iTunes "manually manage music and videos" option cannot be deselected.

I changed my options on iTunes and now I can not uncheck "manually manage music and videos". I tried to uncheck and then clicked 'Apply' and after that, there is still not controlled. The first image shows the option checked. Picture 2 shows that "ma

Why do I get an extra $ 1 on my credit card whenever I put the card number in iTunes?

Why do a load of 1 million dollars every time I reinstall my credit card number in iTunes?

Why it suddenly start?

So, I plug an iDevice on my iMac.  launch iTunes and synchronization starts.  I noticed that since iOS 9, pulling the plug of the iDevice without first ejecting it causes havoc with iTunes.  So now I eject the iDevice once synchronization is complete

Difficulty of iTunes to the way it was!

What happened to the repeat, shuffle and stardom on iTunes? The little heart is poor categorization. And if I am listening to one and I want to repeat, I re - click it. What did you do? All your previous edits were fine, but what makes it complicated

I have unscubscribed of music to Apple and iTunes Match Subscriber. Songs in my library that I own and are DRM free will not stream iTunes. He asked me to re - sign up for Apple's music. I am the owner of this music. It is downloaded and shows on iPhone b

Five months ago Isubscribed to the music of Apple, for three-month free trial, I liked it, paidfor a few months. I then just wanted to Match iTunes as I have a large musicLibrary and it is cheaper. I signed up for it and canceled my music from Apple,

problems with Windows Update 1511 iTunes

Since the Windows 10 update around 1511 Windows I could not connect my iPad or iPhone to iTunes. The device is shown as connected in the Device Manager and I have updated the driver. I have also turned market Apple Mobile Device Support - costs of th

Can I reset my PC Itunes without resetting my Iphone

I was wondering if there is anyway I could erase all my music my PC Itunes without having to reset my Iphone?

Unable to connect to itunes, iMac

Afterl ogging on itunes for El Capitan was last updated. I can't not to connect to the itunes store account.

iTunes does not open in windows Pro 8.1 on Surface

After the upgrade to new iTunes 12, it will not open to the Surface of the Ms. I tried the following: Troubleshoot Compatibility testing - no luck Removed Quicktime - no luck Remove and reinstall iTunes several times (reboot the PC after each of-inst

disc burner or software not found message when you try to burn a cd on my macbook pro osx

I'm used to be able to burn CDs. not so much anymore.  I don't give no disk this burner or software offered. even after the update to itunes.

Play only sample in iTunes

Hello I use plugin Blubrry PowerPress on to fuel the mp3s to iTunes. My sites Web has members of the area using the S2Member plugin which allows subscribing members to access the full mp3. Is there a way to customize it in iTunes? This work in the pl

New episode does not appear in iTunes

Hello I have a problem, my flow works but I have the new episode I posted recently, this morning, does not Hypnowords in the store. Can you h

iTunes does not start

PLEASE HELP ME. Problem event name: APPCRASH Application name: iTunes.exe Application version: Application timestamp: 5620c96d Fault Module name: CoreAudioToolbox.dll Fault Module Version: Timestamp of Module error: 55e77f8b Except

load another photo library, can't see his albums

I just loaded another of my library of Photos.  When I go to iTunes home sharing to specify what albums to share I do not see the library albums, I just loaded.  How can I force iTunes what it is look at the library I just loaded?

need to change my country of the region

Please notify I am not able to change my country of the region and add the local credit card payment

Old connection iTunes appeared

I changed my connection iTunes email addresses last year. However yesterday when I upgraded to an iPhone 6s my previous email login again connect. My iTunes account is already connected under my new email address. How can I stop this?

Wishlist deleted

On my phone and iTunes, when I access my list, I said that my list is empty, despite having at least two pages of apps out there yesterday. I did not remove anything, but I did download an app from there a few days ago...

Receipt of the OCR Scanner

Hi guys I'm looking for an app for iOS devices for my business of digitalisation of reception, need me some specific criteria, and I am struggling to find the right app. He must be able to: Recipes with OCR scan (so you can put information out of the

How can I know what these mysterious "bought" the audio files are in my list of music songs?

Hello It is strange - never, I remember buying these songs that appear on my list of music songs. (I click 'genre' of the bar of the high sorting option and see a bunch of "purchased AAC audio file" s). How could they got there? How will I know if th

iTunes: removal of the Genius Mix

Hi, I'm currently under iTunes 12.3 and I would like to know if it is possible to delete 'Genius Mix' in the sidebar under "library". I read that Genius is related to using iCloud music library, but I have been using Apple music and iCloud music libr