How can I register my ipod touch 5g with my account after losing your contract registration number?

I try to register my ipod touch 5g to my apple account, but I lost my original box and booklet How do I register it without the contract registration number

iPod touch does not work.

I have an iPod touch that I got from a friend X years. So I don't know who it is. From last night, it will not work in my car. I can't turn it on, and my Mac isn't even recognize it either.My most recent iPod touch does not right in my car. So I gave

4 iPod Black screen

I have a touch Ipod4, the power button no longer works some time ago but found a way around this with touch assisted if I need to shut it down, I read that the power button may be stuck, now normally, I don't mean to make my own repairs but this time

2G iPod A1019 from Windows to Mac

I want an old FireWire iPod that works with Mac OS 9 PowerPC and OS X computers. I intend to purchase A1019 iPod, but several of them, I see on eBay are models of Windows. If I plug an iPod A1019 Windows on a Mac it will recognize or do I have to ref

Can I use my 30 GB ipod to back up my photos?

MACBOOK PRO. (no further details known, the macbook is at home) I would like to get back to Snow Leopard of Mavericks, which I've tolerated so far. As the Mavericks does not support my LaCie little disk, I can't save my photos it so I would like to k

Accident of memory

I have an iPod touch 4th generation who several times crashes when you use Safari on various Web sites.  The iPod will be quit Safari and then go back to the home screen. I factory reset, cleared history etc. in Safari and quit all other applications

My ipod touch 5th generation coupling the album cover with just the right artist?

It will take the various artists album covers in my music library and put them on the wrong artists or albums. For example, all Rolling Stones albums have the album artwork for Led Zeppelin III. Why is this, and how a fix it? preferably without delet

Uses for an old iPod touch 4th generation

Hi all. I got my iPod touch 4th generation for 3 years and it has become very slow. Can I do with it because it's collecting dust in the drawer and I spent too much money on her to throw it away. Thank you.

Look at an ipod classic 6th generation playlists for "Album".

When you use my ipod 6th generation 160 GB, I am unable to view the playlists in "Album" mode  I can only view the playlists for 'Song', which makes them practically impossible to manage due to the number of songs.  Is this something that escapes me

Can I add music from apple on my classic ipod downloads?

Signed up for apple's music, would be really nice if I can add music on my 160G iPod Classic

is there a rear camera on 6 16 GB ipod?

is there a rear camera on 6 16 GB ipod?

Black iPod touch screen, won't charge

Hey guys,. So last night my iPod (5th generation) has been in charge. I pressed the home button to turn on the screen and the screen remains black, I pressed the power button as well as anything does not. I tried to do a hard reboot (hold power and t

I can't use iCloud for backup of data from third-party applications

I use an iPod touch 6th generation and I wanted to use iCloud for backup of Twitter, IG, Pinterest etc. I've tried searching steps. So far I've been finding the same set of instructions: Settings > iCloud > storage > select your iDevice > turn on app

My ipod touch 6th generation off its own and light up again

I have an iPod touch 6th generation and I've had it for two months I know that I have not more loaded or something like that But it turns off at random his own It happened once before and I loaded TI one he turned back again I put it on charge again

Why are some of the songs on my Shuffle not play then that I connect it by usb to my radio Harley 2014?  The songs are all play with headphones.

I have about 200 songs on my Shuffle.  When I connect it to my Harley Infortainment system via the usb port, the system only "reads" about 150 of the 200 and will not play the rest.  I completely wipe clean on the Shuffle.  List of new song created a

I need to update my ipod 8 GB of ios than 6 or 7 but the ipod says it's to date. I can force it to update or is it too old? I do not know what generation it is.

my daughter has an ipod touch. It is on the older side. the ios is 6.1.6 and applications say they only need ios 7 or later to be downloaded. How can I force the update to 7 when the device is says it is updated?

How to delete an app on Ipod Touch

I bought an app that I found is not compatible with my lifestyle. Do you know how to remove it?

have ipod touch generation 6.  can I use a Home Kit

have ipod touch generation 6, ios 9.1.  can I use Kit home app.  thnx
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