SIM lock

I want to check my lock status. Help, please.

How can I tell if I have spyware on my iphone?

How can I check to see if I have spyware on my iPhone 6?

Camera front 6 s iPhone problem more

I noticed that if the front of the 6s more is exposed to strong light - when I take a selfie - there is a flash of white light on the screen Although the picture comes out ok. someone at - it had the same problem? Thank you Haon

Why my iPhone 5s will not connect to my iMac (2011) via bluetooth?

I have an iMac running El Capitan 2011 and I have never been able to connect my iPhone 5 s using bluetooth. I get all the way to the part where the computer sends the pairing code. When I accept the code on the phone, the computer says it connects fo

iTunes won't let me use the backup

Today, I got the 6 s, and I'm trying to restore from a backup of my 5s I made earlier today. However when he gives me the options for backups I don't see that I'm looking for. When I plug the s 5 it is said that the last backup of it was today and wh

I phone bad ear speaker quality

Hello I'm on an I phone 6 s, which is 2 weeks old. Since day 2 he was the quality whenever I talk on the phone. The speaker seems to be as distorted and torn speaker sound whenever I'm in a telephone conversation. I have reset my whole phone and the

I need to unlock my iphone 6 s. I have had no access to itunes.

I need to unlock my iphone 6s, I tried to unlock it, but do not have access to itunes.

Apple devices on the charging mode

He will be very grateful if Apple can produce an accumulation in the system on all Apple devices, which is to have a system of automatic disconnection or a program as to the user once the unit is fully charged and with such tools, it could prevent th

My homebutton is done what he wants

Hey, I have an iPhone 5 as 4 years and it works well and its very annoying. I push the homebutton, but the phone is pishing is the self, if you understand. Siri is in my screen all the time! As one of the things. I can't do, but have you guys help? T

iPhone 4 using an apple ID?

I have 4 iphones in my family, we are new users of the iphone. I read through a few questions but still do not understand... each phone has its own apple ID? If so, how we all access the same purchases the appstore or itunes?

need help factory reset an iPhone 4

It seems that I am currently in the worst possible position to reset my iPhone 4. The power button is broken so I can't do the factory restore it this way, if I unlock it, it goes back to the logo of apple by itself, and I can't reset it on my iTunes

How to get into recovery to 6 sec mode?

I just got 6 s my 64 GB iPhone money in the mail today and I put in place and as a new iPhone because I wanted to start. One of the steps was to make a password 6-digit I along the coast later setting touch id I tried to unlock it only for forgetting

I tried to get backup but my phone get hooked

I tried to get backup but my phone get hooked

questions of id code of access and contact

I just got the new iphone 6 s, and I created my contact id and my password to four digits. But if I do not use the phone for a few minutes, and I let the screen turns off, as soon as I press the home button to turn it on to top - it unlocks immediate

Keyboard: Key point permanent in the messages and mail

How the standard keyboard iOS (iPhone 6s) show a period key all the time when written messages and emails?

Why - my iPhone App portfolio will not charge my debit card?

When I present my debit card to the wallet App he responds by saying that it only accepts American Express credit cards.  I did not, and American Express Credit Card so I thought I could use my debit card.

iPhone 6 injuries, but I have AppleCare Protection Plan

I have an iPhone 6, that was purchased 4 months back. I slipped it by mistake and it got physical damage and its not switching and has a small curve. I have the "AppleCare Protection Plan" recorded in this iPhone. So I this iPhone in shape? If so, ho

password wifi iOS 9.1

I have an iPhone 6, using iOS 9.1 Often, when I connect to a wifi network, password dialog does not appear. Example: at the Detroit airport, there is a free wifi network. I join the network through settings > Wi - Fi > and selecting the network. The

Hi, how downgrade ios 9.1 to 6.1.6

Please let me know is possible to downgrade ios 9.1 to 6.1.6. I have problem with my iPhone 4S since the ios level 6 to all new versions Thank you
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