only visible in windows 10 album cover

Just had the time to install ITunes on my Windows Nov 10 When I go to the store - only the best images of albums visible ads.   Everything for the most part black.  Arrow selection of opportunity.  I guess it is some kind of attempt of Win

BRAND NEW iPad as air2 used to synchronize with iTunes 11.4

I have not been able to sync my brand-spanking-new Air 2 iPad using iTunes 11.4, os x 10.6.8.  Updated to 9.1 via iTunes and wham! iPad completely useless.  Got no more far away... He throws dead in the box he came to (with my confidence in Apple). S

How to import by family share CD?

Hello. So I have the Macbook Pro retina that does not come with a DVD player, so I decided maybe on my old PC that includes a dvd player, I could use the home sharing and transfer the songs. Well, I enabled sharing and the thing of the library but iT

Can I synchronize my older version of Itunes songs (11.4) of my Macbook (10.6.8) to a more recent version of Itunes on my Ipod (9.1)?

I'm trying to import my songs from my old MacBook Air (version 10.6.8) to my new Ipod (version 9.1 I think, I still find this information on my Ipod). It seems that I need to upgrade my computer, but I like this version, do I really need all to be up

Try to share your old laptop (XP) ITunes library. Unable to save or download the latest version of ITunes successfully.

Our ITunes library is on an old laptop running Windows XP. We want to stop using this computer and want to move the ITunes library to our new computer laptop. However, due to the age of the current laptop, we seem unable to ITunes backup properly, or

change my e-mail address of rescue

The email address that I have now as my emergency address is no longer valid. How can I change because there is no tab Remove next to him and when I click it, I get the message 'e-mail has been sent to this address' has no help for me.

iTunes running extremely slow

I'm having a problem with extreme slowness.  I have read all the post and don't see anything that I could change to correct this situation.  I have my music on an external disk file using the FireWire on my iMac.  I have the latest Mac os 10.11.1 and

Y at - it a simple way to update my old DRM protected songs to non - DRM?

I have about 500 songs protected with DRM in my iTunes library that I would like to upgrade. I have considered various options. I like simple. I don't want Apple music and the library of Cloud, and I don't want iTunes game. I don't want to make CD an

problem iTunes-macbook-ipad

Hello, I have a mac book mid 2007 performs updates to os x and itunes. I have an ipad running ios 9.1 the last time I connect the devices together is simply beautiful. now, there is a message from itunes when I try to connect the ipad He needs an upd

Do not sign in iTunes and AppStore

Hi all My problem is: when I connect to my iTunes and AppStore, the window loading always running until I stopped my Mac (OS X El Capitan version 10.11.1). I always use this id to log in correctly on my iPhone. I turned off my Mac for many times, but

iPhone has old Apple ID and we do not know the password

My friend is one of 94 and has an iPhone to MacBook Pro and iMac.  Here course Apple ID and password are used on its App store, iMac and MacBook Pro. Everything is very good. Problem is the iPhone has an old Apple ID it's [email protected] it doesn't hav

How mp3 and vedio and melody of itune uplode

How mp3 and vedio and melody of itune uplode

I bought a full album, but a track is not downloaded and listed as "bought" in the store, but cannot be read.

I bought a full album, consisting of 19 tracks and videos. For some reason, a track cannot be downloaded. The button on the right side of the list in the store it shows that 'bought', but I can't play there (as opposed to other securities). The title

Sync iPad on iMac

Hello Just got a new iMac for my birthday. How can I sync my iPad (which has been synchronized on windows so far) without losing all my information? The new synchronization will delete all my data? Thank you

What doe the popularity bar indicate?

I don't have an answer, just a comment: I searched Gxxxxxe and found that many want to be well-informed people had many more useless speculation as to the real purpose of the bar in question. Quite amazing. Maybe someone can really know and share the

Update to the latest version of iTunes fail...

I recently bought an iPhone 6 s more. Then when I tried to plug in my computer (Windows 7 64-bit), it said on my iTunes I need to update my iTunes to the latest version. So I installed. But when I try to open my iTunes, it always pop up on my screen

Do not download in the library of songs iTunes purchased

I have an album that I bought on iTunes. It shows as purchased on iTunes. However, it will not download on my Mac. For this, do not show in my list of "Bought not in my library", but did see in my shopping list (both in my account list) and in the iT

I forgot my security question and my rescue email is not valid

I forgot my security question and my rescue email is not valid

Purchases not to attend new authorized computer!

I transferred successfully my iTunes library to my new computer allowed, but I have made 2 purchases on my old computer (still allowed) and it will not be displayed on my new computer! Help why does? I noticed that in my iTunes Library, there is a ne

Why can not download album art more?

I used to be able to download my CD collection to iTunes and was able to download album art. However, in the last months (maybe since my last update of iTunes), it has not have been possible. Does anyone know how to fix this?
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