iCloud restoration needs password for expired old Apple ID.

I'm upgrading my iPad to an iPad Pro 3 and repeatedly make queries to validate an email address that I used to have, but that has now expired (Apple no longer recognizes as an Apple ID is valid). How to solve this, any ideas?

Why my new ipad sync even when I gave her?

I already have several devices allowed to my iTunes account. Have a new ipad for work and I can't seem to synchronize. I followed the instructions so that it has authorized, but he repeats to me that this ipad is is no longer allowed for items bought

Movies to him does not display on iPad Pro

Bought for a film on the Apple TV and it appears in iTunes, my iPhone 6 and iPad 4 but not on my iPad Pro.  Help please.

Air Play

When I type on my IPad mini, Apple TV screen whites on the mirror.  .  .  useful suggestions?  He previously worked OK

Do I need a special printer print from my I pad

UUnable to print from my I pad

iPad will not bring the keyboard when I try to complete an external application for internet access

Hello I have a new iPad 2 Air, and very recently he began to refuse to show the keyboard properly, when I am trying to log on to an external internet account. I am traveling and need access to the internet but cannot fill all the required fields, it

4013 error keeps popping up when you try to restore the old iPad

I was going to give old iPad (3rd generation, 64 GB Wi - Fi cell =) of my friends to my niece and follow all instructions on this link https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT201351.  But it turns out, she could not even get sound or use. He continued in t

An iPad that is no alveolar can be connected to a hotspot to Verizon using a SIM card?

I guess I bought an iPad no cell Air 2 for my daughter... y at - it a SIM card or something I can buy so it can connect to its hotspot from Verizon on his phone?

What is niPad later.

looking to buy a mini iPad for woman

What are the dimensions of the ipad2

What are the dimensions of the iPad 2 that I own.  Can not find them anywhere.  Looks like the iPad 2 of the same size?

Transferring photos from my IPad Mini to my PC

I keep trying to transfer pictures to my PC using Windows 10 but without success.  .  .  any suggestions?


I recently acquired an iPad Air, and I am wanting to know if it is possible to export all the contacts directly from Contacts of the iPad for a .vcf, txt, .csv, .pdf and if so... How? ~ R.

Where is the support for IOS security vulnerability policy

I am considering an iPad 2 Air for myself. I have many android (phones and tablets) devices that are vulnerable to the frame and the combination of Samsung or LG and carriers will not roll the provided Google of patches on their devices.  Not a singl

IPad 2 Air screen does not intermittently not

I have an iPad 2 air with ios9.1 installed. Every so often, the response of the screen for faucets and slides seems to slow down. When I slide across the screen I can see that what really happens is that the iPad I'm removing my finger for a slide be

Manage my Apple ID

My nighbor lost his Apple ID password. When you attempt to reset the password / manage the Apple ID, authentication email has been sent to an e-mail address that it cannot access. How can he solve the problem? Thank you.

iPad Pro keyboard on-screen despite the use of Create from Logitech

I was quick to connect a Logitech Keyboard create my iPad Pro once I had two in hand. Create keyboard worked according to expectations. However, recently I noticed that when I have one using various applications the iPad Pro on-screen keyboard blocki

How to export all my musk from my iPad to my iPad pro Air

just got an iPad pro not all my music was imported from my iPad Air via iCloud that only some titles have been exported.

frozen with only symbol of iTunes

I have an ipad2.   It is frozen with a side of iTunes and also with what looks like a picture of the charger cable.  Any way out of this mess? Hope you can help. Thank you Jakes

How to change the size of the app button

Can how I change the size of the buttons on my iPad Air app

I can't restore my ipad2 using itunes. always got error number 9. so, what should I do?

iTunes. always got error number 9. so, what should I do?
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