Reset password sent in Indonesian

When you reset my password, I get a notification e-mail that is in Indonesian. This is no scam, this is the result of reset me with Apple. Here's what it looks like There was previously another post on the forum about it, and it was locked. This has

I need to reset my security questions

Hello.. I need to reset my security questions, because I'v define the answers five years ago and I forgot them. But the choice in my Apple ID account (forget your answers? send reset email security info to... com)... is not displayed! so, what can I

Error 1612

The subject error is encountered when installing iTunes on Windows 10 PC.  How to solve?

Update itunes when he says that he already has the latest version

I have version 10 x and you want to upgrade to the latest version 12 x. When I check the updates on iTunes, it says I have the latest version. How can I force the update to 12 x? iTunes won't download album despite the correct metadata artwork

For some albums, iTunes will not download album despite the correct metadata artwork. It will download other graphic works (sometimes even when metadata is not correctly match). Is it possible to determine the metadata that should be used t

Ineed tranfer music from iPhone to computer

I got a new computer and downloaded the iTunes application. When I registered my account it was empty.  I would like to know how to transfer my music from my iPhone to my computer.

Problem with the Apple's music, let the white rectangle

So I don't need Apple music and all the information it might have on a certain artist of my libraby (and it find it kind of annoying..) So I went to block it by parental control preferences (I don't have a case of AppleMusic uncheck on the GENERAL ta

Cannot download my full album from iTunes

I bought 25 by Adele and I can only download Hello and not the rest of the album, if she bought

Podcast has stopped working

Hello My podcast (a series of MP3) has just stopped working. Used to work perfectly. Cast of podcast: The URL of the podcast The issue of securi

iTunes reorganization Playlist

10.11 - iTunes running OSX.  I have 5 iPod Classics, so I would like to manage my music I thought I, but APPLE guard futzing with iTunes, adding some functions/features of programmers think are cool or improvements and then they take a usef

Issue of payment family sharing?

Hi all I recently set up the family sharing for my household... and linked to my wife and her sister in my Apple music subscription.  We also like the location tracker (so we can see what anyone of us and if we are sure). My sister-in-law lives with

iPhone apps will not appear in itunes

Hello. I have me connected the iphone on my mac and sync them. However, none of my apps are appearing. Did I do something wrong or missing something?

iTunes overwhelming 12.1.3

I had iTunes 12.1.3 pushed to my relatively old Dell PC running Vista (64-bit). Since then, the application crashes when I do almost anything: Plug an iPad 3 (the one with the Retina display) Try to update all apps Sit leave iTunes open without doing

upgrade to windows 10, cannot open itunes, it opened the first time, and imported all my songs, but does not open a second time, get the error that the path is not correct and file not found

upgrade to windows 10, cannot open itunes, it opened the first time, and imported all my songs, but does not open a second time, get the error that the path is not correct and file not found

How can I download Google Chrome to my iMac

How can I download Google Chrome web browser for my iMac?

What is later for film purchases?

If I buy a movie and choose to download 'Later' what time the download will begin? I ask because I have the time to free download provided by my Internet provider from midnight to 07:00.

iMatch & DRM on iTunes,

iMatch does currently not new subscriptions in the United States: y at - it another way to update old iTunes DRM tracks with DRM-free ones?

Problem to install the latest version of Itunes on Windows 10 Version 1511

Hello. I use Windows Version 1511 10, I downloaded the last itunes6464setup, I started the installation but in the middle of installation a popup message saying: "there is a problem with the Windows Installer package. A program required for this inst

are iOS 7.1 and itunes 12.2.2 - compatible?

I just updated my iPad iOS 9.1. My computer won't let me not synchronize with iTunes because I'm under and must at least 12.2.2. My question is... I have an iPhone 4 running iOS 7.1 s.  I decided it's not iOS update, since I've had a lot of

Audio CD import

How do import you an audio CD compilation as a single album?  When I select Import, the program broken down into separate tracks and will bring together not as a folder under the name of the primary artist.
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