Why my pictures didn't backup when I restored my phone with my backup

I got a new phone, but before that I erased all my data on it, I backed up in iCloud. So when I went to restore my phone with the iCloud backup, everything went back on my phone expect my photos. So how can I get my pictures on my phone from the back

iPhone more guaranteed 6s

I bought the iPhone 6 s over the United States with APP (AppleCare +) can I claim warranty in India for this. AppleCare + international warranty include?

I can't open Twitter or Facebook of Safari on my iPhone.

Whenever I try to open the twitter of safari, safari gives me that an empty site there is nothing on it just (opened in the twitter application). I Googled it and they said a lot of things and I tried a few: 1. clearing safari history. 2 clear histor

Issue of Mic EarPods

Hi guys, this is my first post to any community. Come directly to the question; I just bought all new iPhone 6 64 GB now, during the call when you use EarPods, call receiving party hears all the volume of my voice, the sound transmitted by my microph

Stuck in recovery mode

I restored my iPhone 5, went to recovery mode, as soon as iTunes started progress, it showed the error 9. Now my iPhone is stuck in Recovery Mode. Even after I have iTunes eject or remove using 2 buttons, when I restart, it automatically appear Recov

How to clean an iphone 4

How do I "clean up" an iphone 4, I want to give the child to may. Do not remember the code with restricted access. I want it to be like a new phone, so she doesn't have my contact, notes, bookmarks, calendar, etc. Help, please Thank you

How to recover deleted messages on iPhone 6 sec more

I supported to the top of my iPhone more regularly via iCloud 6s and I thought everything was saved there. Recently, I received a lot of messages anti-spam unknown resources. I'm going today to clean up the mess. I don't know how many messages select

Why are the deleted iOS9.1 emoji (e.g. Kadomatsu)?

Why traditional emoji (characters Japanese emotion) looked like kadomatsu (Japanese Shinto of years welcomes new spirit) removed from iOS9.1? Kadomatsu y in IOS keyboards back years on my old iPhone3GS. It seems the discrimination against practitione

Can not restore backup of itunes on the iphone 6

When I am trying to restore backup to my iphone from itunes 6 it shows loading but after all it is said that it is impossible because the iphone is disconnected and it's really disconnect itself. What is going on? I really need to restore my backup o

iPhone 6s looser button

My iPhone has its power button / stop and slightly loose ring button. The power button can be moved vertically. The button of the ring does not feel solid when started ringing, unlike when it is set to mute. Although, everything works fine. No noise

All my notes on my iPhone are gone.  I do not remove them.  I change my email address.  Can anyone help?  Thank you!

All my notes on my iPhone are gone.  I do not remove them.  I change my email address.  Can anyone help?  Thank you!

IPhone 4S unlock

my iphone 4S husband phone will not unlock the phone has not been dropped and the screen is not cracked. I tried a hard reset but it does not work.

Battery problems with 4S after ios 9.1 installed

After 9.1 install storage battery on my Iphone 4S down 12 to 18% per hour and hold on 50% power for there to be recharged. The stop function does not work now so I can't save energy when I am out by phone turning off the coast. Lost iTunes and the vo

Do not issue disturb?

I can't receive e-cards on my gmail account.  For some reason any that it is indicative of the sender account status is "DND", which I assume is 'do not disturb '.  I checked my iPhone, and I do not have this feature enabled.  I also checked with the

I upgraded my iPhone iOS 9 and now it does not connect with iTunes

I have a 4 s now with iOS 9. (I now use strictly just for music) My version of iTunes is 11.4 and my Macbook OS X 10.6.8 It is an old computer and is not compatible with the newer OS X are available. My iTunes suggested that updating my iphone to ios

How to delete saved messages

I have iPhone 5 s running east of 9.1 with 16 G memory.  I am trying to free up memory, and one of the biggest pigs is Messages. I deleted all my messages and displays always 1 G is used. I used ibackupbot to remove attachments SMS but still no luck.

I get my helmet broke replaced for free?

I bought a new phone I 6 a month ago. I have not used it much the helmet, but as of today they have stopped working completely. When I try to listen to music, watch videos or face time it crackles and reached a static state. As I said, I wasn't using


They gave me an iPhone 5 then I saved my iphone4 to icloud and then uploaded to the new. It didn't download my music, so I went back to an old backup I had on my computer and installed this one. I'll be back my music but it erased all the new applica

Phone dropped in water, what to do?

My phone fell in water, I wiped it dry but it doesn't p more. Have you had this experience and that resulted in? Thank you

random music

OK so I have an iphone 5 c and randomly it started playing music I've never seen before and when I close all the applications it still plays and I can't understand how it stops, its so weird ideas and how to solve this problem.
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