cannot sync outlook calendar to my new iphone

I'm trying to sync my outlook on my I phone calendar.I don't get the same choices when I click the device tab and then news. I see 3 boxes that mention my contacts, calendar, and bookmarks are in sync with my iPhone live Icloud. However. the synchron

you forgot to answer the secret questions on APP Store too, I lost your e-mail account in order to find the answers

I forgot to answer the secret questions on APP Store also, I lost my email account in order to find the answers

Need to transfer from iPhone to iTunes apps

I had to perform a new installation of OS 10.11 El Capitan. Doing so removed my apps (I think my music library is OK...) - so I have all the apps on my iPhone. The issue is - as I can't synchronize without wiping the iPhone with nothing library on my

It does not work

When I hover over the app in itunes, there is no x click.

RIP a CD again before you buy the game?

I'm considering the purchase of match.  I have about 50 CDs that I have not yet ripped off in my library.  I have to pull them out until I have buy the game or after?

A lot of problems at all the podcast shows we produce

Hi guys,. We have a few podcast shows we produce and publish. The problems below seem to have an impact on all of these shows that I will focus on a specific show for reasons of readability and the confusion. The show is Smallzy surgery; https://iTun

What is a free and unlimited program to download music from my computer to my iPod?

I also want to keep iTunes as album info, album cover and nothing else I changed in iTunes. I have the latest version of iTunes and a fourth generation iPod Touch.

Impossible to update itunes due to lack of error.64.itunes?

I tried twice (the two latest updates) to update my iTunes for Windows, but he says that error.64.itunes is missing? No I can not update, but when I plug my ipod iTunes automatically loads? Anyone know how to get around this please? I tried to do a '

I got in trouble for awhile with my situation AppleID

Help please I have, have, in the summer, challenges, for, one, while, with my Apple ID, situation, I have, h ave, had recently, a, STROKE, so my memory is, turned and, my, computer science, skills, are screwed., I, was, able to reset, my, Apple, ID,

Why can't I just submit my podcast

Earlier today, I tried to submit my podcast on iTunes and it keeps telling me that it will not work and may not download episodes from my diet. Here is my diet and links.

How to cancel membership music

My children have signed up for the 3 months free membership music of the trial and now he is in charge my bank account how to cancel membership?

When you subscribe to an application using a different email for your apple ID

When you subscribe to an application using a different email from your apple-ID Will be the details of this figure yet the subscription to (and editable) under your apple ID? Im having trouble cancel the payment for the registration of an application

How to remove a computer discarded in I Tunes?

How to remove a computer discarded in I Tunes?

iTunes, iPod Classic and Windows 10: can synchronize once, then needs to restart

After the upgrade to iTunes I am more able to synchronize several times. I have to restart if I want to sync again. Shows Device Manager: right-click Apple Mobile Device USB Driver shows this: Windows 10 1511 64 - bit * iTunes * i

iTunes does not recognize my iphone more than 6 s

Hello I have the latest version of Itunes and just went to sync my iphone 6 more for the first time since I got it (did do a restore ok) but it does not recognize my phone when it is connected. I have windows 10. There was some talk on internet resea

Why iTunes Windows 8 is no longer play HD movies

After the most recent update of iTunes at, iTunes on my desktop Windows 8, it will play no longer HD movies. All I get is a black screen. He n [' t gel - I can easily go out and play the Extras for a film, but not the film itself.] I have c

Missing video rental

I rented a movie on my iPad last night and went to watch this morning (as the download took about two hours...), but it has disappeared from the download page.  I can't find anywhere else... Where will the rented movies in iTunes?  Thank you!

Text messed up in iTunes

Hello Since the update to iTunes 12, various text labels are missing or misplaced. For example, in the screenshots below, you will notice that none of the playlist names appear, any more than what anyone in the top reading window. You will also notic

Confused on iTunes files

In my iTunes folder on my iMac, I have some confusing subfolders. In my iTunes folder Music under my user name, in addition to my music folder where most of my music is stored, I also shows the following as I dig: In iTunes Music, I have the followin

Applications in itunes use RAM?

All of my iphone and ipad apps are also in itunes.  Why are they here?  I can remove them from itunes and it will increase my available RAM?
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