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AppleScript Terminal = can't do < command > in type number

Hi all! I recently had a problem with AppleScript, about WINE. My script is as follows: display the dialog box Default answer "Enter the path of *.exe to run (in quotation marks)." » » exe_path the value of text, return of result say application "Ter

Dear community, I need help to change my email and rescue security question

I need help to change my email of relief. First of all, I don't remember my Security Question. Second, when I click the reset security question and no email has been send to my email of relief. That's why I need help with these two questions

Como publicar una en the apple store APP?

Cordial saludo MI number are María Teresa Bedoya Gutiérrez, Colombia soy y currently estoy developing una APP in Seguridad y Salud in Trabajo, y requiero saber como puedo publicar esta en the APP store APP. Gracias por esta duda Roman.

Cannot export contacts Notes using automator?

Hello I use automator to save my contacts into one. VCF. I use the Export vCard command. It works fine, but if I have notes attached to the contacts, they are not exported to the. VCF file. I think that it is a bug, unless someone can tell be what I'

AppleScript with

Published in some of the problems try the AppleScript using the: tell application "Notes"   body of notes end tell

Cannot join the Apple Developer program

I signed into the Member Center with my Apple ID, but when I go to my account > Membership > register now > start your registration, it tells me "Sorry, you can't sign up right now" without giving me a reason. I created a simple 2D game I want to put

I want that my shop, found in card apple

in apple card, I can't find my shop, I have my shop position in card apple

You cannot request to applescript "If file exists" "else".

Hello everyone! I've been Googling for hours for this. Could not find anything. I thought it would have been quite simple: get applescript to do a check to see if a file exists, and do something. If it does not exist, do something else. My script is

Impossible to use. as the delimiter text applescript

Why the following applescript does not produce the result "c"? the value xxx to 'ABC' as string the x value of delimiters to point to the text of the AppleScript the text value of the AppleScript point delimiters ".» return the word 3 xxx the text va

How can I switch between configurations in XCode 7?

I use XCode 3.2 on Snow Leopard. This week I also bought a new iMac and installed XCode7 on it. It is completely different and is not entirely clear. With the old XCode, I have a menu at the top left of the project window. I use this menu to switch b

Meares irlens syndrome

I myself like thousands of other users have a condition called 'Meares Irlens Syndrom' I am sure that if they are tested you will find many employees carry the condition without knowing about it too, basically, it is a condition that can cause to the

Automator - using variables in applescript do script

How can I insert a variable in 'doing the script' in AppleScript? I want repoName be what is the variable. the term {parameters} Tell application "Terminal". activate Set currentTab to script ("ssh [email protected];") delay of 6 do script (' cd... /..

is it medatory to pay $ 300 to get a DUNS number?

I want to launch my app in the App Store.  to obtain the DUNS number is imp to enroll as a moral. DUNS asking $ 300 to get a DUNS number. That's kind of extortion. Greetings from Dun & Bradstreet We show you the Questionnaire for your perusal. DUNS p

Download Xcode for Mac Os 10.8.

upgrade to 10.11 isn't. A value system of publication. Where can I download xCode for 10.8.

How to check if a table contains a table

I have an array array1 say array that contains several tables. I have another table say array2. Now, I want to check whether or not arrray1 contains array2. How can I check this?

How to create a midi piano application equals the grand piano

How to create a midi piano request equal to igrand piano on xcode? I need a source for understanding the functioning of the app... Thank you...

Apple should use Storedot 5 min of full battery dead

I heard that fresh battery in 5 min. apple that need to use the iPhone 7 or something very similar. I would definitely buy it then.

We need developer paid account Test app to deploy during development

I am new to iOS development and want to get more information before proceeding I know that we can test iOS App using the Simulator, but again, it has its own limits coming from services sites etc.. Can I test my application deployment on real device

How apple for free with every purchase of your app developers?

Hello, my name is Michael, I wanted to know how apple does charge a developer (applications developer) when a customer purchases your app or in-app-purchase on an application that you created?


How is - a would become a beta-tester of apple.
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