. in the list of the window should be on entry with 5 secondary entrances. How can I do this? I get it works with 5 entries in the list window. then how the subentries? Thank you Jürgen
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